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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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I missed Ninja and Boomerang at SFStL during my 6 hour visit this past August. Boomerang was still closed from the accuse and Ninja had the VR nightmare line so I missed both of those.


Trust me. . . You didn't miss anything.

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Well . . . I missed the following coasters at SFGADv in my younger days (wish I had the desire back then to take the trip up there from Maryland) . . .


Great American Scream Machine

Rolling Thunder

Batman & Robin: The Chiller

Ultra Twister


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For nearly 450 coasters ridden, my list could be a LOT worse! The only ones I'm actually bummed about are Lightning Rod, La Feria's wood coaster/Triple loop, and Fireball in China.



SFMM: Magic Flyer (kiddie)

SFOT: Canyon Blaster (kiddie)

KI: Pumpkin Coaster (kiddie)

KD: Taxi Jam (kiddie)

IOA: Pteranodon Flyers (I didn't have a kid...)

La Ronde: Arrow Mini Mine Train (kiddie)

Lake Compounce: (kiddie)



Darien Lake (2001): Ride of Steel (closed), Boomerang (skipped, I was 8)

SFMM: Flashback (2002,2007 closed)

KBF: Wind Jammer (2000, skipped)

Carowinds (2012): Thunder Road (one side closed)

La Feria, Mexico City (2016): Montana Rusa and Montana Triple Loop. Both closed...

Dollywood (2016): Lightning Rod tested, but yet never opened

La Ronde (2016): Wild Mouse (skipped due to an insane line...)

Michigan's Adventure (2016): Corkscrew, SLC, Kiddie wood, mouse, other kiddie coaster (I had 30 minutes so I only rode the two large wood coasters)

Nagashima Spaland (2016): Shuttle Loop, one side of the mouse (both closed)

Happy Valley Shanghai (2016): Fireball (closed for maintenance )

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Cedar Point - Missed the kiddie coasters and one side of Gemini because Maverick.


Kennywood - Missed Exterminator cause I didn't feel like waiting for a spinner and instead spent that time on Phantom.


Kings Dom - Missed Anaconda (line too long and not on FL), Flight of Fear (used as a Haunt trail), Woodstock Express (closed by the time we got back around there) and Hurler (closed, obviously).


SFOG - Missed Georgia Scorcher (closed all day), the kiddie Chance and Ninja Hawk (closed due to renovation).


Hershey - Laff Trakk because long line and lights in ride were off for HPTID so no point, also the kiddie coaster because time better spent at Skyrush.


Other than that mostly just the kiddie coasters at Dorney, BGW, SFA, cause I just don't care but I have ridden every credit at GreatAdv and Moreys. Road Runner Railway @ Great Adv is awful and I was tipsy and it seemed like a good idea. There may or may not be video of that ride.

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Next time you're at Kennywood, I'd definitely hit up Exterminator. Yea, it's just a spinning wild mouse, but I felt the themeing significantly elevated the ride experience. I remember riding clones of the coaster (w/ no themeing) afterwards and thinking to myself how Exterminator doesn't even feel like the same ride.

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I know I know, everyone says that. I just hate spinning anything so it wasn't a priority.


One that I forgot to mention thats probably my biggest regret is the Schwarzkopf Katapult that was at Moreys when I was a kid.




I was too short to ride it for a few years (but loved watching it), and then the season or two I was tall enough it was broken or for whatever reason I didn't ride. And then it was gone. Kind of a bummer especially now that there is like one left and doesn't even seem to be operating.

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I've made a point to ALWAYS get EVERY credit in a park as long as they are open (except some kiddie coasters), however, I visited Six Flags New England last summer and was enjoying Superman, Goliath, and Wicked Cyclone so much I never got to...



Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum



It was very hard for me to pass on credits because I like to ride each coaster in a park at least once no matter how terrible it may be. I had Flash Pass Platinum and it drives me crazy that I didn't ride them, but I'm sure I'll be back at some point and I think my time was much better spent on the other much better coasters.

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^I've been on Spinning Dragons at Worlds of Fun (actually just a month before going to SFNE) so I have experienced what is basically the exact same ride. I agree they are great underrated coasters.


Other than that, I can't really be that upset about missing out on a boomerang and a wild mouse.

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I was standing in line to get my credit on Green Lantern at SFMM and the ride broke down just as I reached the gate. It ended up being closed for about a month after that.


When the ride closed, a guy that was strapped into the ride started yelling taunts at the people in line. The ride op unstrapped him and escorted him out.

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When I visit new parks, I generally skip the small kiddie or family coasters. I haven't ridden Woodstock Express or Wilderness Run at Cedar Point, nor have I ridden the small Zamperla/Miler kiddies at various Six Flags parks. I count my credits, but I'm not that crazy about it. I'd rather get another ride on El Toro or Nitro than find a small child to ride some pointless credit. There are probably 5 or more coaster credits around SoCal I haven't ridden yet, simply because I find it pointless to visit a park just to grab a credit (West Coaster, Rewind Racer, Freeway Coaster, John's Incredible Pizza, and a few others come to mind). Although I'd really like to get to the Santa Monica Pier at some point, just because it is so iconic and I'm just a little over an hour away.

