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  1. Haha, this is pretty much my take on Orion as well. Rode it for the first time this weekend and absolutely loved it. The first drop is incredible, I was out of my seat the entire way down. The wave turn is a cool element and something I don't think we've seen on a hyper/giga. The turnaround pulls some nice Gs and the speed hill has legitimate ejector air, followed by sustained floater air on the next hill. If I do have a criticism of the ride, it's that it does feel a little short--but that's more because it's hauling ass the entire time and I didn't want the ride to end. With FL+, we we
  2. Those are some great pics, Superman is by far my favorite floorless coaster. The way that it interacts with the quarry is just incredible and so unique.
  3. These restrictions are frankly ridiculous and will prohibit CA parks from opening for a long time. Parks around the country have shown they can operate safely in this environment. At this point, I think it will take a lawsuit and court intervention to get the parks open. Meanwhile, thousands of people will continue to be out of work and the surrounding economies will continue to suffer.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I logged into my Knotts payment account and paid off my passes just in case.
  5. I'm pretty sure I read that the ride will be ready when the park opens. So it will open this year as long as the park opens.
  6. As long as she was current on her payment plan, her KBF platinum pass should work at KI. I am in the same situation and will be visiting KI using my KBF Platinum Pass. I called Knotts and they told me that it was still valid for all other CF parks even though Knotts is not open. I was able to use my Knotts pass to buy KI discount bring a friend tickets for next week and I was able to add it to the KI app, so your GF should be able use her pass for admission.
  7. I will also be visiting KI for the first time next week and I am beyond excited. I've already purchased my Fast Lane passes and the weather looks decent, so I'm looking forward to a great visit!
  8. I agree that this a great addition to the park. I've been down to SFFT a couple of times to ride Wonder Woman and I still can't get over how nuts that ride is. So much airtime and thrills packed into such a tiny footprint! I still haven't been to Silverwood, so maybe next year will finally be the year!
  9. I actually prefer Red Force over KK and TTD as well. The launch is slightly less forceful, but as Canobie said, the airtime going over the top hat is much better since the track doesn't twist on the way down. Plus, the new Intamin restraints on Red Force are very comfortable.
  10. Love Hersheypark, it's probably my 3rd favorite park after Cedar Point and BGW. I really want to get back there next year to ride Candymonium and check out the new entrance. Thanks for sharing your trip report!
  11. The fun bun is actually delicious, but it's definitely something you want to share! I'm glad that Knott's is extending this event, hopefully I can make it down to SoCal and check it out. I'm having Boysenberry withdrawals since the Boysenberry Festival was cancelled, it's a must-do for our family every year!
  12. I have to agree with you, it seems odd to open a fourth gate when Ferrari Land isn't a full day park, or a even a half day park. When we visited last year, we went straight to Red Force and then did the drop towers. Nothing else in the park really caught our eye, so we headed back to PA after those two rides. We did go back later in the day for more rides on Red Force (the line was only about 20 minutes around 5pm), but there really isn't any must-dos at the park besides Red Force. It would make more sense to have LaLiga be a land within Ferrari Land, as that would really help fill out the
  13. Looks incredible, I'm glad they've been able to continue work on it. With all the new coasters being built in the Tampa/Orlando area, it looks I’ll be making another Florida trip next year!
  14. Our local water park here in Las Vegas, Cowabunga Bay, is opening today and I know water parks in other states have already opened. Six Flags may open their water parks before the amusement parks open, but I'm guessing they will probably wait and open them at the same time.
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