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  1. MaxAir was closed all day when I visited last month. TTD was closed in the morning but opened around noon-1pm, so I would just keep a watch on it. If you see it cycling, head over and get in line.
  2. Love to see Gatekeeper back open, that's got to be the quickest I've seen a coaster re-open after a chain break.
  3. I think something similar to Cheetah Hunt would be a great addition to the park. Would definitely bridge the gap between Fire Chaser/Dragonflier and the more intense coasters in the park (LR, TT, MM).
  4. KI is probably the best CF park for FL+, you never wait more than 5-10 minutes and the lines drop you right into the stations. We had a similar experience back in October, and that was with the park still doing social distancing on the coasters.
  5. Getting the Axis coaster would certainly fit with the park's history of getting first-of-it's-kind coasters. I think the Axis coaster is a very cool concept and would love to see it at SFFT!
  6. I totally agree, I wonder if it's a cost issue or if Intamin just stopped building them? I know that Colossos had some issues (it's back open now), but El Toro/Balder/T Express have been universally praised as some of the best woodies on the planet. I'd love to see an Intamin prefab at SFFT, but I don't know how realistic that is.
  7. Had a great visit to the park on Friday June 11. It was my first time back since 2016 and my kids' first ever visit to the park. Got to the park at about 8:20am and the parking lot opened at 8:30am, so we got a nice up front spot. They started letting people into the park around 8:50am, so we grabbed our FL+ wristbands and headed to MF, where we got on the 2nd train of the day. My kids absolutely loved the ride and said it was their favorite coaster ever, but that comment would be short lived. We hustled back to Maverick and got two rides in during the early entry. My plan was to hit SV next, but a train was parked on the lift hill and the app said it was down. So we started hitting the other coasters (Corkscrew, Gemini, Magnum, Rougarou), which were all complete walk-ons with FL+. We were getting a little hungry, so we headed to Frontier Village for the food festival. The booths weren't quite open yet, so we did Skyhawk twice (my favorite giant swing) and the CCMR (15 min wait since no FL). By that time is was noon and the food festival booths were open (the hours said 2-8pm, but the booths all opened at noon). We absolutely loved the Frontier Festival and it's a shame they aren't doing it all summer. We had bought two tasting cards ahead of time ($50 with season pass discount) and it fed all five of us, with tickets left over for desserts. There were no lines at any of the booths and all of the food we got was very tasty. I especially liked the brisket and sausage sliders, which were only 1 ticket each and pretty filling. After lunch, we headed to the front of the park to knock out Windseeker, Wicked Twister, Gatekeeper, Raptor, and Valravn. The kids loved Gatekeeper, so we ended up riding that twice. My two daughters wouldn't do TTD despite riding Xcelerator many times before, so my son and I did it twice and it was only about a 15 min wait with FL+. They were running 6 trains on it and the ops were hauling, as they were all day long. It seems like CP has their operations running smoothly now, at least as far as the rides are concerned. By this time it was about 4pm and the kids were hungry again, so we split some strombolis from Hugo's Kitchen and headed to the back of the park for Steel Vengeance. The app said it was a 60 min wait and we waited about 15-20 minutes per ride with FL+. We ended up riding it four times because it was just that good. I had very high expectations going into the ride but it managed to exceed them all! The airtime is just crazy, there's a ton of sideways airtime (who knew that was a thing), the pacing was incredible (no dull moments), and it was butter smooth. I was worried that my kids might find it too intense (they were done with Maverick after two rides) but they all declared it as their new #1 coaster and demanded we ride it over and over. We finished the day off with 2 great rides on MF and some souvenir shopping. My son has decided to start collecting Nanocoasters from the parks we visit, so he got a MF nanocoaster for his first one. Overall it was just a perfect visit and my kids are now fully converted to CP, so we will probably be making annual trips going forward.
  8. Agreed, I loved Orion but it definitely left me wanting more. You come out of that helix at the end into a great airtime hill and then right into the brake run. It would've been great to have 2 or 3 of those final airtime hills before the brake run. As for Mystic Timbers, you could make an argument for it being the best coaster in the park. It has so much airtime and is just relentless from start to finish. It's not often that a coaster surprises me like that, but it easily surpassed any expectations I had.
  9. FL+ at KI is so easy to use and I've never waited more than 10 minutes having it. Really wish CP would get their act together and make it as convenient as it is at KI.
  10. JDC looks incredible and kudos to SF for following through with it during the pandemic. I just hope that the rumors are true that SFMM will be getting one next year. They've already started demo on Tidal Wave, so I'm taking that as a good sign!
  11. Agreed, I would wait and see how the crowds are before making a decision on FL+. I went to KI on a weekday in early June a few years ago and the coasters were mostly walk-ons. It could be different this year due to pent up demand, but I'd still wait to make a decision until you see the lines at the park.
  12. I don't think anyone will miss Tidal Wave, especially since it hasn't operated in years. A West Coast version of the Jersey Devil coaster is just what this park needs and will be a huge hit with the GP, most of whom have probably never ridden a raptor-style coaster.
  13. I would assume most people purchase the free refill drink cup or get it for free with their membership. I haven't paid for soft drinks at a SF in years.
  14. That's great news, hopefully Tatsu is next on the list to be painted!
  15. Sand Serpent was definitely a one and done for us as well. Especially since it broke down and left us baking in the hot August sun for about 15-20 minutes. The park did give us single-use QQ's for the breakdown, which enabled us to get another ride on Cobra's Curse with no waiting (it was still fairly new and had an hour wait).
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