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  1. Narkitty: thanks for all your help. http://sfftnet.com/forums/showthread.php?p=14253 Is that ride list accurate? It says Goliath, Boomerang, Road Runner, and Pandemonium were open. That means Poltergeist, Superman, and Rattler would have been closed.... Also, have you done SeaWorld San Antonio in December? In which case, are all their coasters operating? I'm thinking about doing a 3-park, 3-day trip right after Christmas.
  2. Mechanical or electrical engineering
  3. ^ thanks for all your help! I'm definitely thinking about this trip not that I know only 2 SFOT coasters will be closed (and I've already been on Batman clones before). What about Fiesta Texas in December? Which of their coasters will be closed?
  4. http://www.guidetosfot.com/parkinfo/events/holidayinthepark/ Is that list accurate? It pretty much said what you said: no Batman and Freeze. Does that mean that New Texas Giant and Titan will be open? ALL the coasters except for the two you mentioned?
  5. I'm thinking about planning a trip to Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and SeaWorld San Antionio over winter break in December. I need to know: 1. What are the temperatures like? 2. Are all the rides open? 3. What are the lines like? Thanks
  6. Thanks! I agree with a lot of the Mitch Hawker results as they are much more accurate than the Golden ticket Awards. I am proud to say that I have been on many of the coasters you listed as favorites. Thanks for responding.
  7. Robb: Since you have pretty much been to every park imaginable in the world, I'm wondering what your coastercount is and what your top 50 coasters are.
  8. ^ I enjoyed Mean Streak because the whole time I thought I was going to die. I was a good "my life flashed before my eyes" feeling.
  9. Just wondering, what SFMM rides have single rider lines? According to the Ride Hopper iPhone app, Batman, Scream, Goliath, and Riddler's Revenge have single rider lines. I’ve also heard from various sources that Green Lantern, Lex Luther Drop of Doom, and Viper also have single rider lines. I'm wondering exactly what rides have SRLs and where they're located (separate path, up exit ramp, etc) Thanks
  10. I enjoyed taking the metro to La Ronde also. As for the park, Goliath and Vampire are two underrated B&Ms. they definitely do not get enough love. As for the rest of the park, its not that bad, but it is the least clean of the 5 SF parks I have been to.
  11. I would just get the GOLD flash pass, as said above. The regular doesn't do anything and the platinum costs too much money.
  12. ^maybe its the "2013 recordbreaker" mentioned on their website
  13. That's what they were rumored to build for this summer. According to Screamscape, Leviathan was supposed to go to Knotts Berry Farm, but at the last minute plans changed and Cedar Fair instead shipped it off to Canada's Wonderland.
  14. Thanks for the advice, man. The lines were incredibly long, so the $45 for the Gold flash pass was well worth it.
  15. Unfortunately, I don't think a B&M dive machine or mega would compete with the upcoming "Full Throttle" at Magic Mountain. They need an intamin giga to really bring attention to the park.
  16. ^ Avalanche AND Backlot Stunt Coaster both open at noon. Do whatever you want with the Fast Lane because the coasters that don't have the FL don't have lines.
  17. Thanks for the honesty. Well I'm kind of bummed now and I'm definitely considering the flash pass idea. Are the wait times long because there are a lot of people in the lines or because the operations are really bad?
  18. Title Fairy, May I please have a title that says: "Donkeys provide more airtime than roller coasters." Thank you very much
  19. So I'm going to La Ronde next week. It's my first time at the park so I have some questions: 1. Is it popular? Will I have any lines? 2. What should I expect from the park? Good? Bad? 3. Is there a specific order I should do the rides? I'm thinking using the back entrance, riding Goliath first, and going from the back to the front of the park. 4. Do any coasters have single rider lines? Thanks
  20. That sounds like fun. I've been to all of those parks except for Kennywood, and if you go on a weekday in June (May would be even better) there aren't really any lines. As long as you avoid July or August you should be good. In terms of other parks, you should consider getting a Six Flags season pass and hitting up Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags America. Great Adventure is 1.5 hours east of Dorney, and SFAmerica breaks up the drive between Hershey and Kings Dominion. One day sounds good for everything except Cedar Point. I'd suggest two there just so you're not driving to Kennywood at midnight after the first day. Leave early the second day to give yourself enough time to make that 3.5 hour drive.
  21. Hershey introduced a new system for handicapped people this summer, where they block off a couple rows in each train for handicapped people, who walk through the exit ramp. I went to both this summer, and to me there is no comparison: Hershey. Knoebels felt home made and not legitamite or official. It was like a backyard amusement park. I only went to ride Phoenix, and I thought it was overrated. Hershey is huge, nice, and has 3 coasters in my top 20. Also, when I went in June, my longest line was 10 minutes (talk about those huge lines......)
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