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  1. Hopefully they do enough business that they can get the rides back open. I drive by Desperado all the time and would love to get a chance to ride it again.
  2. Excited to see one of these new Skyline coasters in action and that lighting package looks amazing. I just hope it doesn't suffer the downtime they had with the Skywarp rides.
  3. The park is open for daily operations in June, so I would expect all coasters to be running. I would definitely go on a weekday if that fits into your schedule.
  4. I would put in a plug for staying at the DreamMore Resort when you go. Yes, it's pricey, but you get the Timesaver Fastpass everyday of your visit and you can't beat the convenience. We stayed there for 5 days on our last DW visit and I won't stay anywhere else now.
  5. I think it's safe to assume that all theme parks will be packed during winter break, so I would recommend getting flash pass for your visit.
  6. You can expect it to be packed. According to the crowd calendar, that whole week is in the red: https://www.isitpacked.com/crowd-calendars/six-flags-magic-mountain
  7. This is a good move, there are Build-A-Bear shops at SWO/BGT and they always look busy. My youngest is 13 is she still loves BAB, in fact she got a leopard with an Iron Gwazi shirt on our trip to BGT this summer!
  8. You should be able to get 50% off friend tickets, that option is still listed in my account (although you have to buy them on the website or at the ticket kiosk).
  9. I wonder if they will implement a double-sided locker system like SteVe and TT? When you have separate load and unload areas, you have to have some kind of locker system.
  10. That would be a gamechanger for capacity, really hope that is true.
  11. It seems like all of the Haunts around the country were packed this year. I think a lot of people were still hesitant last year bc of COVID and are making up for it this year. I know that CP and KI have been absolutely slammed this haunt season.
  12. Agreed, these are great flats and will be a welcome addition to the park. Now if they could just get Falcon's Fury operating . . .
  13. The Premier trains on Tigris are pretty tight, so definitely try out the test seat on that one. You should be fine on the rest of the coasters.
  14. Ghostrider has been running like a dream since the re-track, so I'm glad they are being diligent with the maintenance of it.
  15. I've never blacked out on a coaster, but the closest I've come is the first turn on I305 and the final helix on Goliath at SFMM. Both are reported to pull 4.5g, so I definitely grey out a little on those.
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