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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^The name of the next ride that goes there needs to be named something along the lines of a BEAST KILLER/HUNTER.


The Slayer






Beast Stalker



The Eliminator

The Enforcer

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Exorcist would work well for a ride at Dorney park considering they have possessed. I figured this has to go along with something that is the killer/defeator of the son of a beast.


Yes, I understand your meaning, but I take things a step further. Son of Beast (like Bandit at Movie World and Anaconda at Walygator) is pure, unmitigated EVIL--not just some poor "beast." Exorcism is the only way to ensure that it is gone forever!

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Finally...That SOB is gone. I kind of would not mind if instead of Vortex, they got rid of Flight Deck. Then they could redo the whole area with all new rides.


SOB was SBNO when I visited. But Flight Deck was excellent, the best Arrow swinging coaster I've been on. Its pacing was better than Ninja at SFMM, although I like that one, too. (Ninja, of course, suffers from the longer lift being the finale of the ride, but otherwise is a great little ride.) I'd be sad if and when Flight Deck comes to the end of its life. Vortex, on the other hand, reminded me why computer aided design is better than coat hangers. It wasn't a "one and done," it was a "two and done." Front seat and back seat, then back to Diamondback for most of the rest of the day.


SOB had one useful purpose when it was SBNO - it provided a "near miss" section of the Flight Deck ride.


The only thing I didn't like about Flight Deck was their maintenance crew was doing full scale industrial lawnmowing underneath the lift at one point. Grass Pollen: The Ride. Surely they could have a more natural landscaping that didn't require super-sized lawn mowing that blew grass and soot into the rider's faces? Sneezing at 50 mph (80 kph) was a new experience.

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Normally when a coaster is torn down people develop this nostalgic fondness for it and talk about how "it wasn't so bad" despite the fact that it was and they probably hated it when it was still in operation (I'm guilty of this with the Great American Scream Machine) . I'm so glad we haven't had to put up with any of that crap for this ride. This ride was horrible.


Hey... I said that I liked it a few pages back.


But I also admitted that I liked it because of the special memories that I had of the trip that I went on with buddies where it was basically the highlight of the trip, and from what I understand it didn't run decently past that first day. And, when I rode it again the following year, it was a piece of crap and one that I never needed to ride again.


So yeah, I liked it. But I'm a realist too.

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I'm glad that they were sort of neat and organized with the demolition. It seemed a lot more clean and efficient to skillfully knock it down in sections than simply blow it up.


One does not simply blow up the Son of Beast.

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