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  1. I found this really cringy video of magic mountain from the early to mid-eighties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZr-Bat6tVc it has a lot of really cringy kids singing but its worth seeing the old pov's of Colossus and revolution
  2. I'm bored and fell like making a topic..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- does anybody know if any of these still exist
  3. since we know its a hoax now might I ask where you got this info from
  4. Thank god I live 5 minutes from casino pier looks like moreys piers has some new competition
  5. I know the topic is a little old by now, but I think this needs a topic of its own. So if any info or progress occurs post here.
  6. since you live in Tampa could you Mabey head over to the park and confirm this?
  7. Great Adventure: 2017: JL dark ride 2018:flat ride package 2019: GCI 2020:re-track el toro 2021:new slides for HH
  8. more like how much six flags can ruin a perfectly good park i'm looking at you magic moutain
  9. So. Much. Sass. I still don't get why we have to have multiple threads for new Vekoma projects. I get that "they're not all being built" in the same place as the other thread, but I'd much prefer to have one thread to keep track of for new Vekoma projects, rather than several different threads. I'm not trying to have sass I'm just trying to say that he told me to start this thread and I'm giving credit
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