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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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What are you supposed to do? Some B&M's have a rattle.

I always figured if they had more ball & socket joints at the track/structure connection, they would be much smoother. Hinges of any kind would be nice. Look how silky smooth most Schwarzkopfs are. And Giavanola. Even super-sturdy Intamin rides (Millennium Force and Maverick come to mind) have a distinctive *grind* to them.


It doesn't take away from the mediocre ride experiences though, that's for sure.

Bhahahaha!!! Thank you for that.

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If we were really going to do that, it would have to be SFGAm vs CP. I mean, does Magic Mountain have any non-coaster rides left? CP wins operations, and rides are debatable. We all know that, right?


Lex Luthor & Jet stream are the only ones that come to mind. Everything else is your run of the mill carnival flat. I've heard Nagashima Spa Land is like the CP of Japan, so maybe that's another better comparison than SFMM.

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Everything else is your run of the mill carnival flat.


Hey, don't knock em. Those carnival flats can be some damn good rides!


EDIT -- Ew, except Larson Loops and fireball rides.

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Well it's moved over to MF now but they did zoom in close up and I managed to get a couple screen shots. I'm only sharing what was shown on Cedar Point's public webcam so this shouldn't be an issue. I just grabbed a screen shot each time the cam went to this view.


Mean Streak lift hill close up


Similar to the first but cam went over twice and screen shot both times

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