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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

P. 28: Tidal Surge Screamin' Swing coming for 2022!

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I've been wanting to go for quite a while but haven't had the money or a valid excuse over SFFT (where I have a season pass) or ZDT's (which is super cheap). If I had the choice I would have been to SWSA already, but with the addition of a new coaster it pushes it over the edge. Many of my park buddies are Blackfish weirdos but will probably ignore that for a unique coaster type only a half hour away.


I have some buddies like that too but it doesn't stop me from visiting on my own.

I have a season pass to SWSA only for Steel Eel tbh. It's a lot of fun!

Aquatica isn't bad either!

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This is an awesome addition for the park! Honestly, this coaster should have been put in to Orlando instead of Mako. You guys now have two, major, 48" height requirement rides and Orlando has none.

Whoa -- really? I hadn't done much research into SWO, so if that's the case, I'll definitely be saving the trip there for several years down the line. The big kid's just barely scraping onto 48" rides at the moment. Sounds like if we want to do a SeaWorld in the near future, this will be the one to hit!

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^Yeah, I feel like Cobra's Curse and Mako went to the wrong parks in a way. Then again this wave rescue jet ski coaster might be a better addition to Seaworld in the future than the Mack spinner anyways.


Spinners are fun, but I do really like and prefer the Intamin family coasters in this area (Jet Rescue and Juvelen).


Really excited for this at SWSA and look forward to riding next year! The layout looks really good for the size of the ride. I think next year will make sense for me get a SW pass again so I can enjoy this addition, along with the woodie in Williamsburg and finally check out both new FL additions.

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The ride looks great, would love to see this cloned (Orlando needs a thrilling coaster the kids can enjoy). Intamin really has a knack for quick twisty layouts, really glad they were chosen for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun!


Even though it totally should have been an aquatrax

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Tonight we attended Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Texas. This was interesting to me because I've only ever been to Howl-O-Scream at a Busch Gardens park and I've always wanted to visit the event at SeaWorld to see what the differences are. Here's some of my notes...


- The event was a legit "Halloween" event. I was expecting it to be a little lighter since it's at a park that attracts a much younger crowd.

- There were a LOT of kids at this event, and the majority seemed to be really having fun and not letting the scares get to them.

- All the mazes were decent, but A couple of the mazes here were REALLY GOOD. Like reminded me when Universal used to do super cool and different stuff like give you a flashlight, or a helmet, etc.

- Are all the hot girls at chain-wide Howl-O-Scream thing??? I don't think I remember seeing this many sexy girls at any other park Halloween event.


- It was really weird having "Howl-O--Scream" at "SeaWorld" but at the same time there was something super cool about it!

- This was Kristen's first Halloween event, and while she didn't do any mazes, she had a REALLY good time. The scare zone characters interacted with her quite a bit and she loved it!


Some photos...




We are at SeaWorld Texas checking out Howl-O-Scream! This will be Kristen's first Halloween Event!




We've got our front of the line passes for @howloscreamtx! Should be a great night!





#HowlOScreamTX starts at 7. Before that, kids can trick or treat around SeaWorld!









The monsters have started to come out to play!






Thanks to Kelsey @SeaWorldTexas we are getting all zombied up ready for Howl-O-Scream!











The new Karver's Kradle haunted house was great! Loved the theme and scareactors!






We love coming to @howloscreamtx for the ghouls, but we also love the girls!






Frightmare Forest was one of the longest haunted houses I've done! Super creepy & lots of fun!






By far one of the coolest Halloween shows I've seen is Shamu's Rockin' Creepshow! Loved this!!!






Prey was AWESOME! They hand you a flashlight, Its actually super dark, & the characters top notch! Loved this!









Night rides on @SeaWorldTexas roller coasters are amazing! Another highlight of Howl-O-Scream!






You want demented possessed crazy people? We found them in the ICU!






We found Scarlett! I think she wanted to kill us...



This concludes my first Howl-O-Scream at a SeaWorld park! What a great GREAT event! Highly recommend Halloween at SeaWorld Texas!


