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  1. A company just can't put all their focus on the exponents; they have to pay attention to the subcontractors and fat chicks as well.
  2. If it's a quality attraction it'll do fine. Now they just need to rebuild 'Jaws' as an indoor launched woodie with a 99 degree drop that's been plussed with elements from 'Sharknado'. That would be cool!
  3. You weren't supposed to post that here. . . that Elissa chick set you up!! Run!! Just kidding; that really looks great- thanks for finding the video and posting it!
  4. Obviously it's not going to be 'Potter-like' busy, but I'd guess it'll be pretty swamped the first few months at least. (Unless the reviews/word-of-mouth is really negative.) Not only will it be the newest attraction at USF, there's a nostalgia factor with Kong from the iconic first film and awareness of the IP from the sequels, plus the original ride that was at the Studios. I don't see people flying in from around the world to ride it, but I think it will do as well or better than the Jurassic Park ride next door.
  5. According to my top-secret inside sources (an anonymous post I saw somewhere) the actors in the queue interact with guests but don't jump out and startle them a'la the HHN 'scareactors'. We'll see; looking forward to seeing what the attraction is like.
  6. ^ I'm really disappointed to hear this. Supposedly the merchandising department put the kibosh on it because it might have interfered with their precious gift shop. Shame. Edit: Here's a link Chris. . . http://wdwnt.com/blog/2016/06/disney-drops-plans-for-tower-of-terror-themed-bar-at-hollywood-studios/
  7. I just now saw the Kimbo Slice news on ESPN.com. Probably related to steroid use. RIP
  8. Irony... When no one in this generation cares about felons slinging crack and heroin on street corners of every town in this country, but everyone gets butt hurt when someone shoots a poor quality POV video which may have possibly violated park policy. I enjoyed the sneak peak, just as I will enjoy the eventual higher quality videos to come. I'm pretty sure the producer wasn't aiming to out-do Spielberg. I just did a quick walk around the neighborhood and did not see one felon slinging crack or heroin on any corners. Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing buddy!! All kidding aside, no one is saying posting the video was the crime of the century, but it went against the rules of TPR and was justifiably deleted. It had nothing to do with the quality. Dude should have known better.
  9. Ali was such a huge figure in American culture during my lifetime. I can honestly say he influenced my opinions on race, class, war, politics, the media. . . Of course none of that would have happened if he had not been such a great prize fighter. He was so fluid, so instinctual, so fast, so smart in the ring. The fact he was banned from fighting for 3 1/2 years in his prime and he still accomplished so much makes him the greatest heavyweight champ in my book. I'm sad he's gone, but I'm sure his quality of life wasn't good and he lived a hell of a life- it was time for his journey to end. Ali went from shy gold medalist to annoying clown to shocking champion to hated to respected to beloved, and I feel blessed to have been alive while he was. RIP Champ; we'll never see another like you.
  10. Tulsa. There's over a million people in the Tulsa metro area and the closest amusement park is Frontier City in OKC, and while I hear they are making improvements, it's not much of park. The other closest parks are WOF, SFOT, and SDC. All overnight trips. We had Bells but it shut down a few years ago. It'd be nice to see a decent park built here, but I don't see it happening.
  11. ^ According to their website, 9:15 pm. But it doesn't start until June 11th.
  12. I did some further reading on the death of Prince, and some things I found: -While no time frame is given, it's reported that he did suffer from chronic, debilitating hip and knee pain. -The fentanyl he took was prescribed by a doctor, maybe more than one. -Prince's plane made an emergency landing coming back from his last performance in Atlanta when he was found unconscious. He was given given the drug Narcan, which is an antidote for opiate overdose. -He was 5'3 and 112 pounds at the time of his death. That's pretty much what I was able to find out. . . it's not a popular street drug because it doesn't produce the same 'buzz' or 'euphoria' other opiates do. It's strictly a powerful pain killer mainly prescribed to cancer and burn patients and certainly nothing to get 'high' on. Seems like an odd choice to give someone for knee and hip pain. Well said.
  13. Just came across the ESPN crawl. . . Muhammad Ali has died at age 74. I can't even begin to express what he meant to my generation. . . he was a complicated, flawed, yet great man. RIP Champ.
  14. ^ I honestly thought they might open it today since they were running both trains yesterday. Hope things work out and you get to ride it tomorrow- let us know how it goes.
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