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  1. The lady in the Wicked Twister going away video seems to have a mustache, am i the only one to notice this? Just thought it was strange.
  2. ^ Having two inverted coasters with no inversions would just be silly. Nevermind that they would be right next to each other as well. Wouldn't make sense.
  3. I think that if Dollywood were to get a B&M hyper, the staggered seating would be the way to go as well . It leaves every rider with a feeling of openness. The terrain this coaster would inhabit, that would be a big plus in my opinion. I personally think Apollo´s would have benifited with those trains for the same reason. (still love it though)
  4. All i have to say to all the complaining folks is that if the Kings Island crowd ain't happy with it, they can send that bad boy down here to Dollywood. It would fit in real nice with our current line up. No wait, that big wave turn after the first drop goes to the left just like the one on Lightning Rod, and the color scheme is way to similar to that of Wild Eagle. I mean it don't go backwards at all like Firechaser does. Nevermind, they can just keep it!
  5. ^ I like DDF, but i loved the traditional log flume from back in the day Country Fair. If they were to invest in a bit of theme upgrades to DDF i think it would make up for the lack of flume excitement you get from an old school log ride (Pompeii style does it well). As for River Battle, i won't miss it at all. That space would accommodate a Zamperla Giant Discovery quite nicely .
  6. Dollywood's Mack (if they get one) should be a hyper model. It would be different from any other hyper in the U.S., and if the terrain is properly used (which it most certainly would be) could help to further more make Dollywood the destination park it wants to be. Having a hyper built by Mack keeps the height requirement at 48", which is something they obviously take into account. I mean, getting Wild Eagle a 50" height requirement isn't something you typically see from B&M. It makes me think they try to keep it as low as possible as their thing. So a Mack hyper would serve purpose more than a B&M, (and could be better) who knows?
  7. Wasn't a huge fan of the spinning thing, but after seeing the full layout i have became a believer. It looks amazing and truly unique.
  8. I personally love the old school Ferris Wheel as well, but wouldn't mind seeing it go for an upgrade either. The views from a giant wheel would completely justify the change. As others have said, i feel a complete overhaul of the Country Fair area would be a very appropriate park improvement. Not that it's terrible or anything, but that area does need a major attraction to help balance out the park a bit more. I would love to see some rearranging of the flats there with some fresh paint, and the addition of a crowd drawing large flat like a Giant Discovery or such.
  9. A thought to lower capacity issues would be to just go ahead and make it another "first" by making it the only roller coaster that is an up-charge attraction for Six Flags. Alot of people can't be bothered with the thought of paying 10 to 20 bucks more for a ride after paying admission. It would keep wait times much more tolerable, and put more dough in the Six Flag pocket. It's not beneath them to try to get every dollar they can regardless how it makes them look, so why not?
  10. ^ It truly is a special place, enjoy your trip, and definitely hit up The Grist Mill for the cinnamon bread. It has the same impact food wise as LR does coaster wise.
  11. What are crowds like at the park on the weekdays in late July and early August?
  12. ^ I wrote that as a response to the previous post before yours, The site informed me that you had posted in-between, so i proof read and found that it still fit. I don't see how my last line came off as obnoxious, but i do appreciate your complement on the majority of my post. Thank you Robb.
  13. I don't like the seatbelts and extra stuff not needed as well, i was just trying to say that i also don't mind the precaution being there. Accidents do happen, it's good to know that a park puts the effort in to prevent them as much as possible. Nobody wants to visit a place that they expect to have a wonderful time at, then have it end up in tragedy. So whatever a particular park see's fit to justify daily operational standards by their terms is ok with me. Wasn't this thread about restraint checks? Let it be done without complaint, it does more good than harm.
  14. ^ Then how did they fall out??? Post the results of that investigation, if there ever are any.
  15. I like the uniqueness of the name, the fact it deeply ties in with the area's theme makes it probably the best choice they come up with imo.
  16. Glad to see some more proof of Drop Line being 230ft vs 200ft. I know it's a relatively small amount of distance to effect the drop time, but the extra 30ft should really increase the view of the spectacular scenery Dollywood is surrounded by on the way up.
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