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  1. I have not made it to Glenwood Caverns so I am unsure on the exact operation or design of the ride. But I am reminded of Soarin at Disney since it also only has a seat belt. What they do for smaller individuals is have a strap between the legs which you put the seatbelt through. Adults just ignore the strap since it is not needed. That would likely prevent a smaller individual from sliding downward or squirming out. Having said that no one should ever be forced onto a ride. I have no idea what the circumstances behind what happened are. But if the rider did not want to be there they should not be on the ride. Restraints are not there to protect you from yourself, they are there to keep you safe from the normal operation of the ride. There are a lot of rides, mostly older but they were designed with the idea of personal responsibility in mind. PTC Buzz Bars for instance.
  2. From what I have read a county has to meet the requirements for a tier for 3 weeks before it qualifies which would actually allow a park to open. Right now only CGA would be allowed to open, no other park is located in a county in the correct tier. This whole reopening system still seems like garbage that’s not really based on what it should be. The rules as written allow CGA to open but require SFDK to stay closed which is just crazy. But then frankly shopping at a grocery store is likely more dangerous then visiting an outdoor amusement park.
  3. The layout came out in December it will be located on a corner of the parking lot near the main parks entrance, and is based on similar lands that have already been built.
  4. I have been hearing rumors for weeks that Herschend was in talks to acquire the park and had heard executives had been spotted touring the park recently. That map is pretty much a map of Herschend properties. Except I can cannot account for an extra circle to the west.
  5. It is actually 2,160 feet of track that are being replaced, it was announced by the park at an event where they also discussed what sections were being replaced. It works out that only 2 or 3 elements will continue being topper track and the station. Although you are correct I would think they can get this done in time for the 2021 season.
  6. Dollywood had a Q&A earlier today. Coaster Crew was there and posted on Twitter the magic number 2,160 feet of Lightning Rod is being replaced by I-Box, the ride is 3,800 feet long. So 57% of the track. Based on what I have heard it’s the launch through the first drop all going I-Box then a significant section of topper track. Just before the 45 degree banked hill it will become I-Box and stay that way through the brake run. So two sections of I-Box, and two of topper track, but the one will be very small just basically the station. So everything except the station visible from the park will be I-Box. This includes every area of the coaster I have every heard having problems, so I would assume it will be more reliable. It’s about what I had guessed when I heard about the work but the percentage of the ride and the number of feet of track being replaced still surprised me.
  7. Your a little high, an empty Millennium Force train weighs in at 19 tons.
  8. My speculation has been the launch, and high stress areas are going to be replaced with I-Box. As far as I know the dimensions of the track are the same. So it’s really just down to how they are connected together and frankly that does not seem that difficult. GCI just did something similar to White Lightning. Retracting the entire coaster seems unnecessary, but I have no idea how often maintenance is having to work on the track and structure. It also depends on how much of the track needs upgraded. The lightning strikes twice makes me suspicious of just how much work is planned, it gives me this feeling it’s going to be a lot more then I originally thought, or I am trying to read too much into a simple sign. I believe we will see the original front to the train return as well, I would think the removal will no longer be needed once it has been fixed.
  9. Kings Island has two executive chefs, who are likely responsible for the increased food quality over the last year or two. But they have really stepped it up this year. A month or two ago they started doing special dinners on Saturday nights, they start serving at 5PM and stop when they run out of food. The menu is different every week and it is being cooked out in the open at Wishbone Grill on International Street. This week was Grilled Flank Steak, Chimichurri, Fire Roasted Sweet Peppers, Fried Plantains and Warm Tortilla. If anyone is at the park on a Saturday night this year I recommend at least checking it out. It’s even on the meal plan.
  10. Replacing the launch track and high stress areas with IBox makes a lot of sense to me. IBox will hold tolerances a lot tighter then topper track and will spread the forces out across more of the support structure. For example if the train has had alignment issues with the launch or with the brakes IBox should help with those issues. It does not take much of a misalignment to cause serious issues on a launch. Plus the issues with what has been described by riders as potholes in the track, IBox would likely be a permanent fix. Most of the track is likely fine, but I could definitely see sections get replaced.
  11. Not a local but when I was there for Holiday in the park in 2018 they ran basically everything. All of the coasters and major thrill rides were running. I had a great time, the lines were short and the food was better during the holidays then the regular season.
  12. It’s actually not a bad location, just requires removing something. But it’s really unlikely to be a coaster. The park also just built dorms and the road the markers are on is the direct path from the parking lot to the dorms, likely they want to improve the road, maybe it’s just new lighting, maybe some security cameras, maybe even repair the road. It really just looks like infrastructure improvements.
  13. I might be wrong about this but I was under the impression that Cedar Fair corporate leaves ride repainting decisions to the park level and are paid for by the parks budget. If that is accurate Carowinds likely placed a higher priority on the rides paint job then the other parks. Kings Island has been spending discretionary money on Restroom renovations for instance.
  14. The second theatre has been used as a location for an HHN house for years now. They remove the seats and build a temporary floor before building the house. The cancellation came way too late to not perform this work. It takes several weeks to tear out everything and return the theatre to normal. Unless the park decided to not use this location it’s almost not possible the theatre is in one piece and usable right now.
  15. ^^ No idea where you got the idea most of the resorts are open... At Universal, Portofino Bay never reopened and Dockside has had its opening basically cancelled plus they announced a few days ago they are suspending operations at Sapphire falls, and Aventura hotels. So half their resorts will be closed. Disney World has 30 resorts, only 15 are open to the public, and NBA players are staying at 3. The list of closed resorts is pretty long, and a handful have reopening dates but they keep getting pushed later and later. I suspect a lot of the crowds are just locals, or at least people within driving distance. Universal has been offering deals to Florida residents. Kings Island has been seeing pretty big upticks in attendance on the weekends, last Saturday it was pretty busy with hour plus long lines on most of the big rides. I have heard reports Cedar Point is seeing a similar gain on the weekends at least.
