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  1. Good Afternoon TPR! I have again went back to Arid Heights to do some revamping on some coasters nothing new but something cooler then ever! I have redesigned the Togo Stand Up Mummy with a Cobra Roll Innelman Dive & Corkscrew into a nicer stand up but in real life it could be a brutal togo i know! SCR24.BMP And the Arrow 4th Dimension Wings of Horus! I have added a new element to the near end where the Pyramid Dip is which was the only place I could do it! I built a butterfly wing dive which took about four tries to get good ratings but now wings of horus is a exciting better ride! In real life it could be rough like X/X2! SCR36.BMP New file enjoy! Arid Heights.SV6
  2. Good Morning TPR! I just went back to Megaworld Park as the largest coaster capitol park of colorado to only update two of the coasters & some pathing which I know I crammed with stacked rides for fun only but here are the updates! Right where the Dinn Spaghetti Bowl Woodie Rotting Lumber is I built that B&M Vertical Drop/Gerstlaurer Spin off Terrain inside of a hill & on hillside which is Groundhog built in 2016 I made the ride a bit longer & added another inversion as its a much better ride now but the seems so scary being built inside & out of the ground as a very inetnsive ride! SCR27.BMP Right where the Schwarzkopf Interlocking Looping Terrain Coaster is as the original from RCT1 there is always this Rickety Rockets that I liked well it kept crashing getting stuck somehow & had to rebuild it & now its a much taller & faster ride as less guests ride it Im pleased with it now half is an outdoor ride & the other half is a underground coaster! SCR29.BMP Heres a new file enjoy! Megaworld Park.SV6
  3. Good Morning TPR! I have just did some updates for Crumbly Woods revamped couple of my rides & built something small and new! I have rebuilt the Steel Red Fox into a Steel Phantom like with a long drop but too fast or too intense as arrow are! Ride looks much better now as Crumbly Woods has two coasters with long steep drops a Arrow Mega Looper & a Morgan Hyper! SCR10.BMP I redesigned the B&M Vertical Drop which is a Spin Off of a Gerstlaurer Eurofighter into a much better coaster now with interlocking loops! SCR13.BMP Just something small but big too over the dueling s&s thrust air coasters I built a Junior Zierer which intends to be a Molinda & Sons kiddie coaster like Kennywoods Lil Phantom to Phantoms Revenge! So I named it Little Green Thing 2000 to Green Thing 1999! SCR18.BMP Here is new file enjoy! Crumbly Woods.SV6
  4. Good Morning TPR I have did another small update for Scream World and I have built the most impossible wooden inverted coaster that was shown long time ago that was never built so I built in in RCT2 by using wooden supports and named it Puppet Master in 2039 as the Worlds First & Only Wooden Inverted Coaster! Here is the wooden inverted coaster no inversions just some big drops and swipes a fun ride! Now Scream World has two types of inverted coasters a B&M Looping & a unknown wooden inverted coaster! SCR26.BMP Scream World.SV6 Here is the new file!
  5. Good Afternoon TPR Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving to you all! Sorry I haven't been showing any which i don't hardly have anything to build much anymore! But I have went back to razor rocks again & built two new coasters recreated some selected prebuilt coasters! The first screen is a Custom B&M Teardrop Inverted Coaster named Empire Express as the tallest fastest & longest inverted coaster in the grand canyon! I liked the selected design from the menu which the ratings wasn't good & no room in the park so I built my own version & made it spaced out! SCR18.BMP The second screen is a Custom B&M Launched Sitting Coaster named Lunar Launcher in 2000 as it is a redesign of the selected menu track which turned out really good but took about five tries! SCR18.BMP Well this is it! The last final update for Razor Rocks as it has become a mega thrilling terrain amusement park enjoy!Razor Rocks.SV6
  6. Hello Good Mafternoon TPR! This is just a topic about some RCT2 Parks that I been looking for & miss very much! I been looking fir this Six Flags Over Georgia RCT2 Recreation from years ago that doesn't have the Goliath Coaster then this awesome Six Flags Xtreme Canada RCT2! Also I been looking for some other RCT2 Parks from this long gone RCTTOWN Site something like Six Flags Great Thrills Six Flags TTD2 & i remember Coaster Net had a lot of RCT2 Parks Six Flags Buckeye Lake & Bermuda Lake! Just wondering if anybody has these RCT2 Park Files! Thanks!
