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  1. Neither Wicked Twister nor maXair can valley though. The down signs(at GK) said "due to high winds" so I'm going to venture a guess that is the reason. I'll try to find out for sure, but I bet ya that's the cause. They even shut Raptor down cause of the winds. The forecasted wind gusts last evening were over 30mph.
  2. Just a quick comment from me: GateKeeper was fun. I'm 5'11" 180lbs and I had no issues with the vest restraint. I just want to let everyone know that GateKeeper closed because of the wind earlier this evening. I don't know what the wind threshold is for it, but it was shut down before Sky Ride. So I can definitely see the potential of having some unhappy folks this summer because that.
  3. Cedar Point should have turned Wildcat into a Chuck E. Cheese, instead of just empty space! That "empty space" now will accommodate crowds at Luminocity better. I'm happy with what they did. Wildcat will have a replacement eventually.
  4. No not really. Other than the coke stuff and some sponsorship changes that's about it.
  5. Got our passes today over at Castaway. They had a stack of maps on a table in there so I grabbed a couple. Most people know that CP has switched to Coke products this year. What I didn't know is there is a "Coka-Cola Freestyle Cafe" across from GateKeeper serving "more than 100 flavors." If this is old news I'm sorry Pics of changes below.
  6. It's "possible" someone may have ridden it I suppose, however when I was there only the water dummies were riding. I've talked to some people who have been working on GateKeeper and they get to ride before the media and they haven't ridden yet. I personally would doubt that anyone has ridden it yet because I haven't heard it has been certified by the state yet, which I believe is a prerequisite to anyone riding. On a side note (you can probably tell from my video) they definitely had the soft wheels on the trains.
  7. Well everyone I drove over to Cedar Point earlier this afternoon hoping to get lucky and see it testing, and it was!
  8. Drove by the park earlier today because I wanted to take a closer look at GateKeeper in person, and I gotta say WOW it looks MASSIVE in person. Pictures don't do this thing justice. The expanse of it is awesome. I snapped a couple pics on my iPhone. When the season pass center opens I'll try to get over there and get even closer pics!
  9. No you won't need it at all. All local schools are still in session. It'll be pretty dead most of the day.
  10. When you go through the hiring process at Cedar Point you sit down with them and discuss when you want to work. From one date to another date. If there are any dates you must have off in the timeframe you want to work there you must discuss it then as you make your "contract." Typically you will be expected to work 6 days a week at the times they tell you. If you work at a show, obviously your schedule revolves around the show times. So basically if you only want to work one or two months you can most likely do that without a problem. Don't expect them to place you in rides however, as they'll want more long term people in those jobs because of the training involved.
  11. Has anyone ever liked any of the dorms that are actually out on the point? I've always heard horror stories. Not that the other dorms were that much better. Haha probably not. I'm being facetious anyways.
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