  16. They also want to open Knott’s, although that’s year round typically. The big 4 parks, Knott’s, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Canada’s Wonderland combined provide 80 percent of the chains profits. It’s down to profitability, they can make money at a much lower percentage of regular attendance then the other parks. Same reason why even parks that did open are closing earlier in the season then normal, except for Cedar Point and Kings Island. I doubt the park will have haunt or winterfest, the chain already cancelled it for the rest of the parks.
  17. Kinda, they are honoring ones already sold, so the fast lanes are open and people are using them. But they are not selling more, due to ride capacity, at least at Cedar Point. Other parks like Kings Island are selling fast lane.
  18. Ed Hart has publicly stated a dislike of launched coasters and that he does not intend to install one in the park. The chances of the attraction being a launched coaster are very small. Anyways the permits filed by the park state Raptor and I have seen nothing which even suggests any involvement by Intamin.
  19. I really wish I had some magical way to get this through thick peoples heads. No one is asking people to wear some giant respirator, or anything difficult to breathe in. Just wear a basic face covering. A cheap disposable mask is good enough, and there is no need for it to be uncomfortable, just find something basic, and wear it correctly. Quite literally anything is better than nothing. I was wondering were the slow operations due to cleaning between dispatches? Because if anything I would prefer people wear masks, and parks just give up on wiping down the trains. This is a respiratory illness, getting this through a contaminated surface is a lot harder then breathing it in. The way the virus gets on the surface is from droplets from their nose and mouth anyways, its not like it can actually go through the skin, or that the virus has even been detected in sweat. Stop the virus at its source, through a mask, and there is no need to constantly clean anything. Also the virus can only survive for several minutes outside of the host in heat, and sunlight. For outdoor attractions in the summer, dispatching the train empty every other cycle, or using different rows each cycle is likely just as effective as all that cleaning, and a LOT faster. If people would just wear masks in public, washed their hands, and stayed a few feet apart when possible we would be able to get back to normal a lot faster. The faster this is over the sooner you can stop wearing the mask, and go on a vacation, and even fill every seat on a coaster train.
  20. Almost zero possibility they will be ready that quickly. But at least they have the ability to open. If they could have gotten then information a week or two ago, it might have been possible.
  21. Because they work there? Have you ever looked at the average age of Dollywood employees? Without the elderly I have no idea if the park will have enough employees to operate. At the very least it would lose a significant percentage of its regular employees. One quick comment about the rest of your post, your skin acts as a barrier, even someone with the disease as long as they wash their hands regularly will not spread the disease through touch alone. You also cannot get the disease by just touching an infected object, you have to transfer the virus to a part of your body which can be infected, but that is as simple as rubbing your eyes. The part of the the response which is complete theater and unneeded is not what you think or want it to be. Its the constant cleaning, especially outdoors its completely pointless, and unneeded. Outdoors during the summer due to heat, and sunlight the virus is inactive within minutes of leaving the hosts body. Indoors cleaning is needed but just going behind individuals and cleaning what they touch is also useless. The primary source of the virus is your mouth and nose, which is why a mask is important, at least when you are around other people. Also since a mask does a better job protecting others and not the wearer why its important for everyone to wear them.
  22. As a warning according to the Six Flags website the upgrade to the next tier on memberships is only for the rest of the season. Here is a quote from their website... Just replace platinum with whatever the next tier in the program is for you. The exception is regular members who do not have gold yet, and that is a permanent upgrade. Obviously this is subject to change, but at least right now do not expect your keeping that upgrade.
  23. Planning Commission Notice It clearly states the park is removing an attraction, and building a new attraction. I am pretty confident that the ride being removed is Possessed. The other item which sticks out to me is that it lists the height as 106 ft tall, while Switchback is only 64 ft tall, so its going to be a much bigger version, or the height in that document is a mistake.
  24. I think it is possible the Ohio parks do open this year, but it will not be normal operations. There is also little chance it will be in May like they have announced. If its anything like Universal Singapore, we will see restrictions on anything that can generate a crowd, and direct interactions. My understanding was the only parts of Universal which were operating were the rides, food service, and shops. No shows, no parades, no tours, basically no live entertainment. With those restrictions, I could see how Cedar Point and Kings Island might open this year. But it will not be what most guests are expecting or used to experiencing.
  25. The extreme infectiousness and the wide range of impacts (from asymptomatic to needing ICU) are different than SARS and MERS, among others. You totally took that out of context and reacted to something I never said or discussed. I am talking about the structure of the virus, the link in that paragraph discusses the lipid structure which provides a coating on a corona virus. That specific sentence is about how nothing I have seen suggests that the structure of the protective layer on COVID-19 is somehow different then on other corona viruses. My post was purely a reaction to seeing individuals continuing to state that warmer weather and heat will have no effect on the spread of the virus. The problem is we already have a good amount of evidence that is just not true, which I tried to provide links to actual evidence to show how scientists have shown heat appears to effect the rate of transmission, and also tried to explain why heat has an effect. Like I stated in my post, "the rate of transmission slows, but does not stop". While I did not come out and state it, direct person to person transmission will still occur, heat will have little effect on that, and having large groups of people in close contact if it is indoors or outside is still a bad idea. Since I also did not say it, people should wash their hands regularly, wear masks, and practice actual social distancing. Going outside with friends for activities is not social distancing. Putting your hands in running water for a few seconds is not washing them. I am not going to speculate on how this ends or when and what businesses will reopen, including amusement parks. There are just too many unknowns at this point in time.
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