  7. Good Afternoon TPR! I have some good news & some bad news for you for Coaster Crazy! Well I was able to build only one new coaster for Coaster Crazy before I have ran out of money as the sob trainer wore off as it is much of a thrilling amusement park & most of it all terrain & underground built though as the most beautiful terrain amusement park! Well I built a one of a kind special terrain S&S Air Powered Coaster I have thought the park would needed! And I am very happy the way it turned out thought it took me ten times to build at some different spaces while i had less money! SCR26.BMP And here is the last final new coaster for Coaster Crazy as the Expedition Bigfoot in 2031 as the tallest & fastest ride in the park! It is the only S&S Air Powered Coaster of its kind built in a small inside & out of a terrain space & interacts with other coasters! Now Coaster Crazy is the best amusement park with the most beautiful terrain landscaping as well as the most second largest amusement park in the northeast as it offers great family attractions & selections of coasters! Coaster Crazy.SV6 And here is the last new file enjoy!
  8. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Geoffrey Gardens again & gave it another try to build a water slide with very high ratings & i did this time though it took only two times & a few crashes trough some big dips but finally again Geoffrey Gardens has a terrain water coaster slide to add as a thriving attraction in the Northeast! SCR7.BMP And here is the area where the water slide was first built where the Spaceship & Raging Fire are located! SCR15.BMP Closer to the new built water slide! A bit the same long as the longest & only water slide in the Northeast! SCR51.BMP Here is the newly terrain water slide as it is now named Pine Tree Hill Plush in 2025! Now Geoffrey Gardens has the Worlds Class Greatest Rollers Coaster as Northeast's Largest Amusement Park! Now there are three terrain water slides with Very High ratings two in Washington State (Mount Rushmore Splash at Evergreen Gardens Meteor Streak in Swamp Cove & this one at Geoffrey Gardens as the only three built! Geoffrey Gardens.SV6 Here is a new file enjoy!
  9. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Octagon Park to add something very special to the park to make the park a bit of a collection! SCR31.BMP And here it is the Dark Purple Colored Arrow Suspened named the Cathexis from the Scenario Aderaline Heights that I thought I would rebuild as its inspired by the Original Kings Island Bat from 1981 that failed! I have built a arrow suspended like that bat but this one is very similar & different! Octagon Park.SV6 Here is the new file enjoy!
  10. Good Afternoon TPR! I have again went back to Magic Quarters to add something special to the best theme park ever as a special hidden gem to the park! My bad lol! SCR26.BMP And here is the very special Portable Chance Toboggan Ride that first opened with the park in 1968 as the only one left operating in the world! Now Magic Quarters has many Carnival Rides Games & Collections of Roller Coasters of it's kind since it's magical opening 1968 Boerne Texas! And I used the vertical drop coaster to build a toboggan coaster like which is pretty intense but a very popular ride & in real life their rough rides but still would ride them if there was one still around! Magic Quarters.SV6 And here is the new lade file enjoy!
  11. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Pacific Pyramids again & built something small & big inspired by Luna Park's Thunderbolt! SCR14.BMP It doesn't look pretty but fun as my park is always crammed with all sorts of rides! Named Spear of Horus in 2030 by Zamperla! Pacific Pyramids.SV6 Here is a new file enjoy!
