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  1. Web cams? Does anyone else have a problem opening up the web cams to full screen?
  2. If they sell all there rides The old fantasy island in New Yord state should get over there and buy them all.
  3. I hope so. Last year I had fast lane at Kings Island and it was like a regular day.
  4. What's with this reservation crap again? You can go to kings island and it's like a normal day. Everything is open there and all the rides are running and you can still get FL+ when you buy it online ahead of time.
  5. Does anyone know what's going on with steel vengeance right now?
  6. Does anyone know where the resort entrance to the park will be?
  7. I have been staying at the breakers for years and they just out priced me.
  8. Halloweekends are very crowded. Sometimes cp breaks attendants records.
  9. Taninim: Canada's Wonderland RMC Wooden Coaster check it out on youtube
  10. I get air time on all the B&M coasters. You just have to know where to sit.
  11. I wish Cedar Fair would buy it. I could use my CP season pass there too.
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