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  1. ^You do realize that you don't have to keep writing out B&M like that don't you? i don't think i've ever seen anyone write it that way before. Not as though the sentence made sense anyway. I do agree with the statement though, their more recent designs have been fantastic.
  2. God the theming they've added to the top of those towers look very ugly. The coaster and towers do look impressive next to each other though that's for sure!
  3. I've also seen the video, it was definitely spoken about for sure. Cant remember who did it though, but i'm sure someone will remember.
  4. ^Brilliant news, great to see that another Mack hyper will pop up even if it isn't a new custom layout!
  5. ^From the pictures it looks as though that will be the only spike.
  6. ^It's a terrible looking car that's for sure. I wonder why they changed the design from the one used on Coney Island's Thunderbolt.
  7. I'm actually pretty impressed by this, it looks really fun!
  8. ^Nice to see some vertical construction, this is a very interesting project.
  9. ^^Thanks for keeping us all updated, i'm really enjoying following this project and it's great to see vertical construction. The park looks lovely in the snow too!
  10. ^The coaster shown isn't a Eurofighter, its a Zamperla Thunderbolt.
  11. This looks like a really fantastic investment for them, really good family coaster. Very interesting that it's from S&S too, looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  12. That's a pretty good looking area, i like the theme they've gone for and the rides it includes!
  13. ^Its planned for 2018, construction was meant to originally start in September of this year but nothing has happened on site as of yet. A proper teaser campaign will probably start some time early next season and an announcement going on mid to late next year i'd expect.
  14. Those are some very good additions! I certainly wasn't expecting there to be anything else after Tailspin Racer, very surprised!
  15. ^The statement on their website says that they neither manufactured the ride or supplied it. So i'm under the assumption that Intamin simply were not involved at all.
  16. The Rapids at both Alton & Thorpe are Intamin. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk Intamin have confirmed themselves that the rapids at Dreamworld aren't manufactured by them though.
  17. ^I don't know why it happens, but personally i love the sound!
  18. ^Very good stuff, the colors look great. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this go up!
  19. Judging from those trains and the lift hill structure, i'd definitely say this is a Eurofighter and not an Infinity as listed on RCDB. Not as though that matters much, it's going to be a solid coaster regardless!
  20. ^Yeah, it's not got a double station and it's throughput is listed as 1,200 riders per hour on RCDB. Now how accurate that is i don't know. It's a pretty good throughput, just not epic as you've just described it there.
  21. ^^Even though its true they aren't likely to make a decision based solely on the videos alone, they did ask for the public to vote on which one they preferred. Therefore the video probably did have a large influence on which one they chose/ will choose, and with the Intamin animation being better, it probably swayed some votes in their favor.
  22. ^Where did you get that $18,000,00 figure from? it's listed as $10,000,00 on RCDB and i believe that figure was officially announced although i'm not entirely sure.
  23. ^That top layer will be covered over with another layer of steel that's installed after, it'll likely be all brown.
  24. ^I'd say it's definitely more brown, judging from the picture on Pointbuzz.
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