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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I rode Mean Streak on opening day this year, and it was actually running really great!


Unfortunately, a "great" ride on Mean Streak only means that it didn't try to kill us. No amount of retracking or train work is going to make that ride exciting, unless they drastically change the layout.

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^I'm sorry, but I don't see Mean Streak's layout ever being exciting unless they breed sharks with legs that terrorize tourists as they rattle and clunk their way around the ride.


With broken glass and rusty nails for teeth!


Now all Mean Streak needs are some flamethrowers and fog machines to make it complete .

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I got to ride my first X-flight coaster while I was visiting Six Flags Great America and that ride was awesome! With Cedar Point getting their own version of that coaster and having not one but two keyhole pass-throughs makes me want to consider if I should get a season pass for Cedar Fair parks next season. With both Kings Dominion (my home park) and Cedar Point also having Windseeker (and the fact that I rode my first extreme swing called "Sky Screamer" at Six Flags St. Louis and ended up riding it twice in a row because it was soooo fun) I am highly tempted (if you pardon the pun)!


Of course, the season pass I'm talking about is The Platinum Pass because I think I would like to visit Soak City as well.


"If you're finished, then how about going to Sleep City? I'm waiting for you."

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Not too long from now until Space Spiral goes away too. Windseeker serves as a very nice replacement, though.

It already makes the front of the park look LOADS better. Having a giant wingrider will make the front look so grandiose! I can't wait!

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I was at the park for a while yesterday and I have to say it was a great time. I'm up from AZ visiting family this week for my birthday and decided I'm going to treat myself to a few days at CP while staying at a buddies house a few miles away. The group I went with was as GP as it gets so I kept my inner nerd inside for most of the day just becasue it was tiring trying to correct everything said haha. We got in around 1pm with some decent looking crowds, but nothing too major, parked back by Soak City and what's the first thing we see? Magnum stuck on the lift. That's depressing because it's usually what I hit first and it's my favorite coaster of all.


So we headed straight to Maverick since I've only gotten two laps on it in previous years. Waited around an hour for it and it's still worth a wait in my opinion. Next up was MS since we were right there and we waited maybe 10 minutes, the line was just to the bottom of the stairs. I've always liked riding MS and this time was no exception. The first half of the ride was very enjoyable, at least in the front row, and it was the smoothest I've felt it in years. But a few hundred feet before the MCBR is where the noticeable change occurred and the violence began. At this point my buddy who is beyond scared $%!@less of coasters (he spent the day distracting himself with jokes and now refers to MS as "Michael J Fox -The Experience" and refused to ride anything with wood on it for the rest of his days) has ridden two and is getting to the point of not really wanting to ride anymore, but he stuck with it and rode the rest of the day, even though he would have much rather sampled every fried cheese stand in the park .


So after MS we made our way back towards Magnum, skipping Gemini per Johns request and found Magnum still closed . Later I found out from a friend who works at the park that the lift motor went. So we hopped in line for dragster and how sweet it was. The line was only to the bottom of the ramp and it seemed to stay that way all day. This lap on Dragster was the best I think I've ever had with tons of air going over the top hat and it looked like they had her cranked up a couple more notches for the day because every train was flying over the top. From Dragster we wandered up to the Matterhorn, Scrambler, Dodgems area and found my friend working to see what kind of goodies she could get us. She could only manage a free ride on Iron Dragon but there was no line for it anyway so it was pointless.


After a quick burger at the Coaster cafe we did a lap on Iron Dragon then Mantis. This was the first time I'd ever ridden Mantis towards the back and I will never do it again. I've never had a big problem with headbanging on Mantis until that lap, I thought my ears were bleeding and it damn near shattered my shatter-proof sunglasses. From Mantis to MF and sat in the back car for some great floater throughout. My only complaint was the train seemed to be running real rough, we were on the red train and was shaking quite a bit. So at this point it was kind of a group decision to check Raptors line and head home for some beer and steak.


Walking up to Raptor I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful beach and no "12-E" towering over that midway. My inner nerd was trying deperately to just run to the Giant Wheel to get a better look but I managed to keep that urge down. I guess some DT track was layed out on the beach in the morning and removed throughout the day. I'm going again on Friday with my brother and his girlfriend who are both a little more interested in coasters and what my nerd has to say so I'll geek out then. Another surprise of the day was Raptor had virtually no wait, at least when we rode, the line started where the fast lane enters. We decided front row was a must to check out the DT site and I silently studied the site and front gate and have realized just how great GateKeeper is going to look there. After what was quite possibly the best lap on Raptor I've ever had we made our way back to the car and found the bar for the rest of the evening.


All in all it was a pretty great day, 1pm to just before 6pm and we managed to hit just about everything. TTD and Raptor were running absolutely fantastic and stole the day. Tomorrow I'm meeting my brother and his group and we're going to try out the Fast Lane since he got tickets from a friend for next to nothing.

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^ I was At the park for my B-DAY on 8/29 as well. The night before the E-12 was standing and suddenly was gone that morning! Magnum was down all day! Thanks for the lift motor research cause I wondered what happened. Magnum ran a little at 11am on opening but was down all day right after that. I rushed over from TTD's second shot of the day with park guest and Magnum was already down. This was the REAL bummer of the day although I applaud Cedar Point as maintenance was at least making an attempt to get it operating most of the day! Also the park was only running the red side of Gemini!


I also hopped on Windseeker so I could see the Disaster Transport destruction!

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Was 12-E collapsed or something? I guess we'll find out when that person posts the next weekly timelapse (look on PointBuzz, I think in the GateKeeper forum).


On another note, how many lateral g-forces does Maverick pull in the QDCs (quick direction changes)

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