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  1. In reference to the discussion a few pages back about the weather: Yes, it really was one a pretty terrible winter when factoring snow AND cold (at least in Cleveland). If I recall, February was the coldest on record. It was brutal. Keep in mind, they don't start prepping in April. So the fact that April was fine doesn't mean they weren't behind from the previous months (namely January-February). Should it cause as many issues as it seems it did? Probably not... Also, cleveland.com did an interview with Jason McClure, please forgive me if it has been posted, but I don't believe I saw it anywhere: http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2015/05/cedar_points_jason_mcclure_tal.html A few notes: 1. He claims that "Valravn" hasn't been assigned to any particular project yet 2. August 2015 announcement for the massive open plot of land where the cars and theater used to be 3. No plans for RMC to come in and overhaul Mean Streak at this time.
  2. Greg Scheid has posted an update on Twitter of the rehab of Shake, Rattle and Roll. Looks to include a whole new ride area and queues, as well as the complete overhaul and new paint on the ride itself:
  3. As someone who has a Geography/Cartography Bachelor's Degree and a City Planning Master's Degree, I completely disagree! I have always been interested in a cross between my education and one of my hobbies (theme parks/coasters). I'm sure there is a good amount of planning that goes in to the design of parks, just like in cities. That said, I never found a job that crossed it all for me and have admittedly done little research on it, so I will be interested in seeing how people reply!
  4. Here is the banner they had posted at a Great Ohio Coaster Club party (courtesy of Oldiesmans over at kicentral):
  5. To quote their Facebook posting from the other day, there's a few pictures as well: "We're closed, but our lights shine bright for a very special night! Every year at this time, children with life-threatening illnesses and their families board a special Fantasy Flight from Cleveland, courtesy of United Airlines. It's all organized by volunteers and staff. They'll fly around and over Cedar Point to take in the beautiful lights before returning to land at the "North Pole." A great gift, indeed!"
  6. You mean like how they repainted Iron Dragon the exact same colors as Top Thrill Dragster one year after TTD opened right next door? It's almost like they had too much spare paint laying around and just threw it on Iron Dragon!
  7. So wait, let me get this straight...Most people complained of how "stupid" it was that CP was going to name a ride after LeBron, and now that they didn't, people are mad that they didn't follow through on their word? Sheesh, only in the enthusiast world could partnering with a worthwhile charity instead of renaming a coaster seem like a bad thing.
  8. Manhattan Express in 2003. Hands down the worst ride I have ever been on. Adding insult to injury that it was $13 even back then. It really is every bit of bad that TPR video shows. I showed that whole video to my family a few years after we rode it, and we couldn't stop laughing because we all felt the EXACT same way.
  9. Because Cedar Point themselves tweeted that they would, then stood by their tweet after he confirmed he was returning: http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/features/2014/07/11/cedar-point-roller-coaster-lebron-james-king-james/12536395/ Now for how long a ride may be renamed, that remains to be seen...
  10. Kings Island's Haunt page is now live, showing a few changes for 2014: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/scream#&panel1-1
  11. Son of Beast. Hands down. I believe it was the anti-rollback that made all the noise, but it was deafeningly loud and could be heard clear across the park. *edit: ^ Beat me by 2 minutes!*
  12. Not that it seemed there was much doubt, but the Cincinnati Enquirer uncovered the plans for a new Haunt maze back in the work going on behind The Beast: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/2014/07/08/whats-lurking-at-kings-island/12372243/
  13. Amazing help! I knew I could count on this site to get advice from a regular visitor of the park. Thanks a million! Glad to hear that Friday luckily worked out as a better day to go.
  14. Hopefully my post doesn't get lost in the discussion about Ninja here, but I was hoping to get some up-to-date advice on a good attack plan for my first visit to the park this Friday. Being right after the holiday weekend, I was hoping the Friday won't be too bad in terms of crowds? Unfortunately, I had no other options for a day to visit the park. I have read online in a number of places in which direction to attack the rides, but it was either out of date, or don't agree with each other, so I figured I'd come here. What direction would you suggest hitting all the major rides (I've read some things that say X2, some that say Full Throttle, some that say others)? I can be there at opening, and plan on staying til maybe 6:30-7pm. Also, when the calendar says the park opens at 10:30am, does that mean the gates open then or the gates open prior to this and the rides open then? Thanks everyone!
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