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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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I usually skip kiddie coasters as I don't keep a count and have been on so many coasters that I'd rather spend time riding stuff that's fun than just something for the "credit".


I missed some things at La Ronde, as the lines were so long I couldn't force myself to wait over an hour for random crap like a boomerang or an SLC.



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If I wouldn't have been a stupid kid, I would have gotten lots of kiddie credits that I can't get now. I really wish I would have ridden Jr. Gemini and Beaver Land Mine Ride (Geauga Lake) back in the day. Now, Jr. Gemini mocks me and the Tivoli is in France! I've learned never to skip anything (unless unavoidable) and to always ask if adults can ride the kiddie coasters!

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I'm sure there have been more...




Invertigo at Kings Island (saved myself from a headache)

Same with the Vekoma shuttle at Canada's Wonderland (Blanking on the name)

INTIMIDATOR 305 UGH!!! I was there THE DAY it shut down for most of this summer! RIDICULOUS

The kiddie Coaster at Mt. Olympus. They wouldn't let me on

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This past summer I missed a coaster and also a coaster experience that I've heard many talk about but didn't realize until it was too late. My friend and I went to Mt. Olympus this summer, and we didn't ride that other woodie that's down the street from Mt. Olympus. Granted, we were on a pretty tight time schedule, but looking back, I know that we could have found the time to ride that one at least once to get the credit. I do regret that we didn't hit that other woodie, especially since I doubt I'll ever go back to that area for a very, very long time, if ever, so that's basically a cred that I just won't get.

In addition, we missed the back seat on Cyclops because (even though we got the credit for the coaster) at the time we both assumed (you know what happens when you assume... ) that the back seats were marked "riders over 18 only" because of bone-smashing roughness and not killer airtime. But considering that park has some pretty rough wood (that, and having read on these forums about the maintenance issues at the park), I don't think our assumption was too far off base.

But still, had I know the real reason the seats were reserved for adults, at least I would have been able to better decide whether or not I wanted to ride back there (only reason I would have chosen not to is because of my back).

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I didn't get half the credits at Six Flags New England when I went this year, mainly because we burned a few hours at the water park and didn't have a whole lot of time to spend riding stuff once we got back... which did include Goliath. Also, I missed out on half the credits at Hersheypark when I went a few years ago, though that was more because of laziness. I did get to ride the Roller Soaker, though, but I wish I could have gotten on at least one side of the damn Lightning Racer that was right next to it.

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I missed non-Rebel Yell woodie credits at KD when I was there in June. Hit all the steels (just before i305 went down), but after RY I had a massive headache that was only gonna get worse if I rode Grizzly or Hurler.


Other than that...my first trip to CP didn't result in riding Wildcat and it's gone now; my only permanent missed credit that I'm aware of.

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These are the missed coasters that were IN OPERATION while visiting a park:


Carowinds- White LIghtnin' (I was too young/short before it was moved)

IOA- Pteranodon Flyers (I was turned away since I had no eligible child rider...lol)

USF- Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster (I wasn't sure they'd let me ride since I had no child with me..lol)

SFOG- Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster (The park was way too busy that day to stand in line that long for a kiddie coaster)

Disney's Animal Kingdom- Primeval Whirl (One side was closed and the line was 90 minutes...)

Fun Spot America- Freedom Flyer & Sea Serpent (Was short on time and went to ride White Lightning)



These are defunct coasters that I'll never get a credit for (since having the ability to go to these parks on my own):


Kings Dominion- Hypersonic XLC

SFOG- Deja Vu (moved/in storage...but I don't see going to Brazil anytime soon)

BGT- Python (It closed a year before I first visited)



These are coasters at parks I've been to that I NEED CREDITS for (as they have been built since last there):


Carowinds- Carolina Cobra & Intimidator (last visit Oct '08)

BGW- Grover's Alpine Coaster & Verbolten (last visit June '08)

King's Dominion- Backlot Stunt Coaster, Dominator & Intimidator 305 (last visit '99)

SFOG- Dare Devil Dive (last visit May '08)

USF- Hollywood RRR (last visit Dec '08)

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When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had to opportunity to ride a Wisdom Orient Express/Dragon Wagon at the Lake County Fair, but I was too scared!

