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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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As for me, I have never been on Mulholland Madness at DCA. I don't know why. Also, Deja Vu at SFMM, although I am borderline too tall. However, knowing who works there, I don't think I (or anyone) would have been bounced.


Update: 9/11/07: I finally got the Mulholland Madness credit. 10/30/07: I got the Deja Vu credit, but I missed, again, the Canyon Blaster credit.

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Mine are all from CP


Mellenium Force, because of lines

TTD, also because of lines, and MF and TTD had some downtime and I was sorta in a rush.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride... again long line and didn't look that exciting

Disaster Transport... lines again lol, and 5 bucks for glasses? Still curious about it though.

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^^ Yes! Non-German Tom in the heezy. However, to truly be a missed credit, you have to have visited the park. I live in So Cal, and since I've never intended to visit Adventure City, as Tom didn't, I don't count the coasters there as missed credits. Same as the Santa Monica pier. Or Legoland (though I might be missing out).

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There's probably heaps of them out there, on my most recent trip to LA, I didnt bother with Gold rusher or any of the kiddie ones, at Knotts I skipped Boomerang and Jaguar! (Montezoomas was shut) and at DL i skipped gadgets go coaster.

It pretty much boils down to the fact that I go to parks to have fun and would rather spend my time re-riding good coasters rather than wasting time on others for the purpose of getting a "credit" (whatever the point in getting "credits" is )

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I would have to say the Roller Soaker at Hershey Park. Of course I'll be heading back there next year, so I'll get the coaster credit then.



...Oh and the blue side of Lightning Loops at Great Adventure. For some reason I only rode the red side.

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Coasters I could have done if I hadn't been such a wimp until about 3 years ago:


Limit - Heide-Park

Big Loop - Heide-Park

Space Mountain - DLP

Indiana Jones - DLP


Coasters I've missed by accident or not:

Zipper Dipper - BPB, somehow forgot to ride it when in

Teeny Weeny - Tusenfryd

Circus Clown - Oakwood- didn't have time to

Big Apple - Lightwater Valley - didn't have time to


Coasters, parks I've just gone past but didn't have time to go:

BonBonland in '04 saw Vildsvinets lifthill, but yeah -didn't have time to, same goes with Hansa Park same year, saw the sign for it and drove by.


Tivoli Gardens same year, didn't have time for Odinekspressen or Karavanen.


The spinning coaster at Blackpool South Pier - yeah you guessed right, lack of time.


So, I've missed some credits, which is a bit of a shame, but hmmm..

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For Cedar Point it's Mantis.

I had a bad experience on another stand up, so I skipped it.


Also, Hyppersonic at Kings Dominion.

The line was stretching out all day long, both days, so I skipped it.

I dont like waiting that long for any 20 second ride- even TTD!

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In more recent years, I have missed a few rides.


SFMM trip in 2002:



Goliath Jr-Height



SFFT 2005 Trip

Poltergiest-couldn't fit


SFOT 2005 Trip

Freeze-couldn't fit in sfstl, so didnt bother


Batman-Line long

La Vibora-line too long

Runaway Mountain-line too long

Canyon Blaster-height restriction


SFStL 2005 Trip

Freeze-couldn't fit

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Everything at La Ronde, I was about 5 minutes away from the park last summer but the bad operations and not so great coaster collection (other than the 2 B&M's), kept me away.


Also Roller Soaker because I'm not waiting 45 minutes or more for a short coaster that doesn't look that great.


Also, any coaster that has a height restricton where you have to borrow a kid. I will ride kiddie coasters if I can but refuse to borrow a kid.

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The only missed credit that I actually regret not grabbing is Kraken. It was about 7 years ago - before I cared about credits - and I didn't want to be at a "kid's park" like Seaworld - I wanted to go back to IOA (I was 14 and a brat, I suppose). Now, I WANTED to go on Kraken while we were there, but my dad said, "Nah, there's roller coasters at Universal, let's just go there," and I foolishly agreed. And at the time I didn't even know what a floorless coaster was! Imagine the surprise I would have gotten when I got into the station. Dangit, what a missed experience...and I STILL don't have that credit.


But Gemini Jr.? Taxi Jam? Nah, I can live without those if I have to.

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