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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Has anyone possibly thought this completely through.....Maybe Cedar Fair is thinking about creating a highly marketable product that will excite everyone instead of just catering only to enthusiasts. I just want to put this out there for perspective. When cedar point has built a new ride they have always tried to build the latest and best version of the current and new style. Magnum was the first to go over 200 feet, SFGam Built Batman in 1992, the cedar point commissioned an improved version of it next building Raptor. Mantis was the biggest Stand-Up for its time, Millennium force was the first to go over 300 and of course TTD was the first over 400, but again was the next evolution of a new style. I think the Haters out there forget that the coaster enthusiast is only a small portion of who they market to and this is a great way to add to the park (in an area of the park that really needed some revitalization) in a way that only adds variety as well as marketability to the park. I think they will only have success with this!


One more thing, can you think of any better way to put an exclamation point on the front of the park?


I agree, if Cedar Point wanted to cater to the enthusiasts, we would already see another Giga like I-305, an Aquatrax, and a Mega-Lite, all of course built by Intamin.


I think GateKeeper is a very good addition to the park and will put new life in that area. There are some enthusiasts that don't want the ride to be built, but you'll see them in line.

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^Haters is such a harsh word, people here are more like overly critical in a constructive way .


Seriously I think we all know Gate Keeper will be really cool, lots of fun, and a ride most people will absolutely love. It might not make any respectable top 10s but that doesn't mean it will be a massive failure either. TheGP will love it, enthusiasts will flock to it, and the Travel Channel will undoubtedly feature it on a show next summer touting it as the longest tallest baddest meanest coaster with winged seats in the state of Ohio, pretty much par for the coaster enthusiasts course.

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The entire area around DT has been boarded up. SS is being demolished, and Troika is now closed due to to its close proximity to the construction site. It will most likely be closed the rest of the season, and re-open next season.




^Image is not mine, Photo taken by Michael Rearick.

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That makes sense. Troika almost constantly has riders, and rarely breaks down. No reason to remove something reasonably popular and reliable.


I'm also super happy to see that ugly building disappear, it was an eyesore.

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^That's great to hear as it is one of my favorite flats. Would be nice if they could move it to where Chaos was just down the midway and get rid of that 3-Point Challenge they set up in its place.


I also wonder if they intend on keeping that small snack stand that was behind Space Spiral that you passed as you exited Disaster Transport.

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Troika is not being removed, I repeat, NOT being removed. Monty Jasper said it himself at the Q&A session after the announcement. Coaster Force posted the session on


I just watched that whole thing and caught the part about Space Spiral being pulled over. I really hope someone gets a video of that.

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Mission accomplished.


Rode TTD twice today. Waited 30 mins the first time, and about 45 at night.

Today was my most enjoyable ride on mean streak, possibly ever. Sat in the middle and it didn't seem all that rough.

Saw the current remains of the disaster transport bldg but didn't see anything directly related to gatekeeper.

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I can't wait to make my first trip there Jun 2013. I've been wanting to go for years, and now I'm glad I waited. I think GateKeeper looks awesome; definitely the best looking to me of the wing coasters. I'll be getting closer to the 100 coaster mark that's for sure. I plan on going to King's Island for the first time as well during that trip.

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CP trip was awesome!

Sadly I'm a little hardcore for my friends who couldn't make 2 full days...but still great.


Hit every coaster multiple times, except Raptor (they were too tired) and TTD (one friend was too big). Thankfully I was content missing those.

Also got in most of their rides. Never done so much at a park and finally rode Maverick after 2 misses, a definite top 10


Already excited for Gatekeeper and I assume a TPR trip where I can be with fellow enthusiasts.


Edit: Mean Streak, which I really used to love, is actually my least favorite coaster there now! The revamp has made it much smoother, but too much IMO. There's just nothing to it, even the next day when it was rougher.

A smooth ride is great when it's exciting but ugh it's so bland overall and those brakes on the drop really hurt. Blue Streak was tons more fun and a good bit meaner!


Hope Mean Streak gets the RMC topper...it can be smooth then but have the added intensity of 90+ degree banks and a steeper drop/faster ride

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