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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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^ i just returned from my first trip to carowinds as well. i also found Afterburn to be very forceful, even in the front row. it was my first b&m invert, and alot of folks on here say it's one of the best, i loved it. as for Fury, words cannot described the blessing that beautiful machine has brought to our sacred nation, " it felt as if i was being nestled in the hands of the good lord Jesus himself ". got in 28 rides on it while i was there. " front row, absolute heaven ! "

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Well this weekend was interesting to say the least. We were preparing for a relaxed weekend at home (and even thought of going to Darien Lake as some people may remember since I posted in that thread asking for advice) but my girlfriend from NC had a last minute family thing up where we needed to head down from work on Friday and come back yesterday (about 12 hours each way). Everything worked out fine luckily but long-story-short we ended up with a last minute and ridiculously brief trip to Charlotte over the weekend.


So yesterday morning after we said goodbye to everyone and during our 12 hour trek home we were driving along 485 and got a glimpse of that 325 foot beauty over at Carowinds and after checking to see if we even had the passes on us we had the idea to swing by.


We obviously only had about an hour / hour and a half and storm clouds were rolling in but we got there right around 10:15 and had a quick plan to do one really quick circle around the park for Intimidator, Fury, Carolina Cobra (she needed the credit), Afterburn, Fury again and then head right out. There were no lines at all (possibly due to the weather) so we had no problem doing all of that in an hour and a half.


So on to the rides...


Intimidator: Fun ride as always. We got a front seat ride and while it's nothing amazing it's a great "throw your hands up and have a good time" ride.


Carolina Cobra: We actually really liked this. The new restraints make this a very enjoyable ride with no headbanging to speak of.


Afterburn: When we got there it started raining a little and we were worried it was a storm cloud but we managed to get our ride in in just a light drizzle and it was amazing as always. Front seat, insane forces all while butter smooth. This is one of the best inverts out there and since Fury is bringing so many enthusiasts into the park it's nice to see it getting the recognition it deserves.


Fury: We rode it on it's opening day and were blown away and we were interested to see if the hype played into it at all and what we thought of the ride now that it's broken in a little. We got a middle row and while it was a lot of fun, I have to agree with a lot of the critics that it's not the most forceful ride in the world and while we really enjoyed our rides on it there wasn't much in the way of airtime or forces and we did leave a little underwhelmed.

















Okay okay seriously, I'll stop screwing around now. I had you going though, right? right?


Anyway I won't even review this beast of a ride in a play-by-play sort of fashion. The whole thing from start to finish is completely ridiculous and awesome and I still can't believe it's a modern B&M. Awesome airtime, awesome transitions, that great turnaround and run out to the turnaround. Wow! Wow! Wow! Fury is just pure, interrupted greatness from start to finish. You want a great drop? Boom. Great airtime? Boom. Unique elements... look no further than Fury. As I said, I rank a few (and I mean very few) coasters above it (barely) but this is the most complete ride I've ever ridden. It has absolutely everything.


For our second ride it was absolutely pouring rain so it wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first as we were being pelted by rain (wait... did I say rain? Sorry. It can't rain on Fury 325. Liquid sunshine was pouring down all over the greatness that is Fury 325. Yeah... that sounds better). So anyway we were being pelted with boatloads of liquid sunshine and it was a cool experience but I'm glad we got a normal ride earlier because it couldn't have possibly been pouring down any harder. After our train they closed it for about 5 minutes until it lightened up and I don't blame them one bit.


Anyway though... in summary. Fury is ridiculous and anyone that hasn't ridden it yet needs to get out there and ride it. That thing is all kinds of awesome and nothing I say in this report can prepare you for it. You just have to experience it.

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I love Magnum now thanks to the seatbelt trick but it's no Fury.


Speaking of seatbelts, I did feel like a complete idiot on Sunday on Fury when I immediately sat on it and pulled the bar down. Rookie mistake I know but I guess I'm just so used to riding Nitro I forgot they decided Fury needed seatbelts for some reason.

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One thing I REALLY think Carowinds needs to improve on is park appearance. It's not terrible; but it's not on the same level as Canada's Wonderland or Kings Dominion. I feel they need to put in more brick pavement and alter the landscaping.

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I posted this before but got no response. Would anyone visiting Carowinds any time soon be willing to pick up a t-shirt for me? I visited in July but never got a shirt to add to my theme park collection. I will gladly pay for the shirt, shipping, etc.

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Carowinds Announces The Largest Waterpark In The Carolinas

Carolina Harbor Coming Ashore In 2016

PR Newswire Carowinds


CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Carowinds is unveiling plans to bring a fresh and exciting Carolina coastal experience to guests with a historic waterpark expansion in 2016. The transformation is part of the park's commitment to celebrate Carowinds' heritage as the place where the Carolinas come together, creating an "aquatic playground" with thrilling new attractions, new amenities and a new coastal name - Carolina Harbor.


Carolina Harbor waterpark will be included with park admission and will offer guests relaxing moments of tranquility and refreshing thrills by the "shores," plus delivers a best day ever guest experience. The addition is the latest phase in a $50 million plus multi-year expansion at Carowinds, an effort kicked off by building the world's tallest and fastest giga coaster, Fury 325, as well as new park food offerings which are regionally relevant.