  12. Good Afternoon TPR! It was a rainy week here in Texas & in the meantime I had again went back to Magic Quarters to create some more magical rides! And now Magic Quarters is the most creative beautiful theme park ever seen with good selection of roller coasters! SCR1.BMP Here is the new magical overview as the park is now crammed as it has always been as most of my parks are! The rating was suddenly dropping to 700 & since I built these new rides the rating has went back to 999! But Magic Quarters is much more bigger & better now! SCR6.BMP As we get closer we see something very big that has tooken over magic quarters! Also something similar from long gone Astroworld! SCR9.BMP Starting with the Wild West area well start with the Mega Coaster which is from the Egypt area! SCR17.BMP And the Mega Coaster is an Intamin Giga that first starts from Egypt & flies over the Wild West as the Scarab in 2034! Inspired by Tokyo City Dome's Thunder Dolphin as I admire the coaster & japan that much! Popular & the tallest longest fastest ride in the park! SCR19.BMP Inside the Wild West area an Custom Launched Intamin rages over the Rocky Mountain Mine Train as the Tombstone in 2005 as one of the fastest rides in the park! Inspired by Liseberg's former Kanonen as I adored the coaster very much & hope it runs well & the new iowa park opens soon! SCR24.BMP And as i thought this magical park needed such a classic arrow! Well I built a inspired Carolina Cyclone/Python (Efteling) named Texas Tornado from 1980 as the parks very first looping coaster a very popular crowded ride as the ride was painted with bright colors as it resembles an intense g force inside a real tornado! SCR29.BMP Just for fun I wanted to build a Schwarzkopf Catapult Coaster that none has been operating i nreal life any which is sad! Well its from a unknown closed park named Katapult in 1991 as the only Catapult Coaster in the World! Very rare coaster! SCR31.BMP At the far end of the park behind the Red Storm! An relocated Togo Ultra Twister built in 1990 as the first Togo Heartline Coaser ever built & inspired by the real Astroworld Ultra Twister as I miss Astroworld very much! Magic Quarters has very good collection of rides! SCR34.BMP The last final screen is a Custom Maurer Sohne Looping Coaster & a remake from the Steel Twister Track Selection as the Liberty Loop in 2027 as a good popular american ride! Well Magic Quarters is the best theme park ever built with carnival rides all kinds of roller coasters & games in Boerne Texas! Magic Quarters.SV6 Here is the new magical file enjoy!
  13. Good Afternoon TPR! I just went back to Southern Sands to build a couple of new rides & a redesign of a selected track ride! SCR4.BMP New fresh colorful overview of Tucson's Southern Sands Amusement Park from 1990! SCR5.BMP As we get closer to the overview! We see two interesting giant vekoma coasters! One is another Tilt Coaster as the only two built! And the other is a new selected track ride from the selections! SCR13.BMP At the front entrance of the park above! A Vekoma Tilt Coaster is built as the longest tallest & fastest one ever built as the Deactivator in 2005 as the last Tilt Coaster Built! SCR14.BMP And building this took me about five times & was hard to build with curves & steep drops as it makes the ride to intense I ended up making it most out of straight track as this ride has a lot of Gs! Not inspired by anything just a made up Tilt Coaster! SCR28.BMP And the final new ride is a very similar custom built Vekoma MK1200 similar from the ride selection as the Octivator in 1992 with 8 stunning inversions! Yeah I thought I would make my own Octivator for fun! And it's inspired by Parc Asterix's Goudurix & Six Flags Over Georgia's Ninja/Black Hawk! And if this ride was real in life it probably would be brutal as the two real life rides are! Southern Sands.SV6 Here is a new file enjoy!
  14. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Karts & Coasters & had completely done a big expansion with some special made twister coasters custom made & inspired from pre selected rides of my own made I thought of redesigning! SCR2.BMP The overview now looks much bigger & a bit colorful! Karts & Coasters has many unique collection of rides as a one of a kind of any amusement park in the world! SCR8.BMP Does look a bit colorful & more thrilling doesn't it? SCR9.BMP Part of the big expansion also something similar from one of the pre selected tracks! SCR11.BMP Second big expansion which some of the big twister rides were a bit hard to build! SCR16.BMP Starting with the far back one! I thought of redesigning some of the pre selected track rides & they all turned out great! And this is a custom terrain launched premier with six heartline rolls as the Silver Twist in 2004! Not inspired by anything just a made up! SCR17.BMP And the one at the far edge where Saw Dust & Tomahawk is a Custom Maurer Sohne Skyloop that I got from Magic Springs X Coaster Arkansas but definitely my own made up one as it's a launched is all i can do to this it looks way too steep & a bit ugly I know but at the end i finally got a good result & guests were very happy to ride! Named Helixius from the Pre Selection Track in 2021 as the Tallest Ride in the Park! SCR21.BMP And here is the Great Big Expansion & from what I was talkng about something similar but bigger taller faster & longer than ever! It is the Multi Colored Steel Twister Custom Built from the Track Selection as the Time Twister as the colors travel through different time travels through nine stunning inversions in 2019! The most intensive ride in the park! Well this was the hardest ride to build it looks a bit funky cause I had to add some special effects to make the ride faster & slower which i hate but the ride is very popular! Also I thought of it as it was inspired the Supersonic Odyssey from Berjaya Times Square Theme Park Malaysia! And the dark purpled twister at the right is a custom mack ten inversion as the only coaster with ten corkscrews as the Contortion in 2007 the ride with the most hang time! Intensive country here! SCR25.BMP Here at the far edged corner there the hillside go carts are at! I decided to build something that I thought I can imagine! I wanted to think of a Vekoma Tilt Coaster from Lihpao Land Taiwan Gravity Max! And it took me a few times to build and then it turned out great a whole bunch of guest rode it! At the top of the chainlift where there's a long slope of track that's the part where I imagine the tilting part as I wish this game had the Tilt Coaster but only RCT3 has that! Named Bombardier in 2003 as a one of a kind coaster! Down below visibly is a Pinfairi Wacky Worm Coaster I thought I would build for fun as a family ride in 2000! Well Karts & Coaster is pack with all kinds of unique rides from any other amusement park in the world! Karts & Coasters.SV6 Here is a expanded file enjoy!
