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  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I want to go to WDW, it's pretty far away though.
  2. I assume you've seen the pictures of Windjammer on RCDB, but if not, there are 10 there.
  3. Thanks, I'm just not ready to pay for a site at the moment, also I don't have a credit card. For now I'm doing parks that I've been to but after I finish up with those I'll start on other parks, but I'm not sure how yet.. If I'm going to do something like the other parks in Pennsylvania or do a poll or something like that. I'll figure out when the time comes, I guess.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any photos of rides that are now defunct from parks in the list below. It doesn't matter if they were recently removed rides or rides removed WAYYY back (which are highly highly encouraged!) If I get credit (on an individual basis) I would like to use the photos for my site which is in my signature. Knoebels Hersheypark Kennywood Morey's Piers Casino Pier William's Grove Lakemont Park For Other Users Manteca Waterslides Windjammer (KBF) I might add more parks to the site as time goes on. Please and thank you!
  5. I guess it is open to interpretation, it inferred to me that he physically turned around, not just putting the camera behind his back.
  6. Unless I've misread something, it never said that the lady's shirt was an issue. If she was leaning over it could have been her skirt or her pants that were exposing her. Secondly, did it say he took the picture with the camera behind his back. I don't think so, unless once again I've misread the article.
  7. KidTum's birthday is the day after mine! Drive Well, Sleep Carefully, Le Serpent Mascara (the TPR lurker who finally joined)
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