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  1. Even though the coaster itself doesn't look fantastic from the outside, they've sure done a great job with theming the area!
  2. Even though we can speculate on it not being a Sky Rocket II, it really is the most likely option, simply because the stats match up and because Premier confirmed that they've sold one to a US park for 2018.
  3. ^They really did pick the right colors for the Mega Lie didn't they!
  4. ^Even if you fast forwarded time by a few weeks you still wouldn't be able to see the animation. The announcement is probably going to happen at some point during either July or August next year since it's now so unlikely to be for 2017.
  5. ^That looks absolutely nothing like what they were/are testing, totally different coaster type.
  6. The color scheme is certainly a little different than i was expecting, very bright!
  7. ^Its listed on RCDB as being 196ft tall, so i wouldn't expect it to be anything like that. I'd expect it to maybe be more like Flash at Lewa Adventure.
  8. ^^The plans do show it to have a launched lift hill yes, but this will likely be slow speed and be used as an alternative to the usual chain lift to keep the sound low.
  9. ^They did, but the rides base was left there. So basically the new coaster isn't replacing any other ride as such, they've just removed the Tom Sawyer bridge to get it in.
  10. ^Nope the car is new, it's likely a hint towards the theme. Also the new coaster won't be replacing a ride as such, the only ride to be removed for this is the swamp buggies. The Grand Prix is still standing and wont be removed.
  11. ^Great to see they're making good progress, i'm very excited to follow all the construction all the way to opening! 2018 is going to be a brilliant year here in the UK!
  12. ^Glad to finally have it confirmed as GCI! Also it looks like demolition on the flume is progressing pretty well, link below. https://mobile.twitter.com/rosssmithmkl
  13. ^Absolutely great, i'm very happy that work has finally started!
  14. ^Finally! That looks tonnes and tonnes better than the unfinished look.
  15. ^It really does look great, i'm very glad that they went with Intamin for this one!
  16. I think we're getting this a little wrong here, Kanonen's removal hasn't been delayed until after the 2017 season has it, it's been brought forward to the end of this current one right?
  17. ^They do, if you look at Cobras Curse for example, a lot of the footers look identical to those ones.
  18. ^As I've said, we've seen the cars already and they've got lapbars.
  19. ^You can see pictures of the cars on the previous page and it has lap bars.
  20. Got to say i'm incredibly impressed with that, like seriously they're really churning out the great designs now aren't they!
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