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  1. ^Possibly, however its more than likely going to be in the former home of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  2. ^This looks very bad, so thats good news that no one has been hurt!
  3. ^It will be! Alton are marketing it as the worlds first coaster to fuse wood and fire, and the wickerman statue will use flames!
  4. ^That looks like a fantastic family coaster, love the colours! I also had absolutely no idea this was being built, so its a good surprise!
  5. ^This is normal for them, all their coasters have supports inserted and cemented in, rather than bolted.
  6. ^Looks great, looking forward to seeing it go vertical!
  7. Literally no chance of this, there is a pre show, but it'll be all to do with the theme
  8. It was shown on the plans to have a launched lift hill, and the gradient definitely does hint at this
  9. ^Seriously can't wait to see all this progress in person when i go later this month, very excited for next year!
  10. ^Money is definitely not an issue for Merin, they're a huge company, they have lots of it. The problem would be how much they're now budgeting for park upkeep.
  11. ^^Id definitely say that it's Gerstlauer track, i recognise the building and area from other track pictures in the past
  12. ^There might be, but signing any won't make even the slightest bit of difference to their decision
  13. The flat turn just slightly outside those pictures is still absolutely baffling me
  14. ^Removing flat rides is something Merlin do a lot as well, replacing them however, not so much
  15. ^^Yeah with Merlin they seem to do critical maintenance but forget about the upkeep of rides and they end up either in this situation here, or with rides just looking terrible. For example just look at the state Colossus is in at Thorpe, or Dragons Fury at Chessington.
  16. ^That one was proposed and plans approved, but hasn't actually been built yet that i know of? Meaning the worlds tallest is still New Englands at 410ft and not yet that one
  17. ^I don't know why but i'm pretty happy with that logo and name, despite not originally liking it
  18. ^Very interesting as all of those pieces are curved, meaning essentially when together they'l almost form a C shape?
  19. ^What do you mean about Valravn? As fantastic as this looks, and it really does look great, we don't know the reason why they've not bought a B&M since then, it could have something to do with the amount of work they're getting from china right now.
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