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  1. You also got midway market which has a decent lunch/dinner bufffet, johnny rockets, and gameday grille.
  2. Well, in fairness to MS.... what, exactly, would the point been of having a shared demos feature, when as it is now on the 360 you can download all sorts of demos, no restrictions whatsoever??
  3. Marc Whitten, a VP at Microsoft, has stated that this speculation of "family sharing" only being time limited/demos, was false. At this point, it's hard to say who exactly is telling the truth. But in MS and Whitten's defense, having it be a sharing plan based around demos would have been a complete waste of time, when everyone would just download demos outside of it. anyway.... Now that the changes have sank in and I've thought this through more, I am ok with it. It sounds like MS is still committed to doing a lot of the cool things they had promised before with digital downloads, if this is to be trusted. The gaming community spoke up, and got what they wanted, so both sides of the debate can be happy. MS still has some obstacles to overcome. The $100 price difference, along with the lack of trust from the general public, just to name two.
  4. WOW..... Microsoft just dropped a bombshell. Read it if you haven't yet. http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/update I can just hear cheers and praises coming from all over the gaming universe right now. However, I'm not joining in. Ladies and Gentlemen, Microsoft officially has no balls and has given into mob mentality. I, for one, was looking forward to how having the games be cloud-based, and built from the ground up to require online, would shape the future of gaming. Also, the family sharing plan, where I could share my digitally downloaded games with up to 10 friends, would have been a great deal, but that's out the window now with this announcement that digital games cannot be shared or traded. Yes, I realize I'm in the minority on this, but I'm not the only person who felt this way. Before these changes, you had a system in the X1 that was distinctly different from the PS4, for better or worse. Now, X1 is basically the exact same thing as the PS4, with an extra $100 price for included Kinect. I don't see how this actually improves anything. Competition, and innovation, is supposed to be good, even if not everyone is ready to jump on board. Now, X1 just sounds like the exact same system practically as the PS4. If anything......... This turns me off to MS and X1 because they seem to be suffering from an identity crisis.
  5. Good episode. Can't wait to ride I-305 someday. Blue Fire looks like fun and I've heard all sorts of good things about it; surprised it scored so low.
  6. TitanFall, Ryse, and Project Spark are all X1/360 games that I'm looking forward to. Lots of peeps saying sony won E3, but if you push all this policy stuff aside and look only at games, I don't see it that way. Sony's press conference had me falling asleep until the last 20 minutes. Also... this: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/11/e3-2013-ps4-used-game-restrictions-up-to-publishers Sony has the better PR department, I'll give them that. But we don't know all the details yet behind any 3rd-party publisher restrictions on their games. We also don't know all the details yet on how sharing games and trading in/buying used games will work on the X1.
  7. Just saw a spam thread on here for the very first time. Reported..
  8. I need more information before deciding. I was far more impressed by the X1 games showcased at E3 compared to the PS4. Xbox Live getting more servers, skype, and new matchmaking improvements sounds promising, and we haven't heard a whole lot about improvements for PSN. Other advantages for X1 include the controller, which many still feel is the best in console gaming, and the fact that MS isn't resorting to putting a giant screen in the middle of your controller, making the whole controller bulky, and distracting from your tv screen. Yes, MS has smartglass, and it is entirely optional. However, the fact that gaming on the X1 will be entirely cloud based, with used-game restrictions, and online checkins, is turning a lot of people against it at the moment. Making matters worse is that everytime someone at Microsoft is interviewed and asked for clarification on what their policies towards lending games is, their answers are very vague and cryptic. It is clear that Sony is winning in the court of public opinion by a wide margin, thanks mostly to Sony's big announcement at E3 monday that they will not be implementing any used games restrictions, or online checkins. Microsoft's biggest mistake throughout this whole buildup is that they have not come out and announced in plain english, why they are implementing these controversial policies and what advantages they give to gamers. Because believe it or not, there are actually some advantages to the games being cloud-based. Sure, there would still be nay-sayers, but Microsoft coming out and explaining things in a positive light would have mitigated some of the damage done by Sony's shot at them, and perhaps changed the minds of some people on the fence. Another thing to consider is that while Sony itself will not be enforcing these types of policies, it is very well possible that game publishers could implement a used-games lockout mechanism, and other DRM practices on their PS4 games. Sony themselves has stated as much, but of course they were hush hush on this fact during their E3 conference. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/11/e3-2013-ps4-used-game-restrictions-up-to-publishers Another advantage for PS4 is they have promised cloud-based backwards compatibility with previous gen playstation games through a streaming service called gaikai. Probably not the most ideal solution for backwards compatibility, but at least it's something, and X1 is doing nothing for BC. For the record: 7th gen I was all 360 and have never owned a PS3, but I played on Playstation previous gens. I officially have no dog in the fight. I will wait until we have more information about the systems (possibly after launch) and make a decision then.
  9. Why is that lame? Do you not realize that being scared of heights is one of the top phobias, so when you're asking the "general public" about a ride, asking about heights is completely valid. You guys have to remember, these shows are not made for "enthusiasts", they are made for the general public in hopes that the viewers would eventually become enthusiasts. Please understand who the audience is before you start complaining. I didn't intend to come across as a complainer. I agree that overall the voting system is better than last year, and I did enjoy the show. I just feel that "height" is a bit too subjective. Someone who has ridden KK and TTD might have a different perspective on height than someone whose ride on Superman:ROS was their tallest coaster ever. Then again.... thinking about this a little more, I suppose you could make the same argument about speed, airtime, inversions, etc. They could have done without Height, IMHO, but, meh, who cares... Looking forward to the next episode.
  10. I noticed that one of the categories they vote on is "height". Lame. A bigger coaster does not make a better ride.
  11. He, like a lot of the GP, was probably expecting GK to be a white-knuckle, balls to the wall intense ride that will melt your face off. And because GK isn't that, they complain. I, like many others, think GK is fun and a winner for CP. Not the best ride ever, but it doesn't have to be. Anyway.... thanks for your trip summary and I've glad you had fun.
  12. Thanks for the pictures. I too love kennywood and have walda on my bucket list.
  13. I didn't even notice this. I can't wait to ride Voyage with timberliners, IF it ever happens.
  14. I should add that the operations on diamondback were very efficient, and the line kept moving. I wasn't keeping track but I think the wait was a little less than 45 mins, maybe even as low as 30. Which is pretty good for as many people that were queueing.
  15. Visited Kings Island yesterday for the first time in over 15 years. Using our CF platinum passes, had only a few hours to spare on the way back from holiday world. But a few coaster rides is better than zero in my book, and still managed to have a good time. Diamondback rocks! is about all I can say from our visit. This is my fiancee's new #1 and it moves into my top 5 of the limited selection I've ridden. All those hills with floater air are great, and I also like how simple, yet comfortable, the restraint system is. This has me looking forward to riding other B&M hypers like intimidator and leviathan someday. The park seemed awfully crowded for an early june wednesday. Everything other than racer was 45+ min waits, even the beast. But again, I haven't visited in a long time so maybe it's always like this. Really need to devote a whole day or more to the park someday soon. Maybe even get fast lane.
  16. Nice train. My fiancee and I had a wonderful time on Tuesday, our first visit to Holiday World. PTR coming soon.
  17. Thanks for the advice everyone. We definitely plan on knocking out the water park early on.
  18. That's right. My bad. Duff Gardens is where the kids go with Selma and shes a terrible "mother". I had a co-worker named Bart and I would often call him Bort. He loves the show as well and we were always saying obscure simpsons quotes to each other.
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