  15. Good Afternoon! I have been complying with things right now & while i just thought I would do a little more work on my Leafy Lake! SCR2.BMP Here is a new overview of the World's & Texas oldest amusement park with the only last remaining classic rides from the old centuries to the 1970s since 1803! SCR5.BMP Just revamped a couple of coaster i last time built & built a few new rides! SCR11.BMP We see something different over here! The Black Dragon looks like it has gotten bigger! SCR22.BMP The first new but old ride is just a custom double looping coaster that I just thought of for fun as the Double Loop in 1922 as the only oldest double looping wooden coaster ever built! SCR30.BMP So when I just looked back at my recent post from last year from this I didn't realize that I spelt Black Dragon incorrectly sorry about that! Well I got a bit bored of how Black Dragon looked as a underground twister coaster but I have redesigned it differently & ended up re modifying it! SCR32.BMP And I rebuilt it & made it an outside coaster too as the Black Dragon Rises rawr foof! I couldn't add much helix's cause the ride would be way to intense so i had to keep the track straight some! SCR41.BMP So I decided to built a different type of Steeplechase cause I wanted to build the Batty Bikers from the Motorcycle Ride Track but I didn't select it in this scenario so I came up with a brilliant plan & built a dueling steeplechase as a jousting coaster from the medieval ages even though it's not themed or anything just a ride I built for fun named Joust in 1930 as it doesn't always Joust Duel but a fun ride as Leafy Lake is the only amusement park with the most steeplechase coasters! SCR45.BMP In this screen I decided to build a Molinda & Sons Moli Coaster inspired by Kennywood's Lil Phantom named Wildcat Jr in 1998! SCR54.BMP And here's the other coaster that I had to re modify that kept on crashing so I rebuilt the ending part & while so I made the ride rating different the red derby side id 77.7 Very High the very first time that I ever got a very high rating on a side friction coaster wow & the blue derby side is only 7.66 high sadly but still bot are good rides with different experiences! Leafy Lake.SV6 Here is the new file enjoy!
  16. Good Afternoon TPR! I just came up with an awesome creation for Mystic Hills (Hydro Hills) SCR2.BMP Mystic Hills/Hydro Hills looks much bigger better than before but crammed & still had big thrills! SCR7.BMP As we get closer we see a few big changes to the park which had bought a lot of history! SCR14.BMP So for the first new change! I decided to build the Impulse Circulation coaster from the selection! In which I had to design the ride on my own & turned out really great as the only one of it's kind coaster as the Zero Degree in 2010! SCR17.BMP For the second big change i build a custom launched schwarzkopf looping coaster that goes around the first part of the park then around as the seriously twisted Zonga in 1986! SCR20.BMP The very last third great bigger change is I built a Custom Dueling Vekoma SLC as the World's first & only vekoma slc dueling as the Bicept Robot (Yellow) & Bionic Man (Red) in 2004! It took me about three tries which turned out to be ugly as vekoma slcs are rough in real life but the ratings for the first time came our Very High great as this is the first & only vekoma slc dueler that I ever built! Mystic Hills.SV6 Here is a new file enjoy!
