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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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Normally when a coaster is torn down people develop this nostalgic fondness for it and talk about how "it wasn't so bad" despite the fact that it was and they probably hated it when it was still in operation (I'm guilty of this with the Great American Scream Machine) . I'm so glad we haven't had to put up with any of that crap for this ride. This ride was horrible.


Hey... I said that I liked it a few pages back.


But I also admitted that I liked it because of the special memories that I had of the trip that I went on with buddies where it was basically the highlight of the trip, and from what I understand it didn't run decently past that first day. And, when I rode it again the following year, it was a piece of crap and one that I never needed to ride again.


So yeah, I liked it. But I'm a realist too.

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I'm glad that they were sort of neat and organized with the demolition. It seemed a lot more clean and efficient to skillfully knock it down in sections than simply blow it up.


One does not simply blow up the Son of Beast.

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