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  1. Looks like an awesome day indeed, what a beautiful park. ^I'll have you know that I actually managed to get almost 1 flip on such a ride at some point! So there.
  2. Dang. I enjoyed reading up on my Dutch themepark news on Looopings, but they're just taking the piss now. "Those Americans". Right, cause it's only Americans with that opinion. I'm glad to see some reasonable Dutch people in those comments though.
  3. That's good to hear. I haven't been there in awhile, sounds like things have become better. Of course, 20 minute maximum queues also helps I suppose!
  4. I personally love to violently masturbate on everything Efteling does. Haha. No I don't. And I don't. Seems like you guys had a good day at WH Robb, did you have any annoying instances with queue jumpers or annoying kids there at all? Because for me that has happened like 90% of each of my visits to WH.
  5. Thanks for the TR! I'd love to get a picture with a tiger cub.
  6. Thank you for the opportunity to help out here, Robb. I wish Jack and his family all the best.. We just hit over 10.000
  7. The outside of the restaurant building does indeed look like something you'd find in Tokyo, cool!
  8. ^ For a company that started in Mexico City that's quite a good compliment I suppose
  9. I kinda wish I would've had something like that in my youth! Seems like an awesome place. And it's around the world! Time to get me some kids. Eh.
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