  17. Good Afternoon TPR! I thought that Harmonic Hills needed another good thrill coaster even that it's a small family park with height restrictions but most guest want higher thrill rides anyways I wanna go something on more more thrilling than! Well I built something that i thought of building a motorbike coaster which I used a LIM Coaster for like i did with Geoffrey Gardens & Ivory Towers! SCR12.BMP And it turned out to be an underground coaster as the park has four underground coasters & this one only come out once! As I tried to build an underground splash water ride it didn't work out & ended up with this! SCR24.BMP And it a Zamerpla thought up motorbike coaster as the Chaos in 2020! I didn't have much of a name for this I sometimes have a hard time coming with names I built for rides! And I just used an boring name! But the ride may not seem boring itself! SCR17.BMP And here is the part where the chaos pops out of the ground under the pixie near the station & it sometimes interacts with the mountain rush next! Chaos does have a intensity but it's a popular ride in the park now! Harmonic Hills.SV6 New File enjoy!
  18. Good Afternoon TPR! Just a small update for Aqua Park that I thought it would be good for the park! SCR24.BMP So I watched videos of Bobbejaanland's Revolution which is a Vekoma Illusion indoor coaster also at Opryland that closed long ago & was inspired by it & thought of building a coaster like Revolution/Chaos & here it is not a recreation but sort of like it named Illusion from a unknown closed park in 2000! Aqua Park.SV6 New File enjoy!
  19. Good Afternoon TPR! I thought I was done with Coaster Canyon but I had some other thought & ideas I came up with! SCR7.BMP It has gotten some improvements again but crammed as always! Well we see something similar though! SCR10.BMP Hmmm we see two similar rides from somewhere one thats inspired by a former Vegas Coaster one that looks like something that used to be at Elitch Gardens then went to Luna Park Coney Island then a custom vekoma here! SCR12.BMP The custom vekoma is a tilt coaster like that i thought of from RCT3 & some Taiwan park! But its a custom boomerang as the only one ever built as the Red Arrow in 2000 & is the smoothest boomerang ever! SCR15.BMP The Flying Coaster is a Zamperla Volare which is custom built my own way cause lack of heights & space which the ride turned out really good as im glad! But in real life as I heard about Zamperla Flyers this probably wouldnt be fun! Named Peak Glider in 2012! SCR16.BMP And this Premier LIM Coaster which took me three times to build & the intensity of this is inspired by the former Nascar Cafe Speed The Ride from Las Vegas as the Blood Pressure in 2000! I also customized it with inline twist couldn't add curves or the ride would be too intense as it is! But just like Speed The Ride was it would be fun! Coaster Canyon.SV6 New File enjoy!
  20. Good Afternoon TPR! It is raining cats & dogs here in Texas & i have went back to this old amusement park of mine Dynamite Dunes that I hadn't looked back at in two years! SCR5.BMP I built something big & something small I thought the park needed as it's much bigger now! But not much rides were selected when I downloaded this scenario long ago & i couldn't edit the scenario with the built coaster or would have to rebuild! SCR20.BMP I built a Twister Wooden Coaster named Dune Twister by I guess Harry Traver as one of the three Harry Traver Coasters left in 1937! Has intense airtime! SCR29.BMP And I built an terrain & underground wooden coaster between medium & big with medium ratings as the Pyramid Dips in 1934! Not quite happy with the ratings as I expected Very High but its like a family coaster so it suits good as the park has Flare Gun Sandstorm Dune Twister Morag & Dynamite Blaster! Dynamite Dunes.SV6 New File enjoy!
  21. Good Afternoon TPR! I have went back to Megaworld Park again to add a couple of roller coasters to make the count 36 to compete with Arid Heights & Vertigo Views as now the three coaster capitol amusement parks in the world! SCR14.BMP Just two classic coasters at the far back at two different places around the Shockwave & Big Bend! SCR45.BMP A relocated Schwarzkopf Family Coaster from unknown with good airtime Zig Zag in 1995! SCR63.BMP Basically all around terrain a custom Set Point Mini Suspended Coaster as Radio Flyer in 1999 as the longest one ever built! Now Megaworld Park has great collections of roller coasters with the number of 36 compared to Arid Heights & Vertigo Views! Megaworld Park.SV6 Here is another new file enjoy!
