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  1. SFGAm does not have any painful rides but a couple are a little rough in spots (mainly Demon, Viper and Eagle).
  2. Each coaster and some of the major rides at SFGAm will be getting their own week of "celebrations". This would include double rides during the last hour of each day. B:TR and Viper's weeks have already come and gone but here is the list for the rest of the season. https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica/attractions/40-seasons/event-schedule So American' Eagle's is the week of July 20th.
  3. 6/10 Football (not soccer, actual, real football)
  4. I don't want to sound biased or racist but tbh the most likely reason THAT one in specific suffered the accident was that it was in russia. I mean have you seen russian amusement parks? (besides the sochi one at least) I mean they look sometimes like they were built in someones backyard and it doesn't give a good impression on safety. Not just amusement parks, it pretty much applies to anything in Russia
  5. I think a lot of people watch the ride from the midway and determine it's not fast enough. And you know that if a ride isn't fast enough, the GP doesn't think it's any good.
  6. Maverick. I was expecting a great coaster and instead I got a rough and rather forceless ride.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about SkyRush. I'm sure there has to be enough room for an exit
  8. Iron Wolf's was bad but it seems they fixed the problem for Goliath. Other than that pretty much any station that doesn't enter from the center
  9. No they are just one of the few parks that are doing something about it instead of just ignoring it.
  10. tribar

    Phone App

    Why? Tapatalk works just fine
  11. I was going to go to guest services (I had his name), but it was getting close to the time you had to pick up the wristbands for the ERT event, so I decided not. I completely agree that it's unacceptable. They should train them by tell them what not say when operating a ride - Joking about ride deaths would be on the top of that list. I could never imagine this type of thing happening at a Cedar Fair park. You're right, CF ops would just sit there and yell at people to hurry up and get on the ride quicker, than throw their arms up in the air when someone isn't quick enough
  12. I agree with whoever said Maverick. Not only does the ride beat you up, it just didn't seem very forceful.
  13. I have a feeling people are going to be pleasantly surprised when the actual layout is announced! I agree. I don't see how people can judge a ride when they haven't even seen what the layout will be
  14. The way you get around that is you have the entire group enter the line and take a ticket. Then some of the group leaves the line to go eat/use the bathroom/ride something else/whatever. Then they finish, re-enter the line (maybe even taking new numbers to avoid arousing suspicion), and re-join their original group near the front of the line. They have the valid ticket numbers in order, so there's no reason to think they're doing anything fishy. Watched that happen at X2 at SFMM. And if your 'aha' moment is to have the ticket checker be before the station, that won't stop people from line-jumping *after* the tickets are taken. I witnessed that happen firsthand with YOLOcoaster at SFMM. There really isn't a great solution. Too many people think it's okay or don't care enough to do anything about it. To your first point, if a guest is to leave the line, they must hand the ticket back to the attendant at the entrance. There could be loopholes to this in certain queues, but in theory it should be pretty effective. Of course no system is perfect, but any decently thought-out plan will cut the number of line jumpers down significantly. That is the goal. You took the words right out of my mouth
  15. Remove trim brakes on Raging Bull Add another inversion on Great Bear. Remove the OTSRs on Maverick Burn Hades to the ground
  16. Intamin. They tend to be a lot more forceful
  17. I second that. The worst part of it is going up, then going back down, than going back up to get to the station
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