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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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Here's two that comes to my mind...


When I went to Morey's Piers in 2012, I skipped the Great Nor'easter because I had a headache and I didn't knew it had the new restraints... If I had known I would have given it a try for sure.


Also, Rock'N'Roller coaster @ DIsney's Hollywood. I was too scared back in 2009 to ride it (shame on me )

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I've skipped a lot of Boomerangs/SLC's/Wild Mice/Spinning Coasters/Kiddie Coasters, and I've missed a credit or two because the line was too long for the time I had at that park, but the coaster I missed that I so very wish I could have ridden was Big Bad Wolf. We went to BGW on a field trip in the 8th grade, and it was closed that day. I never made it back before it was removed. I'm generally a fan of suspended coasters, and I imagine BBW would have been one of the better ones, particularly with that drop/turn over the water. Verbolten is fun and all, but I really wish I could have tried BBW at least once.

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At Hershey. We didn't have enough time for all of the coasters, so I missed out on SooperDooperLooper, Comet, Wild Mouse, and TrailBlazer.


At Dollywood, Thunderhead had ice on it and so it wasn't open *cries*


At Disney California Adventure, I could've ridden California Screamin', but this was before I was into coasters and I thought it looked scary. Yeah, I was a wimp back then.


At Six Flags Great Adventure, if I had cared and wanted another pointless coaster cred, then I would've ridden Road Runner Railway.


KD is my home park, and I still have yet to ride the Great Pumpkin Coaster. I probably should ride that this year. It will be my 70th coaster! What a Great way to enter into the 70's!

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When I was at Islands of Adventure, I didn't ride The Incredible Hulk . Of course, this was before I was an enthusiast.


At Six Flags Great America, I didn't get to ride Whizzer, Demon, and Viper because I ran out of time. I will likely be going back this year, so I can pick up those credits then in addition to Goliath.


At Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed during my visit.

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After making a long voyage from the Southwestern region of the United States to Ohio, I now have tons more "missed credits" that I hope to claim on a future return visit to the Buckeye State...



• Raptor

• Blue Streak

• Wicked Twister

• Iron Dragon

• Mantis

• Cedar Creek Mine Ride

• Mean Streak

• Gemini (Left & Right)

• Corkscrew

• Woodstock Express

• Wilderness Run



• Backlot Stunt Coaster

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I did not ride any of the kiddie coasters at Cedar Point or Kings Island. Even though those are five credits I missed out on, I'd rather spend my time riding thrilling rides.


At Six Flags Great America, I still have yet to ride Whizzer and the blue slide of American Eagle.

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King's Island

-Adventure Expresss


-Flying ACE Aerial Chase


-Woodstock Express


Great Adventure

-Batman: The Ride

-Superman Ultimate Flight

-Blackbeards Lost Treasure Train

-Runaway Mine Train


King's Dominion

-Woodstock Express



California's Great America

-Woodstock Express

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Not counting coasters that were simply closed when I went or kiddie coaster credits where I was above the height limit, the only credits I have actively skipped out on was Road Runner Express and Boomerang at SFFT, namely because I had just ridden The Rattler (pre-Iron Horse conversion) and it left me hurting so much I just wanted to leave. If I ever go back, I'll get it them, along with Iron Rattler and B:TR.

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we were just at Kings Dominion in June, and chose to bypass Shockwave, Grizzly, and Dominator.


I think even if we knew at the time that Shockwave was going to be closing? we still would have skipped it

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This thread is too sad. I don't want to think about it really, but come to think of it, I've been really lucky about coasters being open! Phew!


I've mostly missed out on coasters cause of my height or because they were kiddie coasters

SFMM: Magic Flyer (kiddie)

SFOT: Canyon Blaster (kiddie)

KI: Pumpkin Coaster (kiddie)

CP: Jr Gemini (kiddie)

KD: Taxi Jam (kiddie)

IOA: Pteranodon Flyers (I didn't have a kid...)



Carowinds: Thunder Road (one side)

Darien Lake (2001): Ride of Steel (closed), Boomerang (skipped, I was 8)


The only one that I really wish I was able to ride is ROS at DL, other than that, I can live without the credits.

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Before I was into coasters, I was....well...scared of them! So I missed the following rides before I got brave:


Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point. They took it out in 1979 just when I started riding all the coasters.

Big Dipper at Chippewa Lake. Went to this park in the early 70's but only rode their Wild Mouse.

Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne Australia. Was there in 2000 but the park was only open weekend. UGH!

Toboggan at Little Amerricka. Literally got in the car, but when they closed the top, I freaked out from the claustrophobia. Never did ride it!

Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland. Closed when I visited in 2003.

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All kiddie coasters that require a kid to ride.

Woodstock's Express at Cedar Point and Air Grover at Busch Gardens Tampa because both had long lines.

All coasters at Steel Pier. I didn't feel like spending close to $8 for a spinning mouse and almost $5 for a kiddie coaster.

Non fastpass side of Primeval Whirl.

Invertigo at Kings Island, I hate Stinger at Dorney and didn't feel like waiting for a clone of Stinger.

Firehawk at Kings Island, I didn't want to wait 90 minutes for the coaster.

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-The Wild Mouse

-The Tivoli



-Rajin Cajun



-Wild Mouse


Also skipped the kiddie coasters at Lagoon, Elitch Gardens, SFA, SFNE, Knoebels, and Dorney.

And I drove by Kings Dominion and BGT and didn't stop at either... So I guess all those coasters could count as missed credits.

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Looking back, I got really lucky with everything. Out of the 18 parks I've been to and 139 coasters I've ridden, there aren't any coasters that I haven't ridden except for kiddie coasters.


Primeval Whirl

Great Pumpkin Coaster (KI)

Pteranodon Flyers

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster

Sideshow Spin

Magic Flyer

Taxi Jam (CW)

Roller Skater (KK)

Sea Serpent (Fun Spot)

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I missed Superman at SFDK when I was there, down for maintenance. Thankfully the upcoming Phobia Phear Phthingy is less than an hour and a half away.


But this one really hurt:



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Here's my list!


* Wildcat (Cedar Point) - removed before I had a chance to ride it

* Nightmare at Phantom Cave (Darien Lake) - removed before I had a chance to ride it

* Brain Teaser (Darien Lake) - Too big for it

* Jr. Gemini (Cedar Point) - Too big for it

* Hangman (Opryland) - Too short when I want to ride it age 9, but I can still ride it at SFDK as "Kong"

* Steel Phantom with loops (Kennywood) - Too short when I want to ride it age 7

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The one that comes to mind is X at Magic Mountain. It was the first year it was open, it opened several hours late and had a queue over 3 hours long. I had never visited Magic Mountain before so I couldn't face missing so many credits 'just' to ride X (which could have broken down and closed anyway)

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Iron Wolf at SFGAm.


I was literally right at the entrance on the day they announced it was closing(I didn't know that at the time though.) Nobody in my group wanted to go on it except for me so I never got to ride it. Found it was closing a couple days later..


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Only counting full size coasters because there are too many kiddy coasters I skipped from before I became a credit whore.


Coasters that were closed

Cliffhanger @ Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park


Guessing that was when it was down for a month while we put a new computer in last Summer.


Kinda Ka, was not waiting 6 hours, instead marathoned Rolling Thunder. (Was not allowed outside that part of the park and the mine train was closed. So many coasters I missed including the Chiller and GASM. I redeemed myself with Viper in July)


Oh, and El Toro was still under testing that day.


Matterhorn Bobsleds, too scared when this was way back in the day.

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