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  1. Shockwave was pretty nice looking (with the new-ish paint) and added a lot of life to that midway. I feel like it may look a bit empty now, even with the frisbee.
  2. In my opinion it is best to let other people have their opinions and not ridicule them for it.
  3. I'm reasonably confident that it was an awkward way of phrasing the convenience of using a ride with OSTR's. Especially since they referred to them as "shoulder straps", which of course already exist on the ride. This kind of headset uses all-directional accelerometers for movement tracking, so restricting rotational movement would provide no sensing or computing benefit anyways. In fact, here's the prototype: There are tethers to keep the headset from falling off the ride, but nothing restrictive. If they really have straps which restrict head movement, I'll eat my hat I suppose.
  4. The straps they're talking about are the OSTR's, and they're talking about positional movement, not rotational. The GearVR (the headset they're using) can't track positional movement (like walking, or leaning side-to-side) but it can track rotational movement (moving your head&neck to look around). Because of this, a ride with OSTR's is the ideal environment for this type of headset. So you'll be able to look with the same amount of freedom you can on any flying coaster. They have the same system on the VR coasters at CW and Europa on a ride without OSTR's, and the system can't track your leaning in the car, but I haven't heard anyone complain about that anyways, actually.
  5. Sounds great to me! I like the theme, and the coaster sounds like a great fit. Looking down and up at the virtual space is going to be very cool. Modern VR sets are very good at showing dark spaces convincingly too, with deep blacks and rich colors. I won't be surprised if this refit surprises a lot of people here.
  6. Nuggets are not bad too, but you don't get many for the price.
  7. ^^a simulator attraction isn't what's being discussed here. Look at this: http://www.vrcoaster.com/ I'll be the lone voice saying that I think this is a great idea for an attraction, and can open up a lot of avenues for innovation. I wonder if the reactions around here will change or be reinforced once people start actually trying them.
  8. Good thing you guys came along to tell me that my experiences aren't valid. Different people experience this sensation differently. Nobody's "right" or "wrong".
  9. This thread is like 5 pages of "OMG Complainers!!!" for every single complaint. Honestly if people would just let complaints slide the world would be a better place.
  10. On nitro I don't experience 3 to 4 seconds of any obvious sensation. The hills are huge and drawn out and they're crested at comparatively slow speeds. I don't believe for a second that they're producing 0g's, but maybe they're cruising at 0.5 g's or something. Obviously for many people that's enough of a difference to trigger the airtime sensation but for me and some others it isn't. It would be great if people would stop implying that I'm lying or insane or something when I say: For the most part, I don't feel floater airtime on these rides. It is the truth.
  11. I really don't feel that sensation on Nitro or Apollo (maybe a bit at the ends of those rides). My butt is on the seat. Even if I have a bit of wiggle room in the lapbars it makes no difference. I don't need to be told what floater airtime is because I've been on coasters that I consider to have that.
  12. I honestly, have no idea what your talking about. Have you even ridden a dive machine before? They have some of the best airtime on B&Ms, and a lot of it! On a tangent, I really am fed up with people claiming that new B&Ms have no airtime. Just because you aren't getting your femurs snapped in half by the lap bar doesn't mean there's no airtime. I haven't been on a single B&M hyper or giga that hasn't had awesome airtime. Similarly, Griffon has insane airtime over both drops, and the speed hill before the splash down. Fury 325 has sideways holy crap airtime on the trebel clef, and borderline ejector on the Camelback's coming into the brakes. It's really annoying to see people comment stuff like "B&Ms have no airtime" when that is literally/factually incorrect. While I don't feel any air on the B&M hypers, I think the dive coasters have great airtime.
  13. Are there any examples of a coaster that failed to attract guests? The only known "bad idea installations" i can think of were for mechanical reasons.
  14. That picture was from the CPVR app's code. I just used Photoshop to color in the supports and track. This is my NL2 mockup that I put out a couple weeks ago, but I updated the colors to match the support color we know now.[attachment=0]IMG_20150811_175528.jpg[/attachment] I find it "funny" how those white textured models came out in such clarity, and yet the "on ride" footage came out like a potato. Something isn't quite right there. The current i Phone processing power is nearly on-par of what desktops could do in 2008. So the "cannot give good quality due to low phone processing power" excuse seems fishy. I know that's not the device the "leaks" were found on, but still. Something isn't right here. Maybe I'm missing something? Anyways, I also find it odd that they used No Limits for those models. Nothing is official yet, but I'm certainly leaning towards the "it's real camp" as someone mentioned before. Phones and desktop computers are different things and not directly comparable. Maybe you're referring to some metric like clockspeed, but the chipsets are very different. Iphones were not built with graphical rendering in mind, and do not have the specialized resources that desktops (now and then) do. Iphone games simply do not look like 2008 PC games.
  15. VR Headstets could incorporate washable parts that you wear, with the screen section clipping on. People are pretty comfortable wearing washable 3d glasses, at least. I'm really looking forward to the first VR coaster, but it's most likely going to come from mack, and not on a ride with great views to sell.
  16. Here's Outlaw Run's wave turn from above. You can see that it does the same thing.
  17. It's going to look great in that location, and most likely be a people eater.
  18. I think it will be in a lot of people's top 3 there. Why does cedar point need another coaster? Because coasters at cedar point generate revenue!
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