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  1. Where was the flooded mine located? Is this area next to Blazing Fury the old Flooded Mine?
  2. Some more Defunct Rides Tidal Wave a Busch Gardens Tampa Timber Tower - Dollywood Sponge Bob 3-D - Kings Dominion 2011 Pilgrims Plunge - Holiday World The Crypt / Tomb Raider The Ride - Kings Island 2011 Son of Beast - Kings Island Paddle Wheel Excursion - Cedar Point Demon Drop - Cedar Point
  3. This is why TOPGUN's queue line is the way it is. Mainly due to the Wild Animal Safari Monorail and TOPGUN coexisting for only the 1993 season. 1993 (Opening season for TOPGUN) 1991 (Opening season for Adventure Express) 1994 (Removal of Monorail station in preparation for Xtreme Skyflyer in 1995) 1996 (Opening Season for "XS Raceway" later renamed "Days of Thunder")
  4. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1439290 Flashback to opening day 2014 with the massive behind the scenes temp queue and the line still stretched past Eiffel Tower to the smoothie stand near Diamondback.
  5. Wild West Falls at Warner Brothers Movie World Australia is fantastic! It even goes backwards.
  6. Steel: 1 - Fury 325 - Carowinds 2 - Incredible Hulk - Universal Islands of Adventure 3 - Phantoms Revenge - Kennywood 4 - Kumba - Busch Gardens Tampa 5 - Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom Wood: 1 - Lightning Rod - Dollywood 2 - El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 3 - Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer 4 - Voyage - Holiday World 5 - Coaster - Playland Vancouver
  7. https://rcdb.com/3425.htm What about the forgotten SLC also from Astroworld.
  8. Interesting all the indoor scooby themeing has been removed, hopefully the spooky coaster will return better then before. 4:40
  9. I wonder if the new coaster at Movie World Australia will be at all similar to this coaster https://rcdb.com/13796.htm https://rcdb.com/13637.htm
  10. To kick off this PTR, here is how my journey from Ohio to Australia came to be! I met one of my best friends/mates Jack while working crazy hours at Magic Kingdoms Enchanted Tiki Room & Aladdin's Magic Carpets during my Disney College Program Jan-May 2015. Jack is from Australia and was doing Disney's International College Program Jan-June 2015. 200 bird shows later it was time to drive back home, to work at Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio. I was able to show the "Aussie Boy" around the states on the drive home stopping at Carowinds for the new Fury325 and finally getting to Kings Island to show off my park I would always compare and contrast our experiences at Disney too. Before he had to fly back to Orlando to finish his final month working for the mouse. Working that season at KI I was able to save a little from each paycheck to afford the trip down under. As soon as Kings Island closed for the 2016 season I hopped on a plane for Melbourne and the 3 week journey began. Alot was planned for this trip consisting from Sydney, Gold Mines, Australia Zoo, Great Ocean Road, and of course the Aussie Theme Parks. We had a week in the Gold Coast during the middle of my trip visiting Sea World, Movie World, Wet'n'Wild but no Dream World. When you have an opportunity to go to Australia you have to take it! We went to Movie World 3 times during our 8 day trip along with Jacks family. So here is my first PTR with lots of photos. Movie World Entrance Driving into the park you pass by all this construction with plenty of footers going in all over... more on the new coaster at the end of the PTR. Entrance arch is ready for Christmas Front Plaza of Movie World Out of the 8 days staying in the Gold Coast we only had 1 day to ride Scooby Doo before it went down for annual rehab. Super excited to ride this attraction. Those trains!! The themeing was very surprising how detailed and how to looked just like the movie. The Scooby Doo Movie was filmed in the neighboring sound stages. Those trains again! Surrounding area of DoomsDay Destroyer Surrounding area of DoomsDay Destroyer - Joker & Harley Surrounding area of DoomsDay Destroyer Surrounding area of DoomsDay Destroyer After Scooby and proceed down the midway to find the closed Doomsday Destroyer. Which had JUST opened in October for there Halloween event and was "Closed for scheduled maintenance from Monday October 31st and re-opening on Monday 12th December" It just seems very strange. Poison Ivy Surrounding area of DoomsDay Destroyer DoomsDay Destroyer new for Fall 2016 The themeing for this attraction and surroundings was