I was honestly REALLY IMPRESSED with Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Texas. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting a legit haunt event that rivals some of the more popular haunt events to be put on at a SeaWorld park, maybe it was because it was just super cool seeing a Halloween Shamu show, maybe it was because it was Kristen's first real haunt event and she loved it. I dunno. It's probably just because they put on a REALLY GREAT event that's flown a bit under the radar over the years, but if you are ever in Texas and looking for a great Halloween event, this is it!

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Het TPR! I was here on October 9 2016! It was very less crowded! I bought me a Quick Quene Pass, & got to ride the rides many times as I wanted! I didn't get to ride the water rides but only one time each because I had to leave San Antonio go back home in Houston where I'm always unhappy at! But I really had a good time here, I think I want to come back to sea world sa often! Here are my pictures! This is my very first pictures! Sorry if I Didn't get any good pictures!





























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Screamscape posted some reader-submitted photos of Wave Breaker construction. I don't care that this is a small ride, I am just thrilled to see a new Intamin going up in the U.S. The drought is over!






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I think Intamin has shown us with Cheetah Hunt that it can "do the crap out of a family ride." I'm sure this will be tons of fun.




Agreed, if Wave Breaker is half as fun as Cheetah Hunt, SWSA will have a huge hit on their hands!

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Hello Everyone,


It is Spring Break time here in San Antonio so I decided to head over to SeaWorld to see how far along the construction is on their NEW roller coaster, Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster.


I was very much surprised when I saw how much of the track has already been installed. In SeaWorld's latest release they estimate that over 70% of the track has been laid. Both magnetic launchers have been installed and you can now almost follow along how the coaster will traverse the lake.


I took a number of pictures today in order to show you the progress the construction crew has made on Wave Breaker. I sure hope I get the picture descriptions correct. There is a lot of track spaghetti out there and trying to figure out stuff can be daunting. I also cropped a few stills off of SeaWorld's video of Wave Breaker and a few from Coaster Studios. I hope I don't run afoul of either of them for using something from their videos.




Some perspective as to where Wave Breaker was sited on the lake. The Great White would be to the viewers left. You can also see The Steel Eel and how it willcome close to the Wave Breaker's track.


Screen shot of Wave Breaker's final run back to the station.


This what that final run looks like now.


What the final run out looks like during construction.


The lower track is the last hill before the final run back to the station. The upper track is the first hill after you are launched.


A different perspective of the first and last hills.


This is an aerial shot of the first hill as it goes up and curves left and over the final hill which is going back to the station. This shot was taken from SeaWorld's construction video.


This shows how the first hill goes over the return one.


A picture of the first hill after the launch.


A different perspective of the first hill. You can view both magnetic launcher areas including the one prior to the first hill which is said to be only 61 feet. But I think they mean it will be 61 feet ABOVE the water as I suspect they will flood the construction area when the coaster comnpletes all of its inspection runs.


Both magnetic launchers are seen in this picture taken from SeaWorld's video. The first launch rail is the one on the left.


In this screen shot from the video rendition of the Wave Breaker you can see the first hill and then the second hill which looks a lot higher than the first. That one has not yet been erected.


A screen shot off SeaWorld's construction video. This shows the first launch hill and much of the construction site.


First hill and the last hill going back to the station. The Steel Eel is to the left.


General construction photo. The Great White is in the background with the Steel Eel in the foreground.


You can see how they incorporated the small island in the middle of the lake into Wave Breaker's run.


General picture showing both launch areas.


General picture showing the different track runs. The one on the right if coming off the first hill. The track on the left is the final run back to the station.


Some coaster track spaghetti. The Great White is in the background.


Another general construction photo.


Looking down the second launcher.


Screen shot of Wave Breaker taken from a SeaWorld video.


Screen shot taken from SeaWorld's video.

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Just a minor nerd comment but I love when parks don't release the full layout image or a POV of a ride when announcing the attraction, makes it a lot more fun when you finally get on the ride for the first time. Also I didn't realize this thing is going to be almost entirely over the water, should look great and and make for a really unique experience. I honestly kind of forgot about this ride being built but it might turn out to be the surprise of the year in America at least.


Also if you are reading this Cedar Point, keep on doin you, don't announce or reveal anything, just build the thing then open it.

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