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  1. This is day zero of VR tech. I think a lot of tunes will change when new generations of the tech arrive.
  2. I don't believe for a second that any of these stats are for train minutae like seats or rows.
  3. One lady gave her opinion on instagram in the morning (which she did say may be weather related and revised later when it warmed up). Do so many people here have to trip over their shoes to call her stupid? Ride is fantastic by the way.
  4. Seems that it's all black as part of the space theme.
  5. Excellent, since it's opening with the park by all indications.
  6. We have the power to skip the cliche "people are too sensitive nowadays!" rants.
  7. (I hope Im wrong) I think a GCI or Euro-Fighter is more in Dorney’s ballpark. I've heard (unfoundedly) that the raptor's are in the 4-5 million range, putting them at a more aggressive price point than these two. Would like to hear any more credible figures though.
  8. A Raptor is the right price for Dorney, and Dorney has the right attendance for a Raptor.
  9. I'm feeling confident that this is going to be one of the wildest rides in the world.
  10. This is a ridiculous airtime assault 5 feet off the ground.
  11. that's not true *at all* if one thinks the pass is worth it, then you SAVE to afford it and budget it in. it has nothing at all to do with "disposable" income and everything to do with whether or not one thinks it's worth it. Except that some people don't have to save at all for that kind of expense.
  12. No, they trimmed the living sh*t out of Intimidator. That trim bites harder than any non-midcourse trim I can think of, but guess what... the ride is still awesome. The mid-course trim was there opening day on I305. It's no less intense now than spring 2010.
  13. It always confused me when parks went for 80-85 degree drops. Why not just go 90* just for the marketability?
  14. That's how it's marketed, sure. Really it's just a flat projection on a hemisphere, which will: a) contain no depth cues and will not be convincing or immersive at all and b) will be a parallax nightmare with anyone not sitting in the center seeing an extremely warped perspective. Lag is really not the issue for VR (in the common gearVR format) anyways.
  15. Their last coaster had no inversions, and hurler is surrounded by non-inverting woodies. Were I KD management I'd ask RMC for as many inversions as possible, run commercials for "most loops on a hybrid coaster/on the east coast" or something.
  16. The front is the best but the line for it gets looooooong. Early morning right after Volcano is a good shot at it. Everywhere on the train is good, the middle is really underrated IMO.
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