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Notable coasters I've skipped:

High Roller (Stratosphere, Las Vegas—argh, in my own city! Regret this one)


Bizarro (SFGAdv—floorless rides can make me feel queasy, not sure why, so I skipped this to ensure I wouldn't be too sick to ride KK and El Toro, which I loved and would have hated to miss).


Green Lantern (SFGAdv—we looked at it and said, oh, a poor man's Riddler's Revenge, we'll pass)


Wicked Twister (Cedar Point—watched the POV and it looked nauseating)


Kong (SFDK—after the hell that was T3, I don't ever need to ride an SLC again)


Xcelerator (KBF—was on it once, kid who had sat in my row remained near the car and threw up, ride was closed and haven't had opportunity to try again since)


Styles of coasters I tend to avoid:

Like some of you here, I skip the kiddie coasters. Exceptions: The Woodstock Express woodies and suspended family coasters at the Cedar Fair parks, which are more adult-friendly, and the ones at Toontown (Disneyland) and Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom). Aside from those, I have countless skipped credits in this category and have no regrets.


I also skip spinning coasters, because spinning also tends to make me queasy. Exception: I'll ride Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's. I love the forces on it and so far—knock on wood—it hasn't made me feel sick. Otherwise, I've passed on both in Six Flags' Texas parks, and the one at Animal Kingdom.


And, I forego boomerangs. Went on Boomerang at Knott's about eight years ago, felt sick afterward, decided I didn't need to ride any of the clones in the future. This also went for both Invertigo at KI and Deja Vu when it was at Magic Mountain—especially after I witnessed another barfing at its exit.

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The coaster I most regret skipping is Hypersonic XLC in 2006. I had two days at Kings Dominion. The first day was a Sunday and the park was absolutely packed since they had a special entry day. After waiting almost 2 hours for Volcano, I went over to Hypersonic and saw it's queue was almost full. Since I had all day Monday, I figured I'd hit all of the other coasters and come back to it. Unfortunately Hypersonic was down all day on Monday and it was removed before my next visit to the park. I'm really mad I missed out on what was considered one of the best launches around, but on the bright side the park now has Intimidator 305.


The only other credits I've missed at parks I've gone to were smaller (kiddie coasters and a 1-2 wild mice).


In my journeys, I probably could have gotten a few kiddie coasters at parks I didn't stop at like Go Karts Plus but decided to have more time at the big parks. Probably the most notable park I skipped was Fun Spot Orlando when I literally passed it after leaving Universal Orlando. I regret that one, but everyone in my group was hungry after a day at Universal.

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I thankfully haven't missed any on a permanent basis (at least to my knowledge), outside of maybe some kiddie coasters. I'm also one of those who tries to hit everything once. Some rides have eluded me, in some cases for several years, but with the exception of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Paris (went down for the day on my first visit and closed for refurbishment on my recent honeymoon) and GoldStriker (I went during the post-media day but pre-actual opening time frame), I've picked them all up over time.

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Missed Credits:

Cedar Point:

Wilderness Run

Woodstock Express


Michigan's Adventure:


Mad Mouse


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

Sea Serpent


Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

Iron Rattler

Kiddee Coaster

Road Runner Express


Six Flags Magic Mountain:

Batman: The Ride

Canyon Blaster

Magic Flyer

New Revolution

Road Runner Express

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers

Superman: Escape from Krypton


My current coaster count is 46. If I spent the time to credit whore, I would have 61.

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  • 4 months later...

These are those that were in operation while visiting the park-


Carowinds: (Original Home Park)

White Lightnin'- I was 11 when it was removed. Even though I was tall enough to ride by age 9 or 10, I was afraid of coasters at the time. Fortunately I was able to ride Viper at SFOG before it was removed so at least I've ridden a shuttle loop.



Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster (now Joker Funhouse Coaster)- Park was insanely busy last time I went so I didn't get to ride it. I learned my lesson about going on a Saturday in May. Of course I didn't have any other option since park was only open weekends while there last.



Pteranodon Flyers- I didn't have a child to ride with (and the park was empty the one time I actually tried...lol)



Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster- Not sure why I skipped it. I rode Flying Unicorn next door. (I hadn't been to Universal since 2008)


Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Primeval Whirl (either one)- the park was extremely packed the one time I've been and they were only running the right coaster. I still hadn't ridden a spinning mouse yet. That will change soon when I go back to Fun Spot in Kissimmee later this summer.


Fun Spot America Kissimmee:

Rockstar Coaster

Kiddie Coaster- I didn't ride anything when I went to the park last week. I just stopped by on my way to SeaWorld to hopefully see Mine Blower testing as it made it's first run the night before.

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Wacky Soap Box Racers

Montezooma's Revenge

Timberline Twister

Matterhorn (DL)

Space Mountain (DL)

New Wilder Wild Mouse

Peter Rabbit Coaster

Children Coaster (NSL)

Snoopy's Great Race

Raging Spirits

Little Dipper (Saratoga - RCDB closing year is incorrect, survived into the 80's)

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Existed in my lifetime, gone before I started seriously riding:

Shockwave (KD)

HyperSonic XLC (KD)

Big Bad Wolf (BGW)


Down when I went:

Sidewinder (Hershey)


Just didn't bother:

Zamperla kiddies at SFA, Hershey, Gadv, Dorney, VF, and MoA

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