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  1. ^Possibly, however its more than likely going to be in the former home of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  2. ^This looks very bad, so thats good news that no one has been hurt!
  3. ^It will be! Alton are marketing it as the worlds first coaster to fuse wood and fire, and the wickerman statue will use flames!
  4. ^That looks like a fantastic family coaster, love the colours! I also had absolutely no idea this was being built, so its a good surprise!
  5. ^This is normal for them, all their coasters have supports inserted and cemented in, rather than bolted.
  6. ^Looks great, looking forward to seeing it go vertical!
  7. Literally no chance of this, there is a pre show, but it'll be all to do with the theme
  8. It was shown on the plans to have a launched lift hill, and the gradient definitely does hint at this
  9. ^Seriously can't wait to see all this progress in person when i go later this month, very excited for next year!
  10. ^Money is definitely not an issue for Merin, they're a huge company, they have lots of it. The problem would be how much they're now budgeting for park upkeep.
  11. ^^Id definitely say that it's Gerstlauer track, i recognise the building and area from other track pictures in the past
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