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I'm only counting big coasters that I missed. Most of these are quite simply because it took me a while to get braver for coasters and for some I'm just intimidated by that type of coaster. So I'm simply chicken.


Great Escape:




Steamin Demon






Deja Vu

Georgia Scorcher

Mind Bender



^Those were all when I was 9-10 before I started going on looping coasters. With the exception of maybe Deja Vu (yes I know it's closed now) I could do these no problem now.


Other missed credits:


Zoomerang (Lake Compounce)- went during haunt, park was so crowded I didn't have time for this


Sea Serpent (Moreys Piers)- haven't been there in 4 years and didn't conquer boomerangs at the time


Kingda Ka- this has been a decade long battle now


Top Thrill Dragster- everything about this ride intimidates me


Wicked Twister- I'm never comftorable going backwards at a fast pace so I'm not sure how I'd react to this

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Oh god. F this thread.


Coasters I have visited in person, were fully built, but were just sitting there the day I paid to visit them:


Eagle's Fortress

Black Hole Express Kumdori Land

Space Tour Gyeongju World

Tongdo Fantasia Special

All four coasters at Woobang Towerland

Crazy Mouse Children's Grand Park

La Via Volta Walibi Holland

Twisted Twins (Lola)

Gwazi(whichever side it is that will never operate again)

Cheetah Wild Adventures


Roller Soaker

Voodoo at Dorney


Kingda Ka


Coasters I skipped only because of wait times


Nighthawk at Carowinds

Runaway Reptar at Carowinds

Runaway Reptar at Kings Island

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster at Kings Island


Credit I'm most proud to have borrowed a kid for

Pteradon Flyers!

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Wow things like this stick in my mind forever... Like missed opportunities. Not a lot but there are some that stand out more than any:


SFOG: The lines were soooo long that day in 2010. So many school, band, and church groups. Even saw my cousin from NC with her marching band. Also saw a fight while in line for the Scorcher. Anyway I missed: Goliath, Superman, Ninja, and Cyclone... Was with younger family so wasted time and brain cells riding GASM. Rode my first Batman, Mindbender, and Scorcher. Overall not the best day, but not the worst.


Cedar Point: Last year took a 24 hour school trip there from VA, but I regret it now. My first visit was in July 2007, so I was extremely excited. I got to ride my favorite coaster Maverick again, Corkscrew, and Blue Streak, but mainly took lots of pictures and video. Unfortunately I let myself go so I couldn't ride WT, or TTD for the first time, after waiting a combined 4 hours in line. Got on Raptor later that night before getting on the bus for the trip back to VA, as I wasn't interested in the Haunt attractions. I was really sad, but even more so embarrassed. Since then I've been working hard so that doesn't happen ever again.

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I missed this one at Old Chicago:



I was probably 4 or 5... I stared at it all day, not sure if I was tall enough (did it matter in 1978?)


I also had the opportunity to ride the Rampage in Alabama, but skipped it. Seems like I might get that credit after all! Heck, the old Chicago Loop is now at Canobie, so I guess I can still get that one!

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There have been a few that I missed due to closures or rehabs such as:


Vortex at Kings Island

one half of Rolling Thunder

Greased Lightnin' at the then Paramount's Great America

Shock Wave at SFOT

and the worst letdown, Iron Rattler


however, there are also a few I could have actually ridden and missed:


Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside

Sand Serpent

Galaxi at the Seattle Center Fun Forest

Super Big Gulp at Playland in Vancouver


The ones that are no longer running hurt the most.

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Only counting full size coasters because there are too many kiddy coasters I skipped from before I became a credit whore.


Coasters I didn't want to wait for


Corkscrew @ Cedar Point

Wildcat @ Cedar Point

Roller Soaker @ Hersheypark

Super Dooper Looper @ Hersheypark

Sand Serpant @ Busch Gardens Tampa

Bat @ Canada's Wonderland

Fly @ Canada's Wonderland

Exterminator @ Kennywood


Coasters that were closed


Indiana Jones @ Disneyland Paris

Boardwalk Bullet @ Kemah Boardwalk

Shockwave @ Six Flags Over Texas

Half Pipe @ Elitch Gardens

Cliffhanger @ Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

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