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  1. I was the supervisor of Tidal Force at Hersheypark for the day, and I sat down on a little chest we have for storing cleaning supplies and such. I was filling out some paperwork when one of the boats decided it was going to soak me and my paperwork. Funny thing was the water never reached that spot all day until I decided to sit down for a few seconds.
  2. Once the train passes over this set of Proximity Sensors, that will be the earliest point in which the operator will be able to dispatch the next train. Another switch is positioned shortly after to tell the lift hill to either slow down, or maintain normal speed until the train clears the block.
  3. I've finally finished supporting this beast, now to focus on some other parts of the ride that need attention!
  4. I finally am sold on NL2, I was iffy if I would enjoy it as much as the first one....officially sold! $$$
  5. Stats: 155ft tall 66mph 4 Trains 12 Riders Per Train Manufactured by Maurer Söhne 3,495ft long
  6. Personally, I think the park should focus on maintenance and general upgrades before thinking about a new ride.
  7. I am sending you a message Yoshi, so I don't spam this thread with questions
  8. Thanks for the input guys, anyone else have any idea
  9. I know about the family coaster part at this point, you are correct there. Have you researched any Zierer Coasters though? Look at Crossbow, that ends that debate. What's the problem with a Mid-Course brake honestly, what is the point of a Mid-Course Brake? Safety and Capacity, what's the issue here? The Mid-Course brake complaint is nitpicking because you rarely see it.
  10. Did some work on the supports for the large turn, the ride will be flying through this turn at 85 mph!
  11. Here is the final video guys, I hope you enjoy! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. I've never seen a Leviathan before! Okay I am making a Maurer Söhne Giga, that is a B&M Giga, why must they be identical, should I switch the track to B&M for you as well, sir? Also funny fact, Leviathan has five supports on it's lift hill, mine also has five in a very similar location excluding one. You clearly are nitpicking here, you see if you were actually concerned here you would have noticed that fact. The lift hill is steeper, to compensate I moved the support from about a fourth of the way down the drop, to a more centralized supporting area. Sorry if this came off as rude, but I hate it when someone tries to tell you they know your ride better than you do.
  13. You would need the tallest one on the lift, I assure you of that. And Arches are not a sole means of supporting a coaster. It produces a lot of side to side forces that an arc of this shape could not handle on it's own.
  14. This ride is all hypothetical, and was just a random idea, enjoy! The ride is 308ft tall, reaches speeds of up to 94mph, and is 6,794 long!
  15. Sorry guys, yesterday was a very long day if you can't tell. I meant the 29th, and I meant Six Flags Great Adventure.
  16. Hey there, never really go to SFGA, I am a former Supervisor from Hershey, and current Cedar Point ride operator. So past experience tells me that it should be packed but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Would a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure on Friday March 29 be busy? It would be the Friday of Easter Weekend. Thanks in advance guys!
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