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  1. How do the "bring a friend" days work? How many can I use? If I bring a friend for $17.99 one day this month, can I use a "bring a friend free" later this year? The way the app makes it look is like I can bring a friend for $17.99 April 14-May 20, then I can bring a friend for $16.99 June4-22, then I can bring a friend for $9.99 July 16-26. Can I get discounted a ticket during each time period?
  2. Power is energy per unit of time. When Superman is launching, it perhaps uses more energy during those few seconds. However, how often does it launch? The rapids ride is going all day. I absolutely could believe that it uses more energy.
  3. This looks insane. I think there's been a rumor for a while about a giant RMC, but is this the first we've seen of the layout?
  4. I've always thought that "sideways airtime" was the point of the wave turn. My big questions about it are how strong the air would be and how strong the lateral forces would be. I found the laterals on the off-camber turns of Wicked Cyclone to be stronger than I prefer.
  5. I thought Flying Turns was fun. The turns had surprisingly good whip as we changed direction.
  6. I found my old RCT2 disc a few days ago and have had fun playing, but I have realized that RCT3 really was much more versatile. I have the RCT3 disc and tried installing it, but I encountered an error, I suspect because I am running Windows 10. Apparently this is a known issue but not one that everyone on Windows 10 experiences. There are some videos about how to get around this. They all link to downloads to fix something. That scares the hell out of me. Has anyone here had luck getting RCT3 to run on Windows 10? I do know that this computer ran the game fine before I upgraded from Windows 7, so there is not an issue with compatibility between old software and new hardware (whatever than means). Thanks! Edit: I have RCT3 Platinum, if that matters.
  7. Thanks for the clarification! I’ve been wondering about the RMC-Vekoma relationship for a while. So now this Vekoma contract with Energylandia, is that an RMC wooden coaster in addition to the hybrid?
  8. I've heard this about Vekoma many times, but what does it mean? It makes it sound like European RMCs will be designed by Schilke but built by Vekoma. Is that what happened with Wildfire?
  9. So does this mean that they're getting a hyper-hybrid RMC, plus a wooden coaster with the RMC stamp of approval? Wow.
  10. Aren't the bolts there to keep the wheels from sliding off the track?
  11. I don't get opening Afterburn rather than Fury. Fury screams through its layout, so there can't be a concern about valleying, and Fury is the top-ranked coaster in the world.
  12. I feel like I've seen Atlantic City (maybe it's Wilmington) from the top of Zumanjaro. I've definitely seen Philly, and then I saw one, perhaps two, city-looking building clusters south of where I saw Philly. I'll pay attention from the top of Nitro the next time I ride during the day (so in April).
  13. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention to the animation, but I had no idea that it would be so close to Krypton!
  14. Is there much chance of El Toro running this evening? I was hoping to go around 5 and catch a final few rides of the season.
  15. Are those like the Skyrush trains but with the floor extended out the whole way? I wonder why they would extend the floor. I like the wing seats on Skyrush, probably even more than B&M. The restraints look better, though. I like the control panel up front!
  16. I'm really surprised Carowinds did that. When I asked at Cedar Point, an employee said that it was their policy that anyone in line at closing gets to ride, and Carowinds is another Cedar Fair park. But that's the exact kind of bush league move I meant on the previous page!
  17. While my preference is to let anyone ride if they're in line before closing time, I don't mind the idea of closing down the line so that everyone will ride by the time the park closes. What would bother me is if they just said, "Okay, 9pm, the ride is closed," and people who had been waiting in line were SOL, but I've not heard of that happening.
  18. Phoenix is great because it has tons of airtime hills and trains with very loose restraints, so every little pop (there are a bunch) sends you flying out of your seat.
  19. I've definitely noticed both airtime moments down that drop, but are you suggesting that, on the first drop, you notice differences between the right and left wing seats? My take on Skyrush is that its airtime makes it the finest coaster on Earth, and then it has to lose a couple of points because of uncomfortable harnesses and the sideways motions being rather unpleasant with so little against which I can brace myself, so it winds up as my #5.
  20. Any reason the Voyage couldn't use Intamin trains? I know that El Toro has three rows per car rather than two, but the train could be four cars of six rather than six cars of four.
  21. You didn't account for the fact that the lift hill can be a block section. Once one train clears the apex, the second can be dispatched. That won't double capacity, but it will improve it.
  22. I hardly they KD needs a B&M hyper, but it would go quite well in the park to have I-305 on one side and a smooth, floaty B&M on the other.
  23. Is Tidal Force not popular? I look at the app from time to time and typically see 60-75 minute waits on hot days.
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