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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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^Oh ok, well probably with the metal detectors, it would be still be quite slow moving. But perhaps not an hour. I'm seriously considering going.


For someone who has talked a lot of shit on Robb and TPR on his Twitter page, coming here with your name and location, and some of your recent posts...yeah I give you a week.


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^Oh ok, well probably with the metal detectors, it would be still be quite slow moving. But perhaps not an hour. I'm seriously considering going.


For someone who has talked a lot of shit on Robb and TPR on his Twitter page, coming here with your name and location, and some of your recent posts...yeah I give you a week.


Oh hi.... bye!!!

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When I was at CP on the 19th, I noticed plenty of volunteers sitting at ride entrances and controlling the FL merge points. I also noticed Schlitterbahn employees manning the Magnum gate turnstiles.


When I was there, this girl working the entrance of Wicked Twister told someone Maverick was at the front of the park and then said "I'm not really sure though, this is my first day." So I politely told both of them where Maverick was (and that it was broken) and she explained she works in the summer at Waldameer, but was sorta drafted to work at CP for Halloweekends.


They really seem to be looking for anyone and I mean anyone to work Halloweekends.


Is it a logical thought that with everyone having Gold Passes next year Fast Lane will see less sales because people will simply come more often, instead of going all out for 1 visit? I hope so. Outside of Magnum and Gemini, you still have to wait 15-45 minutes for most of the coasters even with Fast Lane.


This has been the case for the last several years at Cedar Point, it's not recent at all. Once Halloweekends starts staffing is a major issue, so the park uses volunteers (typically college students in some student organization) that are only there for the weekend. Many have never been to the park before, and it's really not the park's fault. There just isn't staffing available for weekend only seasonal positions in Ohio.

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What's the normal price for Fast Lane Plus? Trying to decide if their sale of $69.99 is worth buying in advance.


This is probably the cheapest you'll see it. Even with the Platinum Pass in-park discount it usually doesn't dip to $70 for FL+ that often anymore.


Most Fridays and Sundays will see in the $100+ range and Saturdays (which is excluded here) has hit $150 during the summer and Haunt.


This is a good price to jump on.

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Cedar Point will be making a "big" announcement tomorrow at 11am. You'll be able to watch it here:

WKYC.com Cedar Point Announcement


So expect tomorrow to be another great day of idiots with crazy unreasonable expectations to melt down on social media.


It'll be a few more events, actual details on the boat ride they had just greenlighted (which apparently has next to no budget) and Forbidden Frontier Adventurewhatever being relegated to a tombstone for Halloweekends.

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If it’s not singing mushrooms this time I’ll be pretty disappointed.


it just might be.


Tony on Twitter hashtagged his post about the announcement with:








here's the full post from last night:


Tony Clark

It’s not a coaster. It’s a collection of things. A party. Fun for all ages. A celebration of our past and a look to the future. Sleep well. See you at 11 am.

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If I worked at Cedar Point, reading the awful, entitled, whiny comments on this Youtube Livestream would make me want to close the park forever and move to the moon.


^I'm right there with you. I'm really impressed at the scope of this year's investments— so many areas of the park are getting improvements and nice little touches.


Am I about to drop a $100 on a Legacy Walk Brick, (read in a Minnasotian accent) you bet ya!

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Cedar Point's 150th Anniversary


Cedar Point has announced a ton of new offerings and upgrades for their 150th anniversary!



Snake River Expedition


Trapper Dan needs your help! Embark on one of his riverboats and be a part of the adventure. Help the crew complete a secret mission, smuggling valuable bounty to safer waters. What is it? We don’t know – and it’s best you don’t ask! Beware of a few surprises, twists and turns around every bend – it’s not always smooth sailing. Snake River Expedition is scheduled to open May 9.




Food & Beverage


A heaping cup of new and a dash of nostalgia combine for the perfect food & beverage recipe! We’re rolling out the new French Quarter Confections, The Mac Shack mac & cheese bar, an all-new Corral and The C.P. Juice Co., featuring the park’s well-known fruit juice bottles of orange, grape, lemon and apple. But there’s so much more we’re serving, so get your napkins ready – it’s time to dine!



Town Hall


Learn more about Cedar Point’s unbelievable history and see how the park transformed from simple bathing beach to massive multi-day resort destination inside the reimagined Town Hall. You’ll also get a glimpse of previously unseen artifacts that include ride blueprints, logo development sketches, concept renderings, scale models, recreated displays of icons like Jungle Larry’s African Safari, Fascination, breathtaking photography and more.



Celebrate 150 Spectacular


It’s a party fit for a sesquicentennial! See the park’s iconic turning points, innovations and moments in this new multi-sensory nighttime parade with over 100 performers and illuminated floats moving to an original score along the Main Midway each night. The Celebrate 150 Spectacular culminates with an epic street party in Celebration Plaza with performances, dancing, pyrotechnics and music throughout the night! The Celebrate 150 Spectacular runs June 12 – August 16.



Ticket of a Lifetime


An exclusive ticket that can't be found anywhere on Earth! Beginning in February, guests can enter for a chance to win a Ticket of a Lifetime - a ticket that affords them free admission to Cedar Point for the rest of their lives! 150 winners will be chosen throughout 2020 and each winner can enjoy the ride with three select family or friends for a total of four Tickets of a Lifetime per winner. Guests will have the chance to win both online, outside the park and at Cedar Point. Complete details coming soon. Ticket of a Lifetime promotion not open to residents of NY and FL.


They've also announced new merchandise, anniversary guest experiences, bands in residence and more!


Cedar Point

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I am happy to see Snake River Expedition. Western Cruise/Paddle Wheel Excursions was a nice memory from my childhood, I'm glad to see it returning in some form.


I don't know why so many people were expecting a Winterfest announcement. I like how when asked, Jason McClure basically laughed it off and said go to Kings Island.


It is a balmy 27 degrees here in Northern Ohio, with winds blowing about 25 mph, making the windchill about 6 degrees. I could go on why I think Winterfest would be a tough go at CP, but you all already know.


Now excuse me I'm going to go drop $100 on a brick.

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