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  1. Thanks a lot for the help, everyone. I'm feeling a lot better about this now, and MUCH less stressed out!
  2. Don't have pics, but my Top three, in no particular order, are.... El Toro Wicked Cyclone Top Thrill Dragster
  3. Hey all, I'm coasting (pun intended) around the eastern US for about 9 days in 2018. I'm planning on hitting four parks, three of which are new to me. I will be riding my 100th coaster on this trip, and if I time it right, it will be Fury 325 IF I get all the credits I need beforehand. Planned schedule: May 29 - drive to Sandusky May 30 - day at Cedar Point (for SV credit and some repeats) May 31 - drive to KI, half day June 1 - full day @ KI June 2 - drive to Carowinds June 3 - full day @ Carowinds June 4 - half day Carowinds, drive north to KD June 5 - full day @ KD June 6 - catch some quick rides @ KD (I305, Twisted Timbers, any credits I missed), then home My questions are... - Do I have enough time budgeted out for each park? - Any good inexpensive hotel recommendations? - What should I expect for gas costs? (I live in MA) - Fast Lane? - What dining plan should I get? - Are the water parks worth it? (Haven't budgeted in water parks as of now) Note that I did two days @ CP in 2016, and while I got all the coaster credits, the big rides I missed were... Iron Dragon VR (I went before they installed it, but I have the coaster credit) Witch's Wheel maXair Skyhawk Power Tower Right side of Gatekeeper Definitely going to try for multiple SV rides! Help pls
  4. "I can't talk to you unless I'm crossfaded" College life
  5. Not bad in Providence. Sunny and slightly breezy. I happy
  6. Saw Ice Age: Collision Course for first time a week ago via HBO Go, and the Great Muppet Caper The inner child in me jumps for joy Yeah, I liked the Muppets more
  7. Either May 31st or June 1st, 2018. I shall conquer thee, I shall enjoy thee. TONY MY MAN U ROCK!!
  8. Should add in next year... Kentucky Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina
  9. Hoping to do a day at CP for a big road trip I'm planning. I went a couple years back and got all the coaster credits (including old Mean Streak), so I'd go for the big ones like Maverick, MF, TTD, and the other side of Gatekeeper, as well as some flats I missed like MaxAir and Power Tower. And, of course, multiple rides on Steel Vengeance. Anybody know when that's supposed to open, again?
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