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  1. Then I guess Dorney Park is the exception that proves the rule since Demon Drop, Possessed, and Stinger were all relocated.
  2. I got that email, too. However, for only $13, I don't think it's worth following up on.
  3. I know it's an unpopular opinion in these parts, but I actually like Twister more than Phoenix. Phoenix has amazing airtime, but it just doesn't have the speed and laterals that Twister has.
  4. Whenever you go to Knoebels, plan for it to be an all-day thing. There's actually a lot to do and enjoy at the park, even if you just sit down on a bench and people-watch.
  5. Why the heck would an amusement park frown on single visitors???????? Whenever I go to an amusement park, I'm almost always by myself.
  6. I went to Kennywood a few years ago by myself and did not know the rule about single riders on Thunderbolt. Fortunately, there was another single rider in line so I didn't have to wait too long.
  7. That Korean "cole slaw" is probably kimchi. It's pretty much a staple in Korea.
  8. I also hang out at parks by myself quite often. I'm quite introverted, so don't have a huge amount of friends, and not many of my friends are into amusement parks like I am.
  9. I hope those plastic dividers are just temporary until this stupid pandemic is over.
  10. You haven't been on The Great Nor'easter since they replaced almost all of the track as well as the trains, have you? I rode it in 2019 and it was very smooth, especially for an SLC.
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