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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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Forgot all about "High Roller" at Stratosphere......everyone I talked to said it was lame and therefore I always skipped it, but now since it's gone, I wish I would've (and I could've) gotten a credit on that.

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We intentionally skipped Nighthawk at Carowinds last month. I had been on two other Vekoma flyers and didn't feel like waiting 1+ hours to ride another one. I don't like flying coasters in general. And it was getting to be early evening and we still had a 400 mile drive ahead of us.

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-Boomerang Coast to Coaster



-V2: Vertical Velocity


Last Saturday had immense crowds, so I couldn't see the whole park because of 1+ hour waits on basically every ride.


Though, I have a Six Flags season pass and I will return in a few weeks to get those credits.

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^Now, you've got me curious. What happened?


Matt has been to Magic Mountain several times and Ninja has been down and I believe he had all the other credits at the time. On the brite side, there is 3 more credits for him now!

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I skipped eejanaika @ Fuji Q because I didn't feel like waiting 3 hours for an X clone. I also missed all the credits at Geauga Lake thanks to Cedar Point's awful rain policy. I needed an extra day to get the credits at CP instead of being able to head on over to Geauga Lake.

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Not a credit, but I really wish I had ridden the flyers at Knoebels. For two reasons:

1. Almost everyone else in the group (around 30 people) thought they looked boring

2. We only had an hour to cover the whole park, so we never really had too much of a chance anyway.


In fact, I could say the same thing for nearly everything at Knoebels! We literally arrived, got in the 3 credits, rode Phoenix twice, and left. I really wish I had more time to really feel the charm of this park!

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^I'd have to say you're right in regretting that, so hopefully you're planning to go back.

I'll be honest, I think most flyers are boring, even including the ones at Indiana Beach (unlike some people, I behaved myself on the ride). But the Knoebels set kind of leaves me awestruck. Quite the bizarre little ride.

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Traveled from Europe to New York and Connecticut this summer to stay with my girlfriend's sister and have a bit of a holiday. Had trips planned to SFNE, Lake Compounce and to Coney Island for the Cyclone. Unfortunately Hurricane Irene had other plans and made it to none of the parks. So a huge amount of missed credits, and I won't be back to the USA again for a few years.

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Main one that pops into my mind is Shockwave at SFGAm. It was down all day the first time I was ever at the park, and they re-opened it just as we were leaving that night. We thought about riding it, but then thought "eh, we'll catch it the next time we're hear". And then it was removed. Ah well...



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My main missed coaster was is the SkyLoop at World Joyland. Apparently it only opened for an insanely short time and jsut so happened to miss it. Agh well. Not too worry.


I also missed Rattlesnake and Runaway Train at Chessington the first time I was there as the park was extremely busy but finally gained those when I visited on the last day of their season a month for so ago. Super quiet day too which was great. Got a ton of rides in on Dragons' Fury and Vampire.

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Rides I missed and are demolished:

1. Pegasus (Efteling). I was close by in 2008 as I could almost touch the ride. But after the Python we turned to a other section and we didn't return as my parents promised me back then. A while later I heard the ride was closed and not much later I received the news of the demolishing.

Rides I missed and still having a chance to (Where operate at the last time of visit):

1. MP Xpress (Movie Park Germany). Quite silly that I didn't ride it. Just didn't want to ride one with inversions soon after Rock `n Rollercoaster.

2. Indiana Jones (Disneyland Paris). Fear of inversions back then. Remember having a argument with my dad about having a loop or not (Guess who won? ).

3. Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland Paris). The fear of Inversions.

4. Blue Tornado (Gardaland). Like the other three Gardaland rides: Fear of Inversions.

5. Magic Mountain (Gardaland).

6. Sequoia Adventure (Gardaland).

I missed some other coasters at visits years back but made them all up by now.

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Recently, Mad Rats, Happy Valley Chengdu

on the recent TPR China Tour.


The thing had been closed all day. My little group had

gotten the other credits, time had been extended

at the park (by vote, of which we complied). but we

had had enough, exited and did lunch at the nearby

Pizza Hut.


Then, the text came in, that the mouse was open!

Unfortunately, since we exited, there was no re-entry

at this (and some others) park. It's a thing with them.


But awesome Robb was even willing to cover us again

for entry to the park, if any of us wanted to get that credit.

But we decided we'd had enough, thanked Robb and declined,

and just chalked it up to "one to get in the future" LOL!


Maybe in 2016?


And THANKYOU again Robb, for offering to do that for us!


Me in front of Mad Rats when it was (then) closed, PO'd in my Dippin' Dots, lol.

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Update to my list to include 2012 misses (the bold rides):


Missed for various reasons (reason in parenthesis):


Boomerang at La Ronde (closed on my only visit)

Boomerang Coast to Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (closed on both visits)

Gemini Red at Cedar Point (only blue was operating)

Great Chase at Six Flags New England (didn't attempt since I believed a kid was required)

Monstre Left at La Ronde (line was too long)

Nighthawk at Carowinds (closed, but rode as Stealth)

Rainbow Chaser at Fun Forest Amusement Park (didn't want to purchase tickets for the kiddie coaster)

RC Racer at Walt Disney Studios Paris (didn't want to wait 75 minutes and keep everyone else waiting)

Rebel Yell Blue at Kings Dominion (only red was operating)

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Walt Disney Studios Paris (closed all day on my visit)

Run-A-Way Train at Pharaoh's Adventure Park (closed on my only visit)

VeggieTales Sideshow Spin at Dollywood (opted out to avoid keeping Q-bot group waiting)

Wacky Soap Box Racers Track(s) at Knott's Berry Farm (I have no idea how many times I rode this, but I know I rode at least once and was too young to bother keeping track then)

Woodstock Express at Cedar Point (ran out of time)


Skipped due to child required policy:


Jr. Gemini at Cedar Point

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie at Carowinds

Marche du Mille-pattes at La Ronde

Roadrunner Express at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Taxi Jam at California's Great America

Taxi Jam at Kings Dominion

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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride - too short at the time, next time I went it was closed for maintenance, and now it just sits there taunting me, SBNO.


It's funny how these things go in cycles - back in the 80s when that part of Dreamworld was built everything was very heavily themed. Then for 10-20 years most new attractions had minimal (or crap) theming, and now they've just started to go big on the theming again with "Dreamworks land".

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Superman Ride of Steel - Six Flags Darien Lake in 2001

Left side if Thunder Road - Carowinds in 2012

They were unfortunately closed.



I may have skipped on these few kiddie credits due to child policies or apathy.


Kings dominion


Kings island

Cedar point


Oh well... Haha

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