  22. Good Afternoon TPR! I have been doing a lot work & going through life lately & we have a tropical storm here in Texas & have now went back to revamp Scream World with some more Screaming Rides! SCR2.BMP The new whole overview is much more bigger taller & spookier now! In Denver Colorado with it's two amusement parks Octagon Park & Scream World both parks compare & battle with 23 & 26 roller coasters in one city which park is better the one with more rides? Well only if these were real which I would visit both we would have to go see! SCR5.BMP Another red ride has taken over! SCR6.BMP Something looks more creepy giant & scary over here! SCR8.BMP Even back here! Another red ride oh no! SCR9.BMP Looks like a big tall monster over here! SCR12.BMP And this monster looks much more taller & scarier here! SCR18.BMP Near the front entrance & the Arrow Mega Looping Skeleton I built a Mack Custom Terrain Water Coaster! Like from Ivory Towers! But not very long or more curvy which will make the ride too intense! Named Moon River in 2046! SCR29.BMP And the park returned with a Vekoma Flying Dutchman but a Custom built as only one of the four ever built! Named Fierce Fairy in 2005 as the last Vekoma Flying Coaster built & the park with two flying type coasters a B&M Nightmare & the Vekoma Fairy compared to Pacific Pyramids! SCR35.BMP Next to Ghoul as you can see in the over view close shots! I built a coaster inspired by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster by using the twister track! And it is named Battle Axe by Priemer in 2020! SCR42.BMP At the far edge where Nightmare Evil Spirits & Dr Evil is! I decided to build another different RMC T REX Coaster & had to stretch it out make it tall & long as the ride would be too intense if smaller or compact! Well it is a different type of RMC with lots of floating airtime g's & ten diving inversions as the RAWR Black Cat in 2048! A mean cat isnt it? SCR51.BMP In 2051 the park went for a launched terrain coaster to make the park with more frightening attractions as it always has been frightening! Well it S&Ss only Triple Dueling Terrain Air Powered Coaster ever built & the longest one ever compared to Arid Heights Triple Dueling Air Powered Coaster! Named the Ghost Riders as the Tallest Fastest Longest Intensive & Scariest Rides in the park! SCR60.BMP And the red monster that took over the front corner of the park is an Intamin Giga Coaster as the El Diablo in 2029 as the park has two Scary Giga Coasters a B&M Hellhound & a Intamin El Diablo both rides are monsters in the park! SCR61.BMP At the far edge between Imp Necromancer & Wizard & behind Goblin a custom water boat ride is built & also under a hill as the Dragon Fang Falls in 1998 as a great addition to the park! Well Scream World has great collections of scary ride as the largest park in denver & the second in colorado! Scream World.SV6 Here is another updated file enjoy!
  23. Good Afternoon TPR! I have been going through a lot & doing some work lately & were having a tropical storm here in texas! And mean while I have went back to Octagon Park for the fourth time now & have made a big improvement! SCR1.BMP The new overview seems much more bigger now with more attractions! SCR8.BMP As we get closer we see more attractions which I crammed over! For fun! Nothing has been removed the park has great selections of rides! SCR11.BMP Where most of the new built rides are at! Also I built a special underground coaster that I thought was suitable for the park! SCR14.BMP Starting where you first walk into the park which has now changed the entrance kind of like with Gatekeeper from Cedar Point! SCR42.BMP In 2051! The park decided to build a B&M Giga Coaster to add more high thrills compared to Scream World south of Denver & this park is in Evans Colorado! It travels from the far right corner climbs over 300 feet speeds about 80 miles travels half of the park with the length track of 11 thousand & through high g's as the Octagon as a Spider Web which makes this the World's Longest Tallest & Fastest Hyper Coaster Ever Built! Also you can see the skyline of Denver & around the whole entire park from the top! I would ride this! SCR23.BMP At the Mine Theme Area! I thought of building a special launched schwarzkopf looping coaster for the park to add a great collection! It is the only launched schwarzkopf looping coaster with three interlocking loops! Named Firecracker in 1989! And there goes Octagon looking down at you watch out! SCR26.BMP Right in the center part of the park where the Roman Theming is! I decided to build a Gertslaurer Infinity Dueling Coaster which I thought it would be great for the