absolutely fantastic even with the ride being closed I really liked how the park still let you walk around all the character displays. The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!...... well ..... Wildest Ride in the Outback!! Wild West Falls town before you reach the attraction. What a unexpected view in contrast to the rest of the park. Wild West Falls A look into the impressive queue for Wild West Falls Wild West Falls Queue Wild West Falls Control Booth Wild West Falls Queue I think Wild West Falls ended up being my favorite attraction at the park due to the immense themeing, long cycle, backwards section and an acceptable amount of wetness. Hollywood Stunt Driver, stunt show Fire was cool, but the show was lacking something. I do like how its something different and something you don't find at nearly any park. Time for Superman Escape In my opinion one of the most photogenic coasters, Some of my favorites include Rougarou, Vortex, Corkscrew Entrance on the right and exit on the left Superman "pushing" the train to safety from the collapsing subway tunnel Cheesing The beginning dark ride portion of this coaster really sets it apart from anything out there. Vekoma SLC time..... oh no Arkham Asylum entrance Arkham Asylum Queue Arkham Asylum Queue Arkham Asylum Queue Arkham Asylum Queue Arkham Asylum Arkham Asylum Bonus Helix This was by far my favorite SLC. In fact we rode it multi-able times over our 3 visits to movie world. I was shocked, it features the same restraints as Kentucky Kingdoms T3. Biggest difference is the angle of the seat on Arkham you sit at a angle vs T3 where you sit practically flat. The back rides the smoothest. Scooby was down for rehab at this point, the back door was open showing off the elevator lift system and where they remove trains off the track. Hall of Justice Dark Ride Hall of Justice Dark Ride Queue Hall of Justice Dark Ride Queue Hall of Justice Dark Ride Queue Green Lantern was schedule to be closed our entire stay however it opened 2 days early thus we were able to snag a ride our last day in Queensland. Green Lantern Queue It rides the same at Steel Hawg Good little ride, but forgettable Batman just crusin the midway Quick pitstop in Looney Toons Land Kids Driving school was very impressive with all the ride mock ups Road Runner roller skater Bugs in the 3:00 Parade Batwing S&S launch tower. See yah Superman I'll be back someday surely Oh yeah there making a new coaster, heres a peek through the fence next to Hall of Justice Exit. 2017 Coaster Construction This footer is my guess as to why Green Lantern was down the rehab. 2017 Coaster Construction 2017 Coaster Construction Thanks Jack and Warner Brothers Movie World for an incredible time.
  11. Sundays tend to not be that busy, however I would suggest hitting up Firehawk and Flight of Fear first. Beast, Invertigo, and Diamondback wait times may get to 25mins, but shouldn't exceed that. Banshee, Racer, Vortex, Bat, Adventure Express should have 10mins or less waits. I suggest riding Vortex in the 2nd to last row (7-1), and finding middle row of a car on Beast/Racer. Since the park closes at 8pm there will be no fireworks. Have a good trip!
  12. Everything should still remain open, however in extended rain fall.... The Bat typically goes to 1 train operation Vortex goes to 2 train operation. Flying Ace, Surf Dog, and Viking Fury will likely be closed for rain. On occasion Firehawk will close for rain, however in recent years it has been open. Hope this helps, enjoy your trip.
  13. I believe the silly DIppin Dots fellow is from Carowinds. (Def not KI) not like it matters
  14. What I would consider doing Day One--7/9 (Sat)- Drive from KD to Louisville (Hotel Louisville area) Day Two--7/10 (Sun)- Kentucky Kingdom Open - 3:00pm, drive 2.5 hours to KI, KI until 10pm (Hotel Kings Island area) Day Three--7/11 (Mon)-Kings Island 9:30am-10pm (Hotel Kings Island area) Day Four--7/12 (Tues)--Wake up early drive 3.5 hours to Cedar Point, arrive at park at noon Day Five--7/13 (Weds)--Cedar Point early entry until close. Fast Lane plus possible for this day. Day Six--7/14 (Thurs)--Cedar Point early entry until early afternoon departure home bound You shouldn't have a problem hitting all of Kings Islands attractions in 1.5 days. The rides that have the longest lines midday will be typically be... Firehawk - 1 hour Flight of Fear - 1 hour Invertigo - 45 min Beast 45 min Diamondback - 30 min July - Early Ride Time will be Firehawk & Flight of Fear 9:30am-10:00am
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