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I met two great guys, and have been dating them both casually for about a month now. Unfortunately, I am falling for both of them. Too bad both of them aren't looking for anything serious... really not sure how I'll handle this.


It's called a Threesome.




I cannot express how hard I was laughing at this so I'll let the smileys say it all.

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Last weekend I got a little attention, but ultimately I was still on "me" time. Two guys were trying to talk to me at the same time and I sent them both walking. "Sorry guys, after the last few months I'm still not ready. Good night."


One guy was speaking "ghetto" and I told him I don't speak like that and to clean it up. Surprisingly he did. I'm pretty simple so I don't need all that pretending and acting. Just be honest.


Still it's been about 12 years since I had people try to fight over me (though it happened only once before), so I was flattered.



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I have finally met someone that I have a crush on. She's awesome. Of course, just because I like her does not mean the same for me. But she did give me her fortune from her fortune cookie yesterday as walking by my table - something about appreciating my good sense of humor. Is that flirting? I'm the worst at picking up signs.


I think she's just trying to get to your joker figurine.



Yes, it's flirting. [/serious answer]

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^^ Have her mark it with Clitter--that will help make it sparkly and easier.




Though I have no understanding of flirtation whatsoever, I would say this--if she's started to like you for you (amazing, we all agree ), then however you flirt, make sure it's not in a fashion that changes you.





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^Don't you mean Gipple?

CTU Agent, there's some good advice here. Like everyone else says, just be yourself. Don't try to impress her, just focus on having a good time in whatever the next step is. And don't stress, just relax (yeah yeah, I know, easier said than done).


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*Raises Hand*


It's a funny story, really. All last year, my friends were convinced that I liked a freshman (now a sophomore) and his friends were convinced that he liked me (now a junior). Well, it worked out that way.


Anyways, my mom found out about the whole shebang yesterday (after about four weeks of us dating). She took it pretty well, compared to what I expected. Went out with him tonight - boy, do people stare...

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Okay, I have a little girl situation her. And I need advice quick.


So I was sitting in the movies with my best friend. And in front of me is this girl who I have had a crush on for a long time. So first, out of no where, she asked me to kiss her. (So I did)

Than she moves next to me and we hold hands for a long time. (By this point I have no clue what to think.) Then she starts rubbing on my stomach telling me about my six pack (Which I wish was true).

After the movie I got her number.


So after getting home, I run to the phone to talk to another one of my Best Friends who has dated her and knows her better than any one I know.

I tell him the story and he says he has no clue. She has never done that before.


My thoughts are:

A.) She was bored (But why would she pick me out of everyone in the theater)

B.) She was drunk (Which I highly doubt)

C.) Out of know where she likes me


I don't know what to do. I was going to ask her to homecoming, but I don't know if it was just a one time thing, or if her feelings are really that strong.



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^^ Knowing you it was probably either A) or B) ... nah just messing with you, but you should date her, see if she really likes you, you apparently already like her ... so thats one thing covered, I say go for it.


As for me, I totally caught myself looking at some of the volleyball team yesterday (women) and man what I would do to go out with this one girl.l

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^ You can like people without dating them. I think some people really are addicted to relationships, like they can't survive without them. What I would say in your situation, is just to like them and not worry about dating yet. Heck, I'm even skeptical to date girls now and I'm almost 15!


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