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  1. Thristy Pony is open til midnight during the week and till 2 am on Friday and Saturday, can't go wrong there plus its right outside the park
  2. Have they made anymore progress on the track install? Seems to have come to a standstill which I don't understand since the weather is generally nice now.
  3. On the days I've been there they've been running 3 trains but the dispatches are still slower and they were stacking every time, so they might as well been running 2 trains. I'm not sure if the cell phone, metal detector process has been the main cause of this slow down. It doesn't appear like it takes that long for the guests to put their items in the pouches but they are consistently 50-60 seconds above the count down timer which starts when the lap bars unlock which I believe is 45 seconds. So we're looking at on average 100 second dispatchers.
  4. The Watermark he's talking about is on the previous page of this thread. I understand protecting your work idk just seems like a bit much. There's a watermark on the bottom and a watermark down the center of the photo as well.
  5. There was a bunch of drama where apparently another site apparently stole their picture and posted the same thing, but yes like you said really does scream I was here first look at me type vibes.
  6. um.. whut? are you talking about BGT?. . cause you know, Tampa isn't in Virginia. He's not, some plans leaked for the BGW 2020 project coaster earlier in the day yesterday
  7. If you go a Sunday in May you should still have a really good time with minimal crowds. Sunday's in May are some of my favorite days to go especially the day after opening day.
  8. Riverwalk is a must if you have the time, and if possible I'd reccomend staying along the riverwalk. It's so nice to be able to go out drinking and have a nice albiet tipsy walk back along the river haha. Alamo is kinda you've seen it move on kinda thing haha but enjoy San Antonio its by far one of my favorite cities I've ever visited.
  9. I just heard this as well and in my opinion I want no part of it, I'd honestly rather have Merlin purchase Sea World Parks. I think both Busch Gardens parks would become big shells of themselves under Six Flags, would be very disappointed if this happens.
  10. Pretty excited about this lineup now just hoping its not too crowded the day we are planning to go but we'll see.
  11. The passholder preview was a great event even with Steel Vengeance breaking down a lot during it and I agree I'd love to see them bring that back.
  12. Definitely: Cedar Point Kings Island Kennywood Probably: Waldameer Conneaut Lake Maybe: Carowinds Dollywood Canada's Wonderland Considering a Pacific Northwest trip or NorCal trip maybe
  13. The dotted lines on the map look like the layout of Millennium Force on the Island. But i'm not sure about the water section in the bottom left of the island, that I don't remember being there.
  14. Hmm thats really weird and bizarre I bought my pass at the end of September using EZPay and I live in Ohio so nowhere near TX, wonder when it changed to only allow TX residents to use EZPay
  15. Yeah I've had a sea world san diego platinum pass in the past and was also not able to redeem most of the offers for the platinum at other parks. I had emailed before, and they replied saying that the offers were only good for home park with the exception of the florida passes which are by far the most expensive. However if its a perk that does not require online redemption I've had no issues in the past redeeming it. I've also always gotten the preferred parking at every park but I do know that BGW has changed their pass structure a lot in the past year so while that would be a bummer to lose there its not a deal breaker especially at the price the SWSA platinum pass is. So all in all still think its a wonderful deal.
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