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  1. I'm afraid we're potentially looking at months, not week's. Our trip through Ohio in June is looking very very very dicey. The next thing will be pass holders looking for refunds. In six flags current business state, this could really force some parks to close forever. Basically...shit.
  2. Teacher Kim, I've enjoyed your posts in the STLSF forum for forever. I may @ you my plan once finalized given your knowledge from this area to that region. I was considering a holiday world stop as well, and this may seal that!
  3. Huge, giant, enormous thank you's to everyone! Great info and advice. Love this community (even though I'm just a lurker, I do feel a part of it). I'll be getting to work, and hopefully won't be too lazy to contribute down the road. Also, that Econo map is hilarious. Well done. Looking forward to building our coaster count soon!
  4. Howdy knowledgeable Cedar Fair individuals! First, I'm a teacher planning our family's first visit to Cedar Point (2 park days), and kings island (1park day). We purchased platinum passes for the trip, and I'm officially at the "time to plan and make reservations" stage. We're out of st. Louis, and I'm hoping to get there as early in the summer as possible (depending on snow days, first week of June??). I don't want to be annoying, so if there's already a post that's easily accessible, I'll look there... but I know that I trust y'all, and there's literally thousands of posts so I d
  5. Forever lurker, seldom poster... but here goes. I, like many, purchased platinum passes for my family for 2020 (and the remainder of 2019). My daughter is budding enthusiast at 9, and is now tall enough for EVERYTHING. The plan was a road trip from St. Louis to holiday world, kings island, and then, CEDAR POINT!! My wife and I have been, but not our little one. After all the discussions (of which I was a part), we decided to buy the platinum passes from Canada's Wonderland (thanks conversion rate!) With the intention of converting the printouts to actual passes at cedar point (or kings isla
  6. Heading up with the fam today. My daughter is FINALLY tall enough for EVERYTHING, so today she finally gets freeze and batman in. Didn't buy a pass for this year, and only went once on our pass last year... but next year's new ride and the insane pass price coupled with BAFF seemingly more frequent, I could buy two 2020 passes (one for my daughter and i) and still get my wife in many days (like today). Hoping the weather holds, and crowds are manageable. It's been 11 months since my last coaster, so I'm shaking like a junky.
  7. I did end up purchasing 3 platinum passes, and 1 fun pix through CW. Decided that the savings essentially were better than just purchasing FL+ when we visit WOF. And, who knows, may not need it whenever we get to WOF anyway! Decided against the dining and drink stuff. Hoping to be healthy and focus on water... and beer. Now, I'm struggling to link my physical vouchers to the app. They want some kind of quick code, and that doesn't exist on sdny of my emails and paperwork. May have to wait until getting the physical cards. Big thanks to y'all for helping me figure this out. I am
  8. Not sure about an activation deadline, but I can say that it doesn't matter which park you buy the Platinum pass through, you can activate it at any CF park. Ok, I am dumb. Didn't fully internalize this when you answered it. S orry and thanks!
  9. Oh my goodness, this keeps getting more and more confusing. I'm a high school teacher, so I'm trying to maximize the pennies I like to rub together, and now I'm realizing why people buy their platinum passes at Canada's wonderland. Those of you who do this, while you can purchase them online, can you process them in any cedar fair park? I'd be adding platinum dining and drinks, so the savings would be... sizable. I realize that this would negate any park specific perk (CW is offering a fast lane for each pass for one day in 2019... and that would be forfeited, and not realized anywhere else).
  10. So it doesn't matter price wise, looks like all parks are $197, but are all parks treated equally? I mean, if I were to buy it through worlds of fun, would all cedar point perks ( one hour early entry, etc) exist in the same way as though I purchased my platinum pass at cedar point? I ask this because purchasing through worlds of fun gets you a flash pass to use there before Oct 27 this year, and maybe I can drag the fam over there for a day this year. Either way, gotta decide today. Looks like today is the deadline for these prices.
  11. We live near six flags St. Louis. When you buy season passes through them, there is a deadline of when you must physically show up at the park and claim/ activate them. Is this the case for cedar fair parks? If so, we're in trouble as we won't be traveling to any of them until June 2020. Just want the passes for next summer, not planning on taking advantage of this year's access. Also, does it matter which parks website I buy it through? I know six flags stl is a cheaper season pass than other six flags... Thanks again for your feedback everybody! I'm in uncharted territory here.
  12. Sorry if this is obnoxious or answered earlier. I went looking back, couldn't find it... but there's 4,000 pages... My wife and I are ready to introduce our coaster loving 9 year old to cedar fair parks and cedar point in particular. Want to buy a platinum pass for 2020 and make a run at 4 parks minimum. Should I buy the platinum passes now, or wait and see if they drop a special or decrease in October or November? They're $197 now...
  13. Thanks! I'll adjust and arrive at 10am then. Y'all just saved me from getting crushed by the other families. I don't know why I feel like remembering that I queued up in front of goliath early last year.
  14. Quick question for those who count SFGam as your home park. I'm traveling up this weekend with a group of friends with families. We all have season passes (STL is our home park). I thought i remember that SFGam handles their opening a little different that SFStl. The park is listed to open at 10:30, but don't they let you in before that, and that lines begin forming in front of each ride ahead of time? Is that still happening? I'm advising our friends that we want to arrive in the parking lot around 9:30am, but they think i'm crazy. Thoughts?
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