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  1. Nice find, have to say Wipeout looks pretty impressive in its new surroundings and the colours really suit it, much better than it looked before. I know it took Pleasurewood a long time opening it but they have done a great job now.
  2. Nice update Robb, I totally forgot this trip had actually started, I'm still checking out the US trip.... Great to read KidTums is having a great time too. Sounds like there are some awesome parks over in Japan/Korea.
  3. Funny, I would have thought that all of them were probably on steroids, maybe they are the ones who actually got caught. Wonder how many more scandals WWE can handle before it all ends.
  4. Nice photos, looks like a great little park. Those restraints on the X-Coaster look crazy, and they give a nice laid back kind of look to the trains. Hey I'm thinking rockchick Saskia looks a bit like singer Pink.
  5. Nice updates so far Divv.... Can't believe that trip report about the journey from hell, talk about complicated, hopefully it was all worth it in the end. Lucky you got a bit of help in New York, I wouldn't fancy been stranded overnight there too.
  6. More great reviews divv, nice London eye photos. I'm looking forward to the next one, especially the journey from hell. It's never easy.
  7. Nice photos Divv, that was some trip you have just done, you must have some amount of photos collected. Bit of a pain hearing about the camera problems, always happens at the wrong time. Funny to see you hated the food at Camelot too. I found the chips awful, they sure weren't from potatoes anyway . Finally, is that 'The Drachen' or 'Crazy Chase' you are on at New Pleasureland? I can't figure it out.
  8. I didn't bother with Vertigo at Walibi, line was too long and I thought it would have been rubbish. But I'm regreting it now, as it has got good reviews.
  9. I guessing he ended up like that hanging out with those guys. Cool slide, I was waiting for it to snap but it works well.
  10. Great photos, nice angles. Love the photos of the statues you took.
  11. I think they are great fun if you are a student attending. I'm sure some people have started getting into theme parks and coasters after visiting this way. I think some do need supervision though and also they can really pack out a park especially towards to end of term.
  12. Its about 50 miles by road, and about 1hour 20mins by train.
  13. With Manchester, they don't really need a park as they are surrounded by so many, also with good transport links it is easy to travel to the various parks. With London the parks are located on the outskirts Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor. All these should have good transport links from the centre on London.
  14. Worst for me was Loup Garou at Walibi Belgium. About 90 mins wait and also a thunderstorm throughout, wasn't going to turn back after that wait. Was well worth it though in the wet.
  15. Yeah love this show, the episode with the dead pigs in the Corvette was my favourite and then they actually ended up selling it for the parts. Just to experience what the smell was like. Also Kari makes it easy on the eye to watch too .
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