park! I read some stuff about Mythology lately & came of with the great names! These intensive duelers as the most intensive ride built in the park are named Centaur (Yellow) & Minotaur (Brown) as they both battle each other in 2043! I would definitely ride this! SCR31.BMP Next to the parks great Arrow Terrain Coasters Gold Rush & Saw Buzz! I built a different B&M Coaster by using the same Vertical Drop Track which was just a mess but a fun ride anyways! It is a B&M Family Vertical Drop Coaster which looks like a gertslaurer a bit but with no inversions! And it is Black Ash from 2013! But a intensive ride though! SCR44.BMP Right under the Dueling Dinn Woodies where there was high enough hill! I wanted to built an underground looping coaster which I thought it would be great for the park which turned out great! I build a custom B&M Track with the different trains as a Premier Ride as the Sound Cave with high speeds intensive ten inversions & g forces in 2027 as the longest largest & only underground coaster with ten inversions! And now the park has two intense ten inversion coasters this & the confusion rmc ride! SCR38.BMP So I decided I wanted to build a Rock N Roller Coaster from from Walt Disney World HS & Paris! And I wanted to build in underground so the park would have two under ground coasters which i thought it would be interesting but to tall for the tall butterfly loop underground & also an alternative to water slides which is too tall to build for this park! Also like in RCT! The corkscrew coaster has launched track & in RCT2 it doesnt but has the LIM Coaster that I was able to use which I still wanted to use the corkscrew type but would have to have a trainer for the launched chainlift but the trainer no longer works! So I ended up using the LIM Coaster & it almost looks like WDW's Rock N Roller Coaster as I looked in one of the google pictures of the track! Well the ratings is just High Very High Medium which is fine I can't make the ride any better just Rock N Roller Coaster is intense! And like if your in a Wild West Saloon Fight this is violent intense as the Saloon Fight by Vekoma in 1999! Well last screen & no more thought for this Oval Park! Has good selection of rides now! Octagon Park.SV6 Here is a new final file enjoy!
  24. Good Afternoon TPR! As I accidently almost posted the wrong screens here last week! Well I decided to work on Swamp Cove again! SCR1.BMP Swamp Cove is now packed with all kinds of modern thrill rides since 1999! SCR5.BMP Something new around here & very long! SCR8.BMP And something very big back here! SCR15.BMP Around one half corner of the park from around Eruption Secret Weapon & Star Blaster a custom terrain water slide is built as the Meteor Streak in 2033 as the second longest water slide built! Also the ratings came of very high good the second one i built with very high ratings wow! I might try that again for Geoffrey Gardens I don't know! SCR27.BMP And the park returned with a Vekoma Flying Dutchman but with a custom mmade as the new Air Force Base in 2004 as the last vekoma flyer built & only one of the three custom built vekoma flying coasters! SCR33.BMP Around under the Exposed Battleships & Ooze! I built a terrain racing water slide which sometimes races poorly but both closely end name Alien Speed Race in 2022! SCR47.BMP And the last screen is a inspired mack liseberg helix coaster as the Zoltar as the tallest fastest longest ride in the park! Swamp Cove is now pack with high modern thrill speed dueling & water rides only near Spokane WA! Swamp Cove.SV6 Here is a last new file enjoy!
  25. Good Afternoon TPR! I have built something very special for Arid Heights which is now the World's Largest Amusement Park with the collection number of 36 Roller Coasters Types by Arrow B&M Schwarzkopf Intamin S&S also the only Amusement Park with 6 Dinn Wooden Coasters! SCR23.BMP And for this Texas Giant inspired woodie the name has changed to Midnight Musk (something i came up with) & ill tell you why in the next screen! SCR40.BMP And because I have built this Custom Vekoma Flying Dutchman as it was hard to build & couldn't add but 6 inversions cause ratings will go red same with I couldn't build a togo standup with cobra dives & corkscrews! So this is the only one of the two custom vekoma flying coasters built as the Magic Carpet Flight in 2002! Inspired by from someone elses rct2 park that I downloaded long time ago! Well this the very last screen & addition for Arid Heights with the most roller coasters in the world! Arid Heights.SV6 For the final last time here is another file with the new coaster enjoy!
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