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  1. It was closed all day with no signs of life last Monday when I was there. That was the only negative to an otherwise wonderful trip!
  2. You are definitely right. Those are HUSS restraints, for sure. Good catch! You can tell from the pics a few posts above that Flight of fear had green restraints. I never even questioned it. I just saw discarded OTSR seats in the flight of fear bowl and assumed they were from that ride.
  3. Hey guys. Just wrapped up coasterstock and I highly recommend attending if you haven't before. What a great event! One of the coolest events was a lights-on tour of Flight of Fear. I figured a few of you may want a glimpse of the coaster that is otherwise unphotographable! The corkscrew at the very end of the ride Looking down the return tunnel into the bowl A twisted mess of track You can pick out the giant cobra roll that is the first element after the launch Maintainence dept humor? The old OTSRs are just rotting away along the side (no sign of the old King Cob
  4. It's a big year for me and my kids! This weekend is Coasterstock at Kings Island (home park) Memorial day weekend road trip to Carowinds and Six Flags Over Georgia with a stop at Beech Bend on the way home Holiwood Nights at Holiday World Missouri road trip to hit SF St Louis, Worlds of Fun, and Silver Dollar City Cedar Point in July Probably day trips to Kentucky Kingdom, SF Great America, and Indiana Beach And hopefully a late August trip out east to hit Dorney, SF Great Adventure, SF America, Bush Gardens, and Kings Dominion!
  5. Glad to hear someone else talking about a night ride on Lightning Rod. Mine last month was by far my best coaster experience ever. It makes The Beast feel tame by comparison. When (if?) LR runs consistently, a night ride on it needs to be on every coaster lover's bucket list.
  6. Tig'rr fits a lot of track in a small space! I went to Indiana Beach yesterday for the first time and wanted to share some pics of this gorgeous little park. I often felt like IN was more a high-end fair midway rather than a theme park, but with a couple good coasters thrown in. That's not a bad thing, as we had fun all day, but there were several odd things I've not seen anywhere else. Ride capacity was low on many rides and, as others have mentioned, ride maintenance seems like a challenge. The coasters: Dragon Wagon is terrible. Kiddie coasters aren't supposed to hurt. Tig'rr is a fun th
  7. It was mostly up the 2 days I was there this week (tues and wed). They were assigning rows and not allowing requests :/ And yes, 1 train ops make the line just crawl along sooo slow. You can see the 2nd train directly under the loading station still full of dummies. But the ride is so good that it's worth putting up with the frustrations to get on it.
  8. I got to experience the best and worst of Lightning Rod today. Early afternoon, we waited an hour plus and made it until we were literally next in line at the gates and then, of all things, the fire alarm in the station went off and they evacuated the building. After getting over that frustration we tried again for a night ride. That took another hour plus wait, but it was worth it. A night ride is absolutely insane. It is pitch black back there after the launch. Maybe the best coaster experience I have had. Why are more people not talking about how awesome this coaster is as a night ride??
  9. Firehawk is the worst if you have unsecured pockets. The awkward angle makes everything fall right out. I won't ride it unless I'm wearing pockets that can button or snap closed.
  10. During coasterstock, there was a group chatting with a Diamondback ride up during a storm delay. She said KI has 3 tiers of rides, with Windseeker and Diamondback among others being the tier that goes down first and comes up last. Mystic Timbers and the Beast are the ones she mentioned as middle tier and she said Vortex plays by its own rules. I noticed Flight of Fear and some flats like the troika never went down even when the rest of the park was down for a couple hours due to lightning in the area. And although I'm sure it's happened, I've never seen KI close completely for weather.
  11. I took my 3 kids to Kentucky Kingdom for our first ever visit yesterday. We had a great time! On the positive side, the park was a little bigger than I anticipated and they have a great collection of flats. Lines were mostly nonexistent all day. The free drink wristband with the TPR code was a fantastic bonus. The only negatives were the short operating hours (only open 11-7) and slow operations. All coasters were only running a single train, and even then dispatches were painfully slow. Compared to a park like Kings Island, which often operates 3 trains and really pushes dispatches, this
  12. I think the general public enjoys the coaster. Maybe this is just in my experience, but I've noticed that the line for MT seems to be shorter than Diamondback or Banshee. I think this may have something to do with the GP's view, the majority thinks bigger is better. When I've been there this year, the line for MT has been considerably longer than anything else. Mostly full queue lines and a couple times outside into temporary barriers outside the ride entrance.
  13. I'll be there with my son! I'm surprised there hasn't more chatter on the board here leading up to the weekend. Hopefully the forecast keeps people away and we have the park to ourselves:) I'm really looking forward to the behind the scenes tours of The Beast and Diamondback as well as the ERT at night on those two plus Mystic Timbers.
  14. Now we know the secret to Robb's success w/ TPR videos all these years!
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