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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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I've seen pictures, it's definitely gone with a sign saying it's temporarily gone. Good Riddance!


They're just getting ready to send it over to Kumba.

I hope this joke doesn't get me killed


In all seriousness, I'm seriously ecstatic that this is happening. I kinda liked the VR, but seeing fast dispatches on Kraken again is kind of a dream come true.

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I've seen pictures, it's definitely gone with a sign saying it's temporarily gone. Good Riddance!


I couldn't agree more, I can't wait to ride Kraken without the VR again. I really hope this VR on coasters trend dies out soon. It really doesn't add anything to the ride and the dispatch times are beyond horrible.

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I've seen pictures, it's definitely gone with a sign saying it's temporarily gone. Good Riddance!


I’m glad that it’s gone! VR was a fun idea, but I’ve never seen it pulled off well.

I think the execution is usually well done, but VR should NEVER be used on a flagship coaster. It's a mess.

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Details for the Happy Harbor Overhaul into Sesame Street:

Happy Harbor Overhaul SeaWorld Orlando/


Partial quote from the article:


Based on site plans, attractions that will be removed as part of the renovation include the large Net Climb structure, Water Works, and Fun Ship. The Seven Seas Railway, a children’s train ride, will be relocated from its current position and will feature a reconfigured track layout when it reopens.


Attractions slated to remain include Shamu Express, Flying Fiddler, Jazzy Jellies, Ocean Commotion, Sea Carousel, and Swishie Fishies. It’s highly likely each of these attractions will be rethemed and renamed to fit in with Sesame Street. Also staying put are the Baby Care, First Aid, and Restroom buildings on the east side of the area.


Along with the relocated railway, it appears at least one new children’s flat ride will be installed as part of the overhaul. Plans also appear to show a second attraction of some kind, possibly a play or interaction area between the new attraction and the railway.


Visible in the plans is the new pathway theming – meant to look like a real street, complete with crosswalks. With the removal of the main pathway outside of the current Happy Harbor area, all guest traffic will be directed through the new Sesame Street area.

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To me this is a no-brainer. Why have a kids area themed to a damaged brand when you could theme it to the strongest intellectual property you own and actually market it and sell some merchandise?



Just curious, Outside of Sesame Place; Do any of the Busch/SeaWorld parks market/advertise that they have the Sesame Street characters? I don't remember SeaWorld San Diego or Busch Gardens Williamsburg advertising them.

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Tonight Theme Park Review was invited to visit SeaWorld Orlando for a preview of this year's Seven Seas Food Festival! The event returns for its second year at the park with new and returning food options available to enjoy throughout the park during weekends from February 17th through April 15th. Like with the previous year (and the festivals that preceded this) the event also features additional entertainment in the festival area near Bayside Stadium including a lineup of artists that will perform for guests during the event weekends.


With other parks seemingly dominating the food and wine festival market, it is feels like SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival carves its own path with reasonable portion sizes, moderate prices and a combination of adventurous and more conservative menu items to appeal to guests of all tastes. The event menu will expand towards the tail end of the season with Latin flavors being offered in tandem with a series of concerts with Latin artists.


Overall, I continue to be impressed by this event year over year in that the standout food offerings and reasonable prices combined with the existing value of a day in the park make this well worth the visit!


The event guide provides a full listing of all food and beverage items offered during the event along with the locations where you can get them.


SeaWorld offers Food & Beverage Sampler lanyards for guests planning to try multiple items. These lanyards are a great deal in that they standardize the price of all items (including alcoholic beverages) to the point that you can save a little bit of money on each item.


Over in the backside of the festival area are two themed booths where were able to start our sampling.


The presentation of some of these food options were awesome! Here is the Pineapple Tofu Poke Bowl from the Polynesian Market!


Just let the glorious sight of this pork belly sink in...


The Key Lime Martini is a must try for any key lime lovers!


And a look at the finished product! Cinnamon slow roaster pork belly with a sweet plantain mash!


Shrimp Mac and Cheese!


A delicious lobster roll and a seafood ceviche.


The Sea Scallops Provencal were among our favorites we sampled tonight!


The Guinness Chocolate Mousse is delicious too!


Lamb being prepped...


So many great items to choose from!


Even more choices!


There's no shortage of beverage choices during the event either!


Caramel Corn and Ice Cream? A match made in culinary heaven!


A look at the Asian Market in the festival area of the park.


The Brazilian Market's items were all highlights of our evening.


Pricing for the different Food & Beverage Sampling Lanyards.


Some great local breweries get in on the festival action with many unique beers available on tap throughout the park.


The event markets are set up throughout the park in convenient locations so that guests can enjoy these offerings as a part of their total park visit.


Fresh crab cakes being prepared...


The candied papaya looked delicious!


Conch Fritters!


The Wild Boar Smoked Cheddar Sausage at the Florida Market.


The Bananas Foster Cheesecake Cone is definitely a unique offering.


Fresh calamari coming up!


If you'd believe it, SeaWorld has introduced the chocolate covered soft pretzel for consumption during the event!


The Hawaiian Pineapple Dream Cake was a favorite of mine last year, so I was happy to see it return this year.


Over at the Flamecraft Bar you can find lots of local brews on tap!

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We were a little early for this festival this year, but it's always a great time. I'm definitely jealous. I always look at SeaWorld as a great "chill out" day and an awesome compliment to the fast paced Disney and Universal parks. There's nothing better than sitting in the sun by the lake, listening to live music, eating awesome food and drinking a craft beer while thinking about the poor bastards shoveling snow back at home.

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the food looks amazing (tho I still find it funny as hell that SeaWorld has a food festival focusing on seafood).


but the price is extremely reasonable, and if I were anywhere near there would be going multiple times.


thanks for the report, something to plan on trying to get to in the future!

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I looked on the SeaWorld Orlando website, but unlike BGT, didn't see anywhere they have posted ride refurb closings for this year. Does anybody happen to know this information, where to find it, or whether the coasters at SWO even go through the scheduled downtime? Thanks!

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I was a SeaWorld Orlando Saturday and it's hard to imagine that this park is struggling...Cause it was packed! Every show was full, all the rides had wait times and the pathways were jammed. Lines for food and drinks were even long. It was this way at Busch Gardens too on Sunday. Both places were incrediaby crowded. People still love these parks! So, I'm not a believer of people who say attractions are being shut down for cost cutting measures. Maybe, there's a plan for future development in those areas of the park. Getting tired of people assuming shit and acting like there's a problem. SeaWorld looks to be doing just fine!


Also, Journey to Atlantis is open again! Was happy to see that this past weekend. But, the Sky Tower is back to charging money again. $2 a ride if you're not a pass holder.

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Getting tired of people assuming shit and acting like there's a problem. SeaWorld looks to be doing just fine!


Yup. Just fine.



5 Year SEAS stock price, which is made even more pathetic by the strong upward trend in the market over this same period of time.

SeaWorld reports that their attendance and revenue are down in Q3 2017

SeaWorld reports that their attendance and revenue are down in Q2 2017

SeaWorld (SEAS) Q1 2017 Loss Wider Than Expected

SeaWorld sees drops in attendance, revenue in Q4 2016

Crappy Q3 2016 Conference Call Transcript

SeaWorld shares sink to record low as attendance keeps falling Q2 2016

SeaWorld reports net loss, says Florida attendance down (Q1 2016)

... and so on, and so on


But yeah. SeaWorld is doing fine! I too am sick of people "assuming there's a problem" just because the stock price is tanking in an otherwise spectacular market and the park has been directly reporting major attendance and revenue drops every single quarter for years. Fake news!

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Also, Journey to Atlantis is open again! Was happy to see that this past weekend. But, the Sky Tower is back to charging money again. $2 a ride if you're not a pass holder.


Hopefully it will be open when I'm there in 2 weeks. It was closed back in November. I really wanted to get the views of the B&Ms from the air.

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