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  1. That picture is beautiful, love the way it fits into the landscape so well!
  2. ^But the only reason we all think it'll be an Impulse is because its stated on the long term plan, so it fits
  3. Looks like a pretty good family coaster, but I've got to say, that train looks hideous!
  4. ^Not yet, from a comment on their Facebook page i think they said it will be sometime around July?
  5. ^Yeah those are definitely Mack supports, just confirming what we already knew really. But very exciting that we have vertical construction!
  6. God this coaster is good, they're doing a fantastic job with the theming so far as well!
  7. ^That's absolutely brilliant news, can't wait to find out what the other two are other than the RMC's!
  8. We may be able to question how Colossus rides based on the occasional different seat but there's no questioning how unbelievably bad the ride is actually looking right now which doesn't help. It needs a massive overhaul, the track and supports look so, so bad!
  9. ^Well i can confirm after riding it last month that it is still very, very rough and quite uncomfortable to ride. That and Colossus give you a headache for definite.
  10. Did they not just add a large new rapids ride last year, definitely counts as a new attraction and definitely not a small one
  11. ^^Is it only me that thinks the swinging at the end when coming to a stop looks quite uncomfortable and violent? Other than that they've got a fantastic ride here and its amazing they've managed to make it fit where they have!
  12. ^Fair point, its costing a lot more than a typical GCI woodie though so there has to be something significantly different about it
  13. ^All the other secret weapons have been worlds firsts, so i'd expect this to be as well, especially with the amount it's supposedly costing.
  14. ^^Possibly there due to what looks to be a tyre at the top
  15. ^Looks better and better every time, thanks for the update!
  16. ^Luckily it doesn't seem like they're planning on delaying it this time, they're very certain on social media and everywhere else. So if work is still on going it wont be anything serious that could delay anything
  17. ^Good news, i'm going on the 7th so hopefully there won't be any issues and it'll be open then!
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