"We listened to our guests and have made a promise to bring them more family-friendly attractions," said Mike Fehnel, Carowinds vice president and general manager. "And we're happy to be delivering on our promise with the addition of Carolina Harbor – a guaranteed ultimate waterpark experience. Carowinds is growing by leaps and bounds and continues to put us on the map as the premier entertainment destination of the Carolinas."


Carolina Harbor will feature a combination of thrills, relaxation and family fun, including twice the number of water slides than the current Boomerang Bay.


Carolina Harbor will feature many of the park's current popular waterpark attractions, while introducing a variety of new ones:


Blackbeard's Revenge is a thrilling new six story tall water slide complex that features three exhilarating attractions and a total of six thrilling slides:


- Pirate's Plank will send guests plummeting down a nearly vertical free fall where the floor drops out from underneath.


- Cannonball Drop will twist and turn riders through an enclosed chute with four intense 360-degree turns.


- Captain's Curse shoots guests down a series of intense drops and turns.


A new two-acre family area will include many new activities to enjoy together:


- Seaside Splashworks, a multi-level children's water spray ground, will feature over 80 countless play elements including a giant 423-gallon tipping bucket.


- Kiddy Hawk Cove and Myrtle Turtle Beach are two areas specifically geared with the little squirts in mind. These toddler areas will include jets of water spraying up from the ground surrounded by a charming garden atmosphere.


- Surf Club Harbor will be our newest wave pool, creating up to six foot waves in 12 different wave patterns, mimicking the high surf of the Atlantic Ocean.


Carolina Harbor will also feature many new amenities:


- New Entrance – A separately gated entrance convenient for guests who wish to enter the waterpark only.


- New Restaurants – Harbor House a new restaurant featuring two 2,400-square foot outdoor seating patios. The restaurant will serve various Carolina favorites including BBQ and seafood. Schooners will be a full-service bar.


- Sand Volleyball Courts – New professional style sand volleyball courts will allow both casual and competitive play.


- Additional Plush Cabanas and Seating – Over 40 new cabanas will be added at both wave pools and the new family area. An additional 1,100 lounging chairs will also be available for guests to enjoy some fun in the sun.


- Upgraded Facilities – Current family changing areas will be upgraded. New restroom facilities and a bath house will be built.


Carowinds has recently been named one of the nation's top amusement parks by the Travel Channel and Fodor's Travel, and TripAdvisor's family travel site has named it one of the country's 10 Best Amusement Parks for Families.


The park will be sharing additional plans for the 2016 season later in the fall. To see Carolina Harbor illustrations, construction photos and more, visit carowinds.com/carolinaharbor.


In addition, guests can purchase a 2016 season pass or renew their current season pass for the lowest price of the year at carowinds.com.


some shots from the day . . .


You guys ready????



The townsfolks are out and looks like they're ready for a swim!



Guess we need to head this way . . . For a beach?



The Gm came and spoke some of this years success and SCarowinds.



immediately, John Taylor came and talked about some of next years offerings like the all new cirque show. Then some performers came out for a preview!





Then it was announced! Journey to the Iron Reef! Lol . . .



The sea-ret is out!



And that's it for 2016 . . .



Outside the concept art was out on display but I'm here for the food! The park has these snazzy plate for us to dine on!



Closer view . . .



A lot of what was served will be featured in the new restaurant!



Hats off to carowinds new chef who has transformed the entire menu in less than a year!



Well, that's it! The 2016 season is gonna be as big as the 2015 because those Carolina folks love them some water parks!









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I couldn't possibly care any less about this waterpark expansion but they did desperately need it and it's not like anyone has anything to complain about the year after they added an amazing giga. Good move for Carowinds. I don't care at all but I already have all I need to ensure I visit the park whenever I'm in the area thanks to Afterburn and Fury.

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I wonder what this mystery thrill they are announcing in October will be.


From the clues in the pre-announcement, it's a "plants vs. zombies" interactive ride. I don't really know what that means.


Great expansion for the waterpark, although, I still don't think I'll go. Really glad there is one more piece that hasn't been announced. Hopefully it ends up being something cool- I'm sure it will be. Cedar Fair is really turning this place around, hopefully 2017 brings a wave of flats and a refurb of the rest of the park- Carowinds is still pretty ugly.

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It was mentioned Fury was part one of the here part expansion and Carolina Harbor was part two. IIRC 2014 was part one with Harmony Hall and the new slides, making 2016 the final phase of the $50 million expansion. Can anyone clear things up?


The press release states "latest phase", not "final phase", but I can't say for certain what the reality is.

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It was mentioned Fury was part one of the here part expansion and Carolina Harbor was part two. IIRC 2014 was part one with Harmony Hall and the new slides, making 2016 the final phase of the $50 million expansion. Can anyone clear things up?


The press release states "latest phase", not "final phase", but I can't say for certain what the reality is.

That's exactly what I'm saying. "Kicked off with Fury 325" implies 2015 was phase one, not phase two as I originally was led to believe. Regardless it doesn't really matter which phase is which, I can barely remember what year it is anyway

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It was mentioned Fury was part one of the here part expansion and Carolina Harbor was part two. IIRC 2014 was part one with Harmony Hall and the new slides, making 2016 the final phase of the $50 million expansion. Can anyone clear things up?


I don't understand either. The first year was supposed to be Harmony Hall (plus the funnel cake place etc.) making this the last year for the expansion. However, during the announcement they stated that Fury was the first year of the expansion, and that 2016 will be the second.


Fingers crossed for more in 2017, the park really needs an over all clean up.

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