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  1. Looks like an awesome day indeed, what a beautiful park. ^I'll have you know that I actually managed to get almost 1 flip on such a ride at some point! So there.
  2. Dang. I enjoyed reading up on my Dutch themepark news on Looopings, but they're just taking the piss now. "Those Americans". Right, cause it's only Americans with that opinion. I'm glad to see some reasonable Dutch people in those comments though.
  3. That's good to hear. I haven't been there in awhile, sounds like things have become better. Of course, 20 minute maximum queues also helps I suppose!
  4. I personally love to violently masturbate on everything Efteling does. Haha. No I don't. And I don't. Seems like you guys had a good day at WH Robb, did you have any annoying instances with queue jumpers or annoying kids there at all? Because for me that has happened like 90% of each of my visits to WH.
  5. Thanks for the TR! I'd love to get a picture with a tiger cub.
  6. Thank you for the opportunity to help out here, Robb. I wish Jack and his family all the best.. We just hit over 10.000
  7. The outside of the restaurant building does indeed look like something you'd find in Tokyo, cool!
  8. ^ For a company that started in Mexico City that's quite a good compliment I suppose
  9. I kinda wish I would've had something like that in my youth! Seems like an awesome place. And it's around the world! Time to get me some kids. Eh.
  10. Going to a Scandi themed world in Tokyo Disney Sea? Sounds like best of eh 3 worlds!
  11. Cool, hitting up some culture is also a good way to spend a day, and good on you for climbing the pyramid!
  12. Thanks for the update, I didn't know it could get cloudy in Mexico!
  13. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.) Autoplay on both. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? Not regularly, I have shared content from TPR that I see in my newsfeed to my own timeline. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) Videos most likely. But to be honest I click news stories more - I just don't share them. So if this is just about sharing, it's videos, but not often. I will quicker actually try and get a direct link to a video and just message the direct video link to someone, instead of cluttering everyone's newsfeed :/ 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? On Facebook I watch about 60 percent of a video I think, but to be honest, I skip more than I actually watch x seconds from start to whenever. So I often directly skip to a part I'm interested in (when it takes too long with intro's or building up) when I'm at work. I will use the "watch later" button if it's a YouTube video on FB and I'm interested in watching the whole piece. 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? (the image you see with the > Play icon before you click to watch a video) I'd like to say they're not important, but I think they are. I do like an actual video thumbnail, and I do not like the "YOU WONT BELIEVE HOW THIS DONKEY FARTS POPTARTS LIKE CRAZY" clickbait thumbnails - although I do think that they "work" for Facebook/Youtube residents. 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I like scrolling my newsfeed, getting my daily intake of Kotaku and Gizmodo without actually visiting their website to check up on updates there. Facebook's automatic thinking of what it's showing me or not showing me seems to work fine for me, although I probably don't even know what I'm missing most of the time. It annoys me that it has this "most popular" way of sorting, which I always disable when I have to. I don't like it when I like a video, check the comments and it's all just people referring to each other. I "like" dumb comments on TPR videos as they might spark a witty Robb comment which I enjoy reading. But for that I can always just go to any random TPR YouTube video and dive into the hell that is YouTube Comments there. For serious conversations and read-ups on rides/parks this here is a much better place to check out and read. Or post. The latter I don't do that often though. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? For your own piece of mind I would not engage in dumb comments, but then again, I do like reading those engagements. Plus, they should be told off too. Bah! I'd enjoy less big letter texts as video thumbs, but I completely understand the need for them. I'd enjoy more pointing toward trip reports from Facebook. I enjoy the Monday emails. And I believe some of them are posted to your FB page already. Maybe FB decides not to show them to me that often though. All in all I'm very happy and satisfied with TPR's Facebook!
  14. I also still really really want to visit the Orlando parks. I am an Harry Potter fan, but that looks very busy, is it really only one street in that new area? I visited Universal Hollywood once, which I enjoyed (especially the VIP Studio Tour we did), but the Orlando parks are high on my list. That ticket seems like a good deal too, must make a note of that! Looking forward to the rest of the report!
  15. Thanks for the effort and freebie, getting it now! Looking forward to seeing it.
  16. Still can't believe it took us 3 hours to get to the end of the maze! By the way, I was listenin to "On The Boardwalk" by "Rick Benjamin & The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra" while reading this update. And it added so much, hehe.
  17. I had that "running away" feeling a bit when they ran under the furnace, with the wind blowing as you got swiped under actually. This was my first Tower ever btw!
  18. Thanks for the report! I'm not sure if I could be satisfied with just the Gyoza bun, I think it would leave me craving for some 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' ^.^
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