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  1. The Legend used to be absolutely flying as it hit the brakes. With that last turn being flat now, It has to be scrubbing off some speed before it or that is going to be really uncomfortable.
  2. The park's agreement with the state for some of their tax incentives requires them to pull a certain percentage from out of state. I think it's 25%. They did this same deal last year as a way to boost that number. It was marketed to Indiana and Tennessee at the time.
  3. I've not ridden The Great Nor'Easter for comparison, but T3 is an enjoyable ride. nothing great, but fun enough and worlds better than its former self. I admit my expectations were not very high but it was a pleasant surprise when It (finally) opened last year.
  4. T2 was horrible, but I actually found T3 to be enjoyable with the new trains. Certainly not of the caliber of the other big three there but not bad.
  5. Does the map say what is playing in the 5d theater and the amphitheater?
  6. Is there any other coaster under construction with so much visible from outside the park? It's been great to follow on here and drive by when I am in Louisville.
  7. I honestly have none to compare it to other than how it rode in the past, but I rode T3 last season and was pretty impressed with how it rides with the new train. It was, dare I say...fun.
  8. I have thought this as well. I would also love to see the park expand over to where the state fair midway is set up.
  9. I was just thinking that the other side of the station would make a nice covered place to keep an unused train on a slow day or if it was down for some reason a great place to work on it.
  10. Did they just show clips of the original movie, or edit the original into a shortened version or was it a shortened remake? They edited the movie into a shortened version with the barebones plot. It wasn't as bad as people are saying it was but I do agree that there is room for improvement. The motion effects were jarring when you were basically watching a movie from the 30's. My four year old daughter loved it. We had to watch it every single time we were in the park...It was not that bad but the Rio movie from 2014 made much better use of the motion seats and effects of the theater.
  11. According to the park's Facebook page, the first pieces of track have been installed on Storm Chaser.
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