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Missed Credits: Coasters you COULD have...

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These days, I never ride any of the "Kiddie" coasters, unless I'm riding with my kids.


Back when I went to KD years ago, Hypersonic XLC was closed, so that's the most notable coaster I've missed due to it not being open.


As for coasters I COULD have ridden, if I had wanted to, but chose not to when I went to Carowinds for the first time earlier this year... Carolina Cobra (though I've ridden it at GL), Carolina Cyclone, and the Carolina Goldrusher. And no, I didn't just avoid them because of "Carolina" being in their name! I just felt my time would be better spent getting more rides in on Fury!

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The only credit I've ever missed was Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. This year I attended Coaster Mania. It included ERT on Blue Streak, Max Air, and WT all at the same time. By the time we arrived at Wicked Twister, the line closed. They literally closed the line right in front of us.

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It was Kingda Ka for me till I went on it in july. The first time i went to SFGA it was closed due to the lightning strike. Next time I went it was closed all day. Luckily this year it opened for only about an hour (storms were nearby from 11-4), but me and my friends kept on watching it to see if it opened. We saw it and ran too it. Got on it in a few minutes because there was no line. We went to go on a second time and I waited for front seats. I got in the train bought down the shoulder restraint and a few seconds later they announced that they were having technical issues and the ride would be closed. Instead we went on Nitro 5 times in a row because it had no line.

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I skipped Woodstock Express and Wilderness Run on both my 2012 and 2014 visit to Cedar Point. I count my coaster credits, but I'm not extreme in that I would go out of my way to ride kiddie coasters when I could be spending that time getting re-rides on Millennium Force or Maverick.


If all goes well, I might travel to Six Flags Great Adventure this summer. To be honest, I will likely have no interest in riding the small family/kiddie coasters when I could instead use that time to ride El Toro or Nitro.

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I've mostly missed out on coasters cause of my height or just because they were kiddie coasters

SFMM: Magic Flyer (kiddie)

SFOT: Canyon Blaster (kiddie)

KI: Pumpkin Coaster (kiddie)

CP: Jr Gemini (kiddie)

KD: Taxi Jam (kiddie)

IOA: Pteranodon Flyers (I didn't have a kid...)



Carowinds: Thunder Road (one side)

Darien Lake (2001): Ride of Steel (closed), Boomerang (skipped, I was 8)

SFMM: Flashback (2002,2007 closed)

KBF: Wind Jammer (2000, too scared haha)


I have a couple to add. Pretty bummed about these. They both looked amazing in person, but they were closed in March.


La Feria, Mexico City: Montana Rusa and Montana Triple Loop.


Medusa Steel and Superman el Ultimo Escape made up for the loss, but both coasters looked extremely unique!

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I rode every coaster at Hersheypark except for Sidewinder and Cocoa Cruiser.


Sidewinder: I could have easily ridden this after everything else but ffs it's a boomerang

Cocoa Cruiser: my mom told me I was too big but I'll check with the ride op in August


And I haven't been on Laff Trak because it wasn't open at the time, but I'll cross that one off too!

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I could have ridden the Cyclone Racer at the old Pike in Long Beach; in fact my brother and I did go to ride it because we new it was going to be shut down but we chickened out at the last minute. We'd heard too many stories of people getting their heads chopped off on it (some were true) and I was only 8.


In retrospect, I wish I'd done it just to say I did. (Here's some info for those who don't know about it: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66323&p=1362091#p1362091 )


I did ride Laffin In The Dark despite the rumor there was a real dead body in it, which turned out to be true.

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Volcano it was closed both days I was at KD


That's sad, because it really is a fun ride!!


Speaking of KD. . .


I'll add Flight Of Fear to my list of "missed credits." It was closed when I was at KD which was a little disappointing because I was really hoping to get to ride it to see how/if it differs from the one at KI!

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Pretty much all from Cedar Point: Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, and Iron Dragon. Looking back, I probably could have saved the popular ones for ERT (Coastermania 2013) and ridden these instead.

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Nearly every coaster at SFOT. Went April 2 and it was a bring a friend free day. The place was packed and the only coasters we got on were NTaG, Titan, Shockwave with VR, and Judge Roy. I wasn't too disappointed that we didn't ride some of the other rides because we did Mr Freeze and Batman in St. Louis, 400 ft Sky screamer in New England, and coasters similar to there other ones somewhere else.

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I completely missed Psyclone & Deja Vu at Magic Mountain. Both were operating when I passed them years ago, but I went from Ninja straight over to Riddler. After a long Ninja wait & the realization that lines would be long for everything, I started trying to prioritize the coasters. I ended up running out of park operating hours & didn't make it back to that corner. On my next visit, both were gone!

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I missed xcelerator at kbf because it was closed the day I went!


I also missed Deja Vu at MM when I was a kid but rode Aftershock when I went to Silverwood, which is a gib!


I skipped the standup and the arrow sit down at California's great America because the lines were too long early in the season this year!

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In terms of coasters I missed that I'll now never be able to ride because they/the park are defunct....



Ghost Town In The Sky - Cliffhanger: Reopened the week before my visit for the first time in years and then closed down the day before I went due to a crack in the train body and never reopened again.


Dania Beach Hurricane: I was young and we were leaving Miami and drove right past it running with only a few people on it but I was younger and my family wouldn't let me stop for 5 minutes to ride.


Williams Grove - Cyclone: Closed down the year before my trip to Hershey. Was planning to go...


AstroWorld: The entire park closed when it was on my Texas trip itinerary for the next season




Luckily I did get Geauga Lake before its demise.

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Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster at SFOT...Forgot about it.

Great Pumpkin Coaster at KI...I don't have a kid small enough for them to let me ride. I've tried over and over and it's always no.

The Legend at HW...Closed for construction

Wilderness Run at CP...no kid small enough to ride with.

Ricochet and Backlot Stunt Coaster at KD...Not enough time in the day and also Great Pumpkin Coaster cause too big.

Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain and Tig'rr Coaster at Indiana Beach...Not enough time in the day I was there.

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  • 7 months later...

I have a few missed credits, in the following categories:

No kid small enough to ride with

Big Dipper - Michigan's Adventure

Pteranodon Flyers - Islands of Adventure

Wilderness Run - Cedar Point


Coaster closed

V2 - Six Flags Great America (got the rare Deja Vu credit as that one was open)



Ragin' Cajun - Six Flags Great America (now at Six Flags America)


Didn't know it was a credit

Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld Orlando

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