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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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My last trip to CP I rode Mantis around 8PM, and really really enjoyed it. My legs were sore from walking all day and the G force pulling the blood to my legs really helped afterwards. From what I could tell the trim was off and we barely slowed down at the MCBR. Maybe I just had a good run, but I found it enjoyable.

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Cool vids!! I can't help but picture a very cartoony explaination for the explosives though. I just see a team of execs sitting around a table stumped and completely exhausted while trying to find the cheapest way possible.


Big boss man - "Alright, we need to figure out the cheapest possible solution here. Any ideas?"

Exec #1 - "A crew with a crane and cutters?"

Big boss man - "No, DT took too long to tear down. I want this quick and painless."

Exec #2 - "...what about dynamite?"

Big boss man - "My God!!! You are a genius!!!"


Alright enough clowning...BRING ON THE GATEKEEPER!!!!

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