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  1. Is it worth going to Knott's tomorrow with xcelerator closed? I am on vacation with my family and they have given me and my brother the option of going to Knott's while they take my little sister to disneyland?
  2. Doesn't have standard lap bars either so that coaster sucks
  3. 40 minutes for Superman Ultimate Flight, I am spoiled lol. When I go to a park with my family my dad has a bad leg so he gets the handicapped pass so we never have to wait in line. When I go with friends it always seems to rain which clears out the park and makes the lines short.
  4. Do a calf raise when they are locking the restraints so you have a little more room to work with over the bicycle seat for GL. #gains
  5. What about dive coasters? Do you count the stop before the drop as part of the drop? If you do then it adds a lot to the drop. Ive never been on Skyrush, so I can not compare a dive coaster drop to it, but Ive enjoyed Griffons first drop more than any B&M hyper Ive been on.
  6. I want to do a poll to get results to compare to the GTA of this year. I created a poll for top 10 wooden and top 10 steel coasters. Here's the link for ithttp://surveynuts.com/surveys/take?id=39586&c=376383705FRFL
  7. Cedar Point or six flags magic mountain. Depends if my family goes on a trip to California. Cedar point is the backup if we don't go
  8. There better be a new big attraction for 2016. Going memorial day with my schools band.
  9. Saw 2 kids on a leash at Hershey several years ago. Early teen me thought it was hilarious
  10. Very valid point. It would also be wise to add one before Hershey does. Yea I could see Hershey making wildcat a RMC
  11. I think if CF ever builds a RMC it should be at Dorney with a topper track. Downey is a park that a RMC will fit well into and it is a low risk-high reward bc the closest RMC is wicked cyclone.
  12. Id take Green lantern over x flight. Instead of that Ill say not getting approval from the state for operating Kingda Ka and killimajaro at the same time.
  13. Superman theme. The epic coaster song. Slow buildup when on the lift, to the loud and famous classical music on the circuit. So easy and perfect. Six Flags should hire you lol.
  14. Maybe play some epic music during the lift, nothing else. (no stupid quotes from movies)
  15. I almost black out on those helixes and bunny hills. I also like the drop on Nitro better than Apollo.
  16. Six Flags needs to put some attractions near Bizzaro or it might become a casualty.
  17. My predictions for the next upcoming years: 2017: Justice League Ride 2018: Hurricane Harbor addition 2019: Winged Coaster on the lake 2020: Flat rides 2024: new design B&